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His Signature. Episode 18

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………… Episode 18………

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov????
“Come on. “Alex persisted pulling my arm to the doctor’s office.

We were at the hospital and am really so scared to go in. I was acting all brave on our way here but all of a sudden, I couldn’t act superior again.

Alex opened the door and urged me to go in. I reluctantly went in and he walked behind me.

The doctor who sat before the desk ushered us to sit as he reached for his stethoscope.

He placed it at my chest listening to my heart beat. He then took a thermometer and put it into my mouth.

After a while, he took it back and looked at it.
He brought out a little bottle and passed it to me.

“I’ll need you to go into the toilet and add some of your urine into this tin. “He said.

I stood to my feet and went into the toilet in the office.
“The result is out.. You’re down with fever and some other ailment. You’ll be taking this shot for two days miss. “The doctor said. “Now, put out your hand. ”

He brought out a syringe hitting it at its tip.
I gazed at the syringe and stood to my feet.

Alex was waiting outside.

“Put that down doctor, I don’t want a shot. “I said moving away from him.

“It won’t hurt miss. “He said.

“No! Stay away! “I yelped and reached for the door. I rushed out.

Alex was leaning on the wall.

“Are you done? “He asked.

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I nodded.

“Let’s go home, am fine now. “I said.

He nodded.
“I’ll go pay so we can leave, I’ll meet you outside. “He said going into the office.

I exhaled happily and left the hallway heading for the exit of the hospital.
I escaped that one.
Alex and I got to my house and I alit. He’ll be going to his house.

“Uh.. I think I left my Pen in your house. “He said.

“Okay, come find it. “I said.

He followed me into my house. I walked upstairs while he followed suit.

I entered my room.

“So, where did you loose the pen? “I asked.

He came close to me and held my wrist. He made me sit on the bed.

“Hold still for a bit, okay? “He asked.

He reached for his back pocket and brought out the syringe the doctor wanted to use on me!

I began struggling and pushing him off.

“Don’t do it Alex. It hurts! “I cried.

“It won’t hurt for long I promise. Just stay still! “He said and pinned me to the bed.

I kept dangling my legs in the air.

“No no! Stop! “I screamed.

He brought the syringe closer.
I held him by his shirt hoping he would stop.

“You can do this Rachel. Be brave. “He whispered to me.

He pierced the syringe into my skin and all I could do was to scream and cry at once.

He injected the content into my blood cause I could feel the collision.

He pulled it away teaching for the tissue box beside my bed, he took a tissue and dabbed it at the pierced area.

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I couldn’t stop crying as he let me go and stood before me, watching me like I was a cartoon or something.

“You’re cruel Alex… You could do this after you said you love me. “I said sobbing.

“Com’on Rachel. Don’t tell me it still hurts. “He said.

I took a pillow and threw it at his face.

“You must hate me so much.. “I said with tears pouring down from my eyes.

He stoop to a crouch

“Don’t ever say that Rachel. Its the opposite, I love you so much. More than I love myself. “He said.

I went numb looking at him.

My phone began ringing interrupting the moment.

I looked at it. It was my manager calling.

I picked it up and placed it on my ear.

“Good morning… ”

“Miss Rachel Givens!! “He interpolated.

“The job is done sir. I’ve gotten his signature. It’s right here sir. “I said rapidly so he doesn’t interrupt me again.

“Good. Bring it to the office tomorrow. Your reward awaits. “He said with quite after mischievous laugh.

I smiled and disconnected.