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His Signature. Episode 20

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……….. Episode 20…….

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov????
It’s almost five pm!
Donald would be here any minute..

I dropped the book I was reading and headed to my room putting on a yellow dress with a purple jacket.

I looked really cute and that was the way I want it.
I want to get Donald’s attention then later I’ll burst the bubble that I have a boyfriend breaking his cruel wicked heart.

This grudge I have for him has been here since highschool.

Have you read a book that presumably bears the name ‘Crushed by my Crush’?

I once heard a crush on Donald and I regret it cause he mocked me for it. I felt humiliated and kept wondering why I fall so easily.

But right now, I don’t have even a single atom of mere friendship feeling for him, speak more of likeness.

Pay Back is fun.
Surprisingly, Donald came with a scooter and two helmets.

“Why this? What if it starts raining? “I asked taking the helmet.

“That shouldn’t bother you Rach. When last did you really feel the air hitting you in the face and you passing through it like a tornado? “He asked.

I chuckled. I flipped my long hair in slow motion before slowly putting on the helmet and smiling.

The view must be enticing to watch.

Donald.. Just sit back and enjoy the stunt.
He entered the scooter while I joined him holding on to his torso. I saw him grin from the mirror and I rolled my eyes. What a show off.. Just cause he has abs and strong six packs.

I could feel them from beneath his shirt. He started the scooter and we hit the road.

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“Where do we start with this tour of ours? “He asked.

“Uh.. How about the park… “I mumbled.

He smiled and sped up.

????Alex’s pov ????
For the first time ever, ny house suddenly feel so lonely to me.
Before I didn’t care and I liked the left out feeling but Rachel cane along and the house is strangely quiet to my suprise and all I could think of was her.

I miss her alot.

I heard a knock on the door.
Who on earth could be pestering me now am trying to enjoy the peace in my study room?

“Come in. “I mumbled.

The door shrieked open and Maria walked on with a bow.

She wore a smile on her face.

“Sir, your girlfriend is here. “She said.


“Rachel is here? “I asked standing to my feet.

“No, miss… ”

“Alex. “June interrupted Maria walking in.

What is she doing here, huh?

What part of stay away doesn’t she understand?

“What are you still standing there for, huh?! “I yelled referring to Maria.

She glanced at June and left closing the door.

“Hi baby. “June said as she came close to me.

I just stood there staring at her.

“Why aren’t you picking my calls? Huh? You didn’t even call back… Why are you acting like you don’t care about me? “She asked trying to touch me.

I didn’t say a word.

“Alex, why aren’t you saying anything huh? “She asked.

“If you’re done rantng, you can make use the door Bitch. “I said without any sense of humour.

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I left her and walked to my lounge chair with a gum in my hand. I unwrapped it and stuffed it into my mouth chewing it.

“We made out the other night and here you’re acting like you weren’t the one on that bed. “She whined.

“Don’t you ever give up? “I asked.

“I’ll give up when you’re mine Alex. “She said.

She rushed to me and pecked me on the lips before running off.

I rubbed my forehead. I just want to be with Rachel right now..

I grabbed my car keys.

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