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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 7

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter Seven ????

????Author’s POV????

Brianna was walking towards Linda office when she sighted Nadia packing, she quickly walked up to her

“Hey Nadia, we will soon be going to the construction site.. and what are you doing?? Brianna asked knowing full well what she’s doing

“And what does it look like?? Nadia said not looking at her

“Well.. I don’t know ” Brianna said with a shrug

“Fuck…. Bri what do you expect me to do?? The real Dakota is coming and i am also chosen as one of the maids to welcome her in the construction site and worst of all.. Christian will be there.. Do you want me to be disgraced over there ” Nadia said with her hands at the side of her waist

“Well i already told you what you can do but you declined” Brianna said

“Do you think its easy… It is really easy to suggest that but not not easy to take it into action.. You want me to lose my job??

Brianna raised her eyebrow and let out a sigh

“You know i don’t think you’re using your instinct in this… Fine you’re afraid to lose your job but tell me when are you not going to lose it cos when Christian find out himself, you wont like it and wait .. you’re afraid to lose your job right so what are you doing now?? Brianna said and Nadia shut her eyes

“Goshhh…. Why is my life like this??

“But i can actually help you” Brianna said with a wink



Linda was addressing the maid in the front of hotel, suddenly Nadia collapse and everyone started shouting

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“Ohhh.. What is wrong with her?? Get the ambulance ” Linda yelled in panic and Brianna quickly stepped forward

“Its nothing.. Just that she need to rest, don’t worry i will take care of her…. Aww its a pity that we wont be able to follow you to the construction site ” Brianna said and went over to Nadia who pretended to be lying helplessly on the floor

Brianna dropped to a squat and assisted her up, she makes her put her hand on her shoulder

“Don’t worry, i got this” Brianna said with a smile and Linda nodded

“Now you.. Get two more maids since they wont be following us” Linda said to one of the maids


Brianna and Nadia finally got to Dakota suite and they both started laughing

“That was really a crazy and hilarious plan” Brianna said but Nadia stopped laughing

“Ohh damn”

“What is it again?? Brianna asked

“I must find a way to stop Christian from going to the construction site ” Nadia said and Brianna stood up angrily

“What the fuck is wrong with you?? Are you nut or what?? The real Dakota is back and you are still thinking of not coming clean, you’re still thinking of continue being who you’re not.. Huh?? Brianna yelled but Nadia just ignored her as she went over to where the telephone was placed and dialed Christian office Number

“I swear Nadia, you will surely regret this… Trust me”Brianna said

“Bri.. Its okay i….. Uhmm Hello ” Nadia said

“Hello, Lorreta speaking” A female voice said

“Can i speak with Christian?

“I’m sorry but he is not here but you can call him with this Number ” The lady said

“Okay.. Hold on ” Nadia said and looked at Brianna

“I need pen” Nadia whispered but Brianna just rolled her eyes
Fortunately, Nadia later get his Number and she quickly dialed it and in the twinkle of an eye.. He picked it

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“Hello Christian.. Where are you?? Nadia asked

“Err.. Dakota??

“Yes, where are you??

“On my way to the new construction site ” Christian said

“Can you pls come right now… Its urgent ”

“You want me to come to the hotel?? What happened?? Are you okay??

“No i am not” Nadia yelled as she fake a cry

“Oh gawd.. I am coming right away” Christian said and quickly hang up
“So much for your fake cry ” Brianna said in disgust

“But isn’t it cool?? I will be able to trapped him here with me and he wont get to meet the real Dakota”

“Nadia, you wont be able to trap him forever ” Brianna blurted out

“I need to change to something nice before he comes ” Nadia said


Christian mind was not at rest as he quickly knock the door

“He is here… Quickly get the door ” Nadia whispered to Brianna who frowned at her and went towards the door and unlock the door and she was surprised to see that his crush was standing in front of her

What is he doing here?? Perhaps is he…… Hell no!!! This cant be

“Uhmm where is Dakota?? Christian said as he went inside, he quickly went over to Nadia who was lying on the bed

“Are you okay?? Christian said with a worried look on his face

Nadia looked at Brianna and she could see that she was shocked to know that Christian George is her crush

Christian phone started ringing and he quickly picked it

“Hello dad…. Uhmm yeahh… Sorry i cant make it… I…. What?? Dakota?? ”

Nadia was now shocked as her eyes widened, she could see the puzzled look on Christian face

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Has he find out?? Ohh nooo

“Dad i cant hear you… What do you say?? Christian asked

“Christian i love you ” Nadia said not knowing when the words came out of her mouth

Christian dropped his phone and looked at Nadia

“You say what??

Nadia looked at Brianna and she could see that her face expression has changed

“Brianna i am sorry but i have no choice than to do this ” Nadia said in her mind and she manage to lift herself up, she pulled Christian close to her and slowly placed her lips on his while slowly keeping her eyes shut
Brianna was beyond shocked to see her best friend kissing her own crush, So probably Christian likes her??

She recalled when they are both in high school, she was dumped by all her crush as they are only interested Nadia and also how her first love left her because he loves Nadia, also Felix her first boyfriend dumped her because he is interested in Nadia cos he said Nadia is more beautiful than her

Although she felt bad but she still continue to be friends with Nadia and now that she thought she will make her first move to her crush, it turns out that her crush likes Nadia
Brianna clenched her fist as she was really heartbroken, sad and also angry… She couldn’t stay in the room any longer and she quickly stormed out

“Nadia Nadia.. Why you? Whyyy??? She said angrily as she gritted her teeth “I swear you wont get away with this.. I thought we’re both friends but it seems you want everything to yourself while i get nothing… You greedy asshole ” Brianna said sadly…..