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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 25

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????


???? Chapter 25????

????Author ‘s POV????

“Wow.. Lewis finally hit the jackpot ” Nadia said trying to break the silence that has engulf them

She and Brianna has been in her room for about 10min without saying anything and it was really getting awkward

“You see, I thought Lewis is…

“Why are you talking to me?? Brianna asked and Nadia shot her a glance

“Wh.. What do you mean??

“After all what I did to you, I was expecting you to send me out.. Why are you talking to me?? Why are you being nice to me?? Brianna yelled as tears start gushing out from her eyes

Nadia paused for some seconds and sat next to her

“Bri.. It’s not your fault at all, everything’s is practically my fault for pretending to be someone I am not, you warned me but I didn’t heed to your warning, if I had listen to you then probably this wouldn’t have happen ” Nadia said as she caress her back

” I.. I.. did that because I was so jealous of you, I kept thinking why is it that all the guys I like always to seems to be interested in you… I think my selfish attitude makes me become Dakota’s slave ” Brianna said in tears and Nadia stopped caressing her back

“What do you mean slave??

“Nadia, I went through a lot, I.. I.. never knew Dakota was a les.. lesbian ” Brianna said and Nadia gasped


“Yes, she turned me into her lesbian mate and she gave me the worst experience I have never had in my whole life ”

Nadia stood up angrily

“That bitch.. I will make her pay for this” She said as she gritted her teeth

” Noo Nadia.. Noo, I think I really deserves it” Brianna said as she also stood up .. “I think that was my punishment for betraying my friend’s trust ” Brianna said and Nadia looked at her.

“I am sorry Brianna.. I never knew you went through all that ” Nadia said and quickly pulled her to a hug

“I am also sorry for everything” Brianna said
“Wait. So you mean Dakota Gold is a lesbian?? Christian said trying to hold back her laughter

“Hey dude, what is funny?? Lewis said with a frown

“No no.. Just, no one could think that the popular French actress is a lesbian, she.. Oh my goodness ”

“Well.. I am just so glad that I save Brianna from her claws ” Lewis said as he let out a sigh

“So bro.. You like that girl??

“Of course I do but I don’t think she likes me “Lewis said

“It’s okay, it’s just a matter of time.. Nadia really don’t like me at first but now as you can see, we both are in love ”

“I see”

“Yea, so about Dakota…

“Don’t even say anything.. You should focus on Nadia, you both are getting married in two weeks time according to your deal with her and mom hasn’t know yet ” Lewis said

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“Aish….. I have quite forgotten about that, but the marriage was just to get dad to….

“Chris.. What’s the big deal?? You both love yourselves.. Why can’t you just tell everyone about your marriage?? According to your deal with Nadia, you both said you won’t really get married, it’s just for you to get what is yours from dad and now both of you are in love so……

“Are You trying to say i should tell mom that I am getting marry to Nadia and I and Nadia should cancel the deal and really get married ” Christian said as he arched his brow

“Of course yes ” Lewis said and Chris continue to nod his head


Chris and Nadia had been invited to a formal party by Chris’s friends. They usually held these parties to allow them to build better relationships and links with other businesses. Due to this special occasion Chris had bought a dress for Nadia.

He wanted to make every man at that party jealous because he knew just how beautiful she was.

The dress Chris had bought was very simple and elegant
and fitted Nadia perfectly.

It was time to go to the party and Nadia wore the dress that Chris gave to her and Chris wore a tux.

Chris leaned his back at his car while waiting for Nadia outside of the mansion, and then he suddenly heard footsteps getting closer towards him.

As soon as Chris caught a glimpse of Nadia under the beautiful moonlight , his jaw fell open and he quickly mumbled the word ‘beautiful’. Nadia’s dark and long hair were curled giving her an angel like look. The colour and the length of the dress made her look heavenly and allowed her to flaunt her long smooth legs.

“Chris, can you stop staring?” Nadia asked as she came close to where Chris was standing.

Chris swallowed hard. “Yo-You’re so beautiful. Are you my girlfriend?”

“Tsk… What kind of question is that?” Nadia said smiling at him.

“Can you stop wearing maids uniform?”


“Nothing…it’s just that, every time you wear a dress you always give me a heart attack or something. You really look different… Are you sure you’re my girlfriend?”

“Mister Chris you’re annoying me!”

“Okay, I’ll stop just give me a kiss.” Chris said then pouted his lips playfully.

“Stop being silly, come on let’s go before someone sees us ”

Then Chris suddenly frowned. “Baby!”

Nadia ignored him as she emerge into the car, Chris also went to the other side of the car and entered

“What of Lewis and Brianna?? Nadia asked

“They couldn’t wait.. You took almost 30 min to dress ” Chris said as he started the engine and drove off
“I am still looking for a way to let Brianna really like Lewis..

“Nadia, it’s none of your business so stay out of it.. Let them get to know each other themselves ” Chris said

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“Well.. You’re right ”

“Uhmm. Nadia can I ask you something??

“Sure.. Go ahead ”

“About our deal, you promised to leave when the deal is done and you know according to the deal, we suppose to have a fake wedding in two weeks time ” Chris said and Nadia stopped what she was doing and looked at him

Chris didn’t look at her and Nadia didn’t say anything until they got to to the party
They arrived at the location where the party was held. When
they got out of the car they were instantly greeted by Ben who had just got out of his car too.

“Hello guys!” Ben said greeting the couple with a smile on his face. Ben stared at Nadia for a while as he was smitten by the beauty in front of him.

“Hey Nadia! You look absolutely beautiful tonight.” Ben said as held out his hand to hold Nadia’s hand to kiss it but Chris grabbed Nadia’s hand immediately before Ben could kiss it.

“Dude! What are you doing?!” Chris said then frowned.

“What? I’m just greeting her bro and don’t worry it’s just hand not lips…”

“She’s my girlfriend now! If you are that desperate to get a
girl we have lots of other maids at home too. Don’t worry next time I’ll bring you one.” Chris said tapping Ben’s shoulder while giving him a sympathetic smile.

Nadia giggled at Chris’s sarcastic words as they made their way inside the villa where the party was held.

A soon as all three of them entered through the huge sets
of door they got a sight of Rose walking towards them at a very fast speed. As soon as Chris was in her reach she hugged him by hanging both her hand on his shoulder.

“Chris, I’ve missed you!…” Rose said while stroking his hair then Chris slap her hand and said “Don’t ever touch me again with your dirty hands…”

“Chris!” Rose frowned.

“Let’s go babe…” Chris said as he pulled Nadia close to him and wrap his left arm around her, then they walk and went to his other friends.

“AArrrgggh!!!! I hate her! I will not let this night end without doing anything…” Rose grumbled looking at Nadia.
When dinner started Chris and Nadia took their seats with all the others but it was Nadia worst meal, she didn’t want to eat but will they think if she didn’t eat it, so she took a bite and she quickly put her hand capped over her mouth as she started feeling sick.

“What’s wrong?…” Chris asked looking at Nadia

“I don’t know, I’ll just go to the bathroom. Excuse me…”

Nadia said and streaked for the bathroom with her hand clamped over her mouth.

When she entered the bathroom, she immediately went to the sink and started to throw up. After that she cleaned her mouth.

“Gosh…. The food taste horrible “Nadia grumbled while looking at the mirror.

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Once she was cleaned up she headed out towards the bathroom doors but Rose intentionally bumped into her

“Oh look who it is.” Rose scoffed.

“What do you want again?.”

“Nothing just here to say hello…” Rose said.

“Okay, whatever…” Nadia said then before she could walk away from there Rose grabbed her arm and hold it tight.

“Wait! Don’t turn your back on me.” Rose said quite angry.

“Let go off me.”

“No!… You whore!!!” Rose said then she suddenly strongly slapped her

“Ro.. Rose s-stop!…” Nadia begged as she had no energy to hit Annie back.

“Stop? Have you realised that you stole my Chris from me?.. ” Rose said and was about to slap her again but someone held her hand

She turned to look who it was but it was just a lady, Nadia was surprised to see Brianna

“Hey who are you?? Leave me” Rose yelled

“Oh I am sorry young miss” She said with a bow and quickly release her

Rose was shocked and so was Nadia

“You must be Rose, actually I am one of Mrs George’s maid and your attention is needed at the Hotel right now” Brianna said still bowing her head

“Mrs George?? Oh My goodness..

“Yes young miss, I think she wants to ask if you truly love her son”

“Like seriously?? My goodness.. I need to go right now ”

“Yes young miss, when you get to the hotel.. Just tell them you want to be replaced by Brianna, tell that to one of the maids and you will be directed to the VIP room 045 ” Brianna explained

“But who is Brianna?? .. Anyway I don’t care, I need to go now ” Rose said and stick her tongue out at Nadia

“Seems someone is about to be chase away ” Rose said with a smirk as she quickly left

“Such a stupid dumb asshole ” Brianna said as she burst out laughing

“Wait Bri… Room 045.. Isn’t that Dakota’s room ” Nadia asked and Brianna nodded

“Of course.. Seems someone is about to be Dakota new lesbian mate ” She said as she chuckled and Nadia smiled

“But Bri.. You look so stunning in this red dress ” Nadia said and Brianna looked away shyly

“Actually It was Lewis that ask me to wear this and he won’t even stop staring at me ” Brianna said softly

“C’mon.. Lewis really loves you and I believe you will like him too, it’s just a matter of time ”

“Hmm.. If you say so but what are you doing here??

“Gawd.. The food taste horrible” Nadia said and Brianna chuckled
(Two hours later)

“Noo I am not a lesbian.. Leave me alone ” Rose cried but Dakota slap her hard and strip her naked

“You’re now my lesbian mate and if you try to escape or tell anyone about this.. Believe me I will kill you “Dakota said

“Noooo plssess.. Nooo” Rose cried as Dakota make her lie on the bed