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Billionaire Maid. Chapter 16 and 17

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna Library

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter 16 & 17 ????

????Chris POV????

“Hey you.. “My mom yelled while pointing to Nadia,

Gosh!!! I need to do something quick before that Rose of a bitch find out who Nadia really is

“Uhmm… Rose ” I called and she smiled at me

“Yes Chris??

“Can You pls take mom out for a walk in the garden? ” I said then I looked at my mom “err mom.. Rose will really love to take you out for a walk and you can ask her anything you wish to ask” I said knowing fully well that my mom loves to talk

“With pleasure Chris ” Rose said while smiling at me, My mom glared at Nadia who was just looking at her feet then follow Rose

Once they are out of our sight I immediately wiped my cheek removing the red mark of Rose lipstick with my hand.

“Tsk! That Rose is sooo annoying!!” I said out loud, and then I heard Nadia laughing at me.

“Well I think you both look great together.” She said trying to keep a serious face so that she won’t burst out laughing.

“What?! Nadia ! Stop laughing, or else I’ll kiss you…” I said turning her around and moving closer to her .

“Pervert” She said and hurriedly covered her mouth with her both hands and shook her head and went back upstairs to her bedroom.



☑Author’s POV☑

Christian was with his friends just having their usual discussions. They suddenly started feeling bored so they all decided to go out and went to a coffee shop in the local area.

“I like their coffee hmm… this shop is just amazing.” Ben said holding and smelling his cup of coffee.

“Hey guys it’s almost summer, are we going for a trip this year again?” Carlson asked.

“Hmm?… wait where did we go last year?” Jack asked with confusion written all over his face.

“Last year? We went Paris you idiot! you need to get that little brain of yours checked.” Carlson answered mocking Jack about his stupidity, and instantly earn laughter coming from all his other friends, whilst Jack just gave them all a sarcastic laugh and put on a straight face.

“What about this year?” Ben asked while drinking his coffee.

“Yah, can we go somewhere where we can relax? We always end up going to a city; I want some fresh air guys… come on!” Carlson wailed.

“Yea… I want some fresh air too.” Ben added.

“Wait, how about in Bora Bora Island??” Jack suggested.

“Bora Bora?… wait, that’s the place where we did the photo- shoot for one of the business magazines right?” Christian said trying to make sure they were talking about the same place..

“Yea exactly that place. It’s amazing!” Ben said smiling.

“Okay then let’s go to bora bora.”Jack said, and everyone happily approved with the decision.

While they were in the middle of their conversation, they all
heard a familiar voice coming behind them.

“Can I come!?” Rose asked.

“R-Rose?” Christian said looking shocked. Why is she here again he thought to himself.

“Hi guys!” Rose waved and sat beside Christian

“Hi Chris” Rose greeted then hugged him sideways.

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“H-H-Hi!” he replied removing her arms around him.

“hey you stupid Barbie, stop clinging unto Chris.. Bloody hell!” jack gave her a disgusted look, but Rose just ignored and looked away.

Jack never like Rose from the beginning since their high school, she loves to flirt with Chris a lot and he doesn’t even understand why Chris mother likes her

“So what are you doing here?” Ben asked out of curiosity.

“Hmm? We own this coffee shop…” Rose answered smiling
at Ben.

As soon as Rose said that.. Ben choked hard and spilled the coffee he was drinking.

“I heard your conversation and you’re planning for a trip to bora bora? Wow! So can I come?” Rose asked looking at all of them one by one.

Ben and Jack looked at each other then turned to look at Christian

“Are you sure you want to c-come?” Carlson asked as if giving her a warning.

“Yeahh of course!!!” Rose answered with excitement.

“You can still change your mind before it’s not too late… I’m sure you’ll just get bored there.” Ben said trying to convince her not to go.

“Why? Wait, you don’t want me to come?” Rose said quite

“Yea, isn’t obvious? duh!” Jack muttered while looking at the window.

“Chris.. , please can I come with you? Please?” Rose said begging to Christian like a child.

“A-Ah… O-O…kay…”Chris said hesitantly.

“What!? Are you mad?” Jack hissed looking at Chris.

“Thank you Chris! Well, see you guys at the trip!!” Rose said then suddenly left them.

“Dude! What the hell was that? Are you crazy!??” Carlson said then sip on his coffee.

“This is not going to be fun. It will be the worst trip of my life!”Jack said.

And then suddenly Jack saw Rose again coming back towards them.

“Maybe we should go back now.” Jack suggested.

“I think you’re right. Let’s go.” Chris added and quickly stood up
and made his way out of the coffee shop.

They all walked outside the coffee shop when Rose called them. “Hey are you guys leaving already?” She yelled

“Yeah! DUHH!!!” Jack muttered again rolling his eyes.

“Bye Ms. Annie…” Ben said waving.

“H-Huh?… O-Okay, see you at the trip…” Rose said with a smile.


Lewis was looking for Brianna but he couldn’t see her so he ask a maid who was passing by

“Uhmm.. Hi” He said and the maid blushed while adjusting her hair

“Yesss” She said as she slightly bow

“Well… There’s this maid.. Her name is Brianna.. Do you know where she is?? Lewis asked and the maid frowned

“Well.. Yes, she is now Dakota Gold personal maid so I guess she is in her room ” The maid replied and Lewis thank her before leaving.

“Aw.. I’m I not beautiful enough..? Why is he looking for her?? I am 32 years old now and I am yet to find a dumb rich guy to date talkless of marrying me” The maid said with a pout as she left…
Lewis collected a spare key​, he entered the elevator and pressed the button
He got upstairs and went straightaway to Dakota’s room, he has being there before but that was when Nadia was pretending to be Dakota

He slowly opened the door, he was expecting to see Brianna probably cleaning the room but was shocked with what he saw..

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Brianna and the great Dakota Gold are both naked on the bed and Brianna was licking Dakota pussy.. Lewis eyes widened as he couldn’t believe his eyes

When Dakota saw Lewis, she quickly pushed Brianna off, Brianna also looked up and was shocked to see Lewis with a shocked and surprised look on his face

Lewis shut the door and left the place angrily

“So the girl I had a huge crush on is a lesbian?? Damn!!!! How stupid of me to think I can make her my girlfriend and make her fall in love with me ” Lewis said sadly as he was hurt


????Chris POV????

After my friends left I went to talk to my dad about our trip to bora bora and also I was planning to use our private jet if he will allowed it.

“Hi dad!…” I greeted them with a smile. “Dad can I talk to you for a second?” I asked looking towards my father who was busy reading the newspaper.

“Yea sure, what is it you want to talk about?” My dad asked closing the newspaper.

“Me and my friends are going for a trip this weekend, can we use our private jet?” I asked with a plead.

“Going for a trip again?” My dad asked

“Yeah.. We always do this every year remember?” I replied

“So where are you guys planning to go this year?” My dad asked.

“We’re going to bora bora” I said with excitement visible in my voice.

“Hmm that’s a nice place.” My dad said.

“Yea… so can we use our private jet?” I asked him, getting back to the main point.

“Okay… I’ll talk to my assistant to prepare the jet by weekend” My dad answered opening the newspaper once again.

“Really? Thanks dad!…” I said with a massive grin on my face

“Oh! There’s one more thing… ” My dad said


“You know you’re getting married in two weeks and few days time ” He said and I cursed myself under my breathe

I have quite forgotten about how I should make Nadia fall in love with me within this period of time

“Urr.. Yes dad.. I know ”

“How about you take your fiancee along with you to bora bora?? My dad said and my eyes widened

Wow.. That’s right.. During the vacation I can make her fall in love with me

“That’s great idea dad! Yeah, it’s fine with me as long as she doesn’t mind.” I said happy with his decision.

“Hmm. Okay that’s all… ” My dad said and I thank him once again before leaving his room

✅Nadia’s POV✅

It’s already midnight but my eyes were still widely open, so I turned on the light and decided to read a book. When I was quietly reading, I heard a sudden knock on my door. I wondered who was knocking on my door at this late hour.

When I opened the door I saw Chris, and straightaway walked inside my room closing the door behind him.

“Chris? Why are you here?” I asked slightly confused by his act “Coming to my room at this time is not part of the deal”.I said while glaring at him

“Don’t worry; I’m just here to talk to you…” He said and sat on the bed.

“Okay speak!” I said trying to hurry him up so he would get his ass out of the bedroom.

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“Tsk! okay… my friends and I are going for a trip this weekend and you’re coming with us!” He said casually without looking at me.

“What!?… Trip?” I asked confused

“Yea trip okay! You don’t have a choice. You have to come.” he said with a sarcastic smile.

“No! I don’t want to come and why would I go with a bunch of brats like you.” I sarcastically said to him with a bitter smile.

“Arghh seriously! why are you always…” He started speaking and soon got interrupted by me.

“What? Always what? Huh?” I said looking at him.

“Whether you like it or not, you’re coming with us okay! so you don’t have a choice, but to come!” He said.

“Such a jerk!” I murmured.

“What did you just call me?” He said as he stood up from the bed and started walking towards me, he kept walking, which made me back away until I was stopped by the wall.

He gave me a very seducing stare and walk inch by inch closer to me. By then our faces were so close to each other that it became difficult to breath.

“Wait, is he going to kiss me !?” I asked myself

“Chris.. Wh.. Wh.. What.. Do.. do.. y.. you think you’re doing?? I stammered but he kept bringing his face close

I don’t know what came over me as I abruptly close my eyes and wait for whatever is coming but when it didn’t come, I opened my eyes and saw him laughing at my reaction. My face turned red like a tomato due to embarrassment.

Christian clutched onto his stomach as he laughed really hard.

“hey! That was not funny you jerk!!!” I said annoyed at his actions.

“Wow.. I thought you don’t like me but you’re craving for a kiss are you craving for it, craving for-.” He didn’t finish his sentence as he continued laughing at me like a crazy guy

I wish someone did not hear him laughing.. How can he be laughing like that in the middle of the night

“You’re really a jerk! Get out of my room! Now!” I yelled walking away from him.

But then, he suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed me back to the wall, slamming a hand onto the side of my head…

“You want my kiss, fine I’ll give it to you…” He whispered in my ear sexily.

“I don’t want your kiss.. You jerk” I said “you think you..

I couldn’t finish my statement as he kiss my lips passionately

My eyes widely open out of shock while he kept on devouring my bottom lip, then he slowly broke from the kiss with a mark of smirk on his face.

What just happened??

Did he just kiss me??

He looked at me then lean closer probably to kiss me again, just then the door opened and I was shocked to see Mrs George (Christian mother)

“Ohh is the fly still in your eyes?? Chris said and I understand what he meant

“Yes pls young master.. Pls blow my eyes.. I can’t see.. Plss” I said pretending as if my eyes really hurt

Mrs George stood there looking at us with a confused look on her face

“I think I can see the fly.. just hold on” Christian said

“Pls.. Blow it.. So it can go ” I said

To be Continued…

Fly in your eyes indeed ????????