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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 18 and 19

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna Library

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter 18 & 19 ????

????Author’s POV????

What is going on here?? Mrs George asked and Christian quickly looked at her

“Ohh mom you’re here… My maid is quite naive you know so she called me to help her get the fly that flew into her eyes out” Christian said while grinning

“Fly in the middle of the night?? Mrs George asked as she arched her brow and looked at them suspiciously

“Mom of course you should know all those crazy flies that do fly in the middle of the night “Christian replied

“Chris.. My mind is telling me you’re up to something no good ” Mrs George said and Chris chuckled

“C’mon mom… It’s nothing, let me escort you back to your room ” He said and Mrs George glared at Nadia before leaving the room with Christian following her behind

Nadia held her chest and let out a sigh

“God!! That was so close ” she said “I can’t believe that stupid jerk kissed me.. Kissing was never part of the deal” she said and started having hiccups

“Not again” she said and went outside and straightaway to the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of milk and was about to drink when he felt someone cover her mouth.

Her eyes widened in fear as she dropped the glass of milk she was holding and she turned to see who had done it

She cursed Christian under her breathe when she found out he was the one.. All this while Chris smiled at her and stared at her for a while. They heard someone’s footsteps heading towards them, so Chris suddenly grabbed her hand and took her at the end of the kitchen

“What are you doing?…” Nadia asked, curious at his actions.

“Ssshhh…” Chris hissed and capped her mouth.

After a while the footsteps headed away from them and they both sighed in relief.

“Why did you drag me here? Do you have nothing better to do at this time of the night?” Nadia whispered angrily. “You almost got me into trouble some minutes ago ”

“I just came to the kitchen to check it out ” Chris said

“Are you being serious? You’re walking around the house for a stupid reason like that? I’m going back to my room.”Nadia said trying to get his hands off her.

“Wait wait.. Can’t you see that I am starting to fall in love deeply with you, if only you knew I am trying to control myself but I just can’t ”

“Then I think you need to see the doctor.. Young master ” She said and eyed him as she walked away

“Gosh!!! That girl is damn stubborn” Chris said to himself


☑ Nadia’s POV ☑

The weekend is finally here, Chris and his friends were awaiting one week trip to bora bora. I really didn’t want to go with them

After breakfast we went to the airport. When we arrived there his friends were already there and so was Ms. Rose.. That clingy lady.

As soon as Chris saw Rose he put his arm around me as we walked towards them. Rose suddenly ran towards Chris and hugged him.

“Chris! I’m happy to see you again!” she said smiling at Chris.

Chris didn’t answer and just gave her an incomplete smile.

Yo! Hey Chris!” Ben said giving him high five.

“Hi Nadia…” Jack greeted sweetly.

“Hello…” I greeted back with a smile.

Then we went inside the private jet and prepared for departure. I sat down at the back with Chris

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“So what can you say?” He asked

“About what?!” I asked looking at him.

“About this?” He said emphasizing the jet.

“Hmm… it’s okay.”

“That’s it? That’s all you can say?” He said facing me.

“Then what do you want me to say?” I said whilst looking straight back at him.

“Tsk.. never mind!” He said then looking away and wore his shades.

Then we depart . While we were on our flight to bora bora, I felt sleepy and Chris notice it when he saw me yawning so I immediately covered my mouth with my both hands and looked away. But then Chris gently lead my head onto his shoulder, providing me with comfort.

I wanted to hesitate at first but he pulled me back

“It’s okay go to sleep… I’ll wake you up when we arrive.” He said
When we finally arrived at the place Chris woke me up.

“Nadia, we’re here… Hey ! Wake up!”He said as he continuously shook my shoulder. And I slowly opened my eyes with a yawn.

As we come out of the plane I smelt fresh air blowing onto my face. Then I felt Chris hand slip into mine and he suddenly hold my hand tightly.

“Chris!! why are you-”

“Sshh! Rose is behind you.” He whispered and held my hand even tighter.

“Yeah!!! Bora bora! Did you miss me??? Long time no see…” Jack shouted.

“Wow, I love the fresh air…” Carlson said as he took a deep breath.

☑Author’s POV ☑

As soon as the car arrive to pick them up and drive them to the hotel, they all got inside and made their way to the hotel.

“Wow.so beautiful!” Nadia said as she looked outside the car window.

“Is it your first time travelling outside the country?”Rose asked her.

“Mmm.” Nadia nodded smiling.

“What a pathetic lady…” Rose whispered to herself rolling her eyes then smiled back at Nadia.

After 30 minutes of drive to the hotel, they arrived and went
immediately to the front desk to check-in…

“Welcome to Le Meridien!” The staff greeted them all.

Chris filled out the form at the front desk and asked for the keys.

“Chris! lets share room!” Rose shrieked as she held onto his arms.

“No. Are you mad? I’m sharing the room with my baby…”He said and removed Rose’s hands off him and went beside Nadia.

“What! Share room? With him???” Nadia said in her mind.

“Guys here take these…” Chris said giving the keys of the other penthouse suite to Ben.

“Hey Rose… here you can have the deluxe room to yourself. Chris said giving the keys to Rose.

And then they made their way to their rooms. When Chris saw the room number where they’re going to spend the whole week he went inside immediately, but Nadia stayed outside. She didn’t really want to share a room with him but, she can’t do anything.

Chris suddenly notice her just standing at front door.

“Hey! You! New girl! What are you doing there!? Are you planning to sleep there? Get in here and close the door!”

“Can I just share a room with Rose?” Nadia asked gently

“Why? Wait, you can’t. Okay! So get in here now and close the door. Don’t make me repeat that again.”

Then Nadia sighed in annoyance as she went inside the room, then notice that there’s only one huge bed.

“Wait, one bed!?!?” She murmured as her eyes widened.

Chris threw the bags on the floor with the luggage.

“Young master.?” Nadia said slowly.

“What is it now ?…” Chris asked grumpily.

“T-T-There’s only one bed he-here…”

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“And so?” He said and suddenly grinned at Nadia reaction.

“What? Are you afraid now?” He rolled his eyes…

“Fine. You can sleep on the bed. I’ll sleep on the couch, happy?”

“Are you sure you want to sleep on the couch?” Nadia asked him.

“Yea, so don’t worry and stop bothering me now.”

“Woah! Didn’t expect that from the great Christian George.” Nadia said in her mind while looking at Chris.


They went to a fine dining restaurant to eat their dinner. When they arrived at the restaurant they immediately took their seats and start to order all the food that they desired to eat.

After few minutes the waiters served their orders on the table, and then they started to eat.

“Hmm… I’ll always love you, you’re so delicious!…” Jack said indicating the food that he was eating.

“Chris, can you slice this steak into small piece for me please.” Rose demanded.

“Arghh. When is this woman going to grow up?” Ben asked frustrated at Annie.

“Ssshhh…” Carlson hissed.

“Wow this is delicious…” Nadia said while eating her meal.

“Here try this. This is also delicious!” Carlson said serving her a piece of food from his plate.

“Carlson, can you serve me that as well? I want to try it.”Rose asked clearly jealous of the fact that she wasn’t getting any attention.

” Sorry Rose, this is the last piece on my plate. Order another one for yourself.” Carlson said trying not to sound to horrible, and received an “okay.” From Rose.

“Chris, how long have you been dating each other?” Rose asked.
“H-Huh?…ahm, almost one year!” Chris answered and Nadia almost choke at her food

“Mmm..so, Nadia how many boyfriends have you had before?” Rose asked looking at Nadia.

“Bo-Boyfriends? I’ve never dated anyone before…” Nadia said looking down at her plate.

“So it means Chris is your first hmm?” Ben asked smiling, while Nadia looked up at them.

“Don’t worry Chris is also the same as you.” Jack added.

Christian suddenly choked on the red wine he was drinking.
However, due to Rose face right next to his he ended up choking out the liquid on her face.

“EEEwww!” Rose groaned.

“Ops.So-Sorry. Are you okay?” Chris asked while trying to
stop himself for laughing at his own actions.

Ben and Jack started to laugh at Rose.

“Chris! Why did you do that?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to!” Chris said still trying not to laugh at her.

“Are you alright Ms. Rose?” Nadia asked with genuine concern.

“Do I look fine to you!?” Rose answered grumpily and then went to the restroom, and Nadia followed her.

When Nadia entered the restroom, she saw Rose who kept on washing her face. She grabbed some tissues and handed them towards Rose.

“Here…” Nadia said whilst holding the tissues.

“I’m sure you’re happy seeing me like this… right!!?” Rose asked facing Nadia

“What are you talking about?” Nadia asked.

“Oh come on.. don’t be so nice to me, just becausebyou’re his girlfriend.”


“Tell them that I went back to the hotel and also we’re both in this game together ” Rose said and then walked away.

????Nadia’s POV????

I was puzzled and I had no idea as to what Rose was talking about, and she looked quite scary when she was ypset. Putting all these thoughts aside I went back to the table where we were sitting and continued eating from my plate.

“Where’s Rose?…” Ben asked.

“Hmm? Oh she just went back to the hotel…”

“Oh really!?” Jack said smiling.


After we finished eating we just talked for a bit and we went
to the seaside.

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“Wow! I love the sea!” Carlson said then start playing with the

“Hey Nadia . Is it true?” Ben asked.

“True? About what?” I asked confused at his random question.

“That you never dated any guy before…” He said.

“Ahh…Yea…” I replied feeling a bit self conscious.

“So if chris ever asked you out for a real date, would that be okay with you?” He asked with a smile.

“H-H-Huh?Him?” I asked without knowing what to answer in return.

“Nadia! Why are you hesitating! Hmm??” Chris said.

“I didn’t say anything yet.”

“Tsk… There’s at least a million girls out there dying to date me and you don’t even care.” Chris said again.

“Chris, are you actually going to ask her out? Or do you want one of us to ask her out instead?” Jack asked.

“Wha-What?!” Chris said looking baffled about what Jack had just said.

“Dude.. so are you going to ask her?” Carlson said smiling and looking at Chris.

“Guys please! Don’t take it that way… I’m just saying that she would be lucky if I ask her out. Besides she’s not my type!”
Chris said looking away.

I gasped and look at him raising one eyebrow at him. This guy was seriously too much.

“Excuse me! Do you think I like you?!?! You’re not my type
either!!” I said annoyed at him.

“Okay sorted. I don’t like you too!” Chris replied looking at me.

“You are one hell of a jerk!” I said and snub him.

“He-Hey guys easy, d-don’t fight…” Ben said.

Jack sighed. “Guys, you look like cats and dogs fighting over your food. How immature.” He said while patting our shoulder.

“This little minx! argh so annoying” Chris said then roll his
eyes making a face with me.

“What did you call me? A minx? If I’m a minx then you are
a perverted brat!” I said glaring at him.

“Woah! What’s happening here? Why are you guys arguing?”Ben asked.

“Hey you new girl! Listen carefully! Even if you’re the only woman left here on this earth I still wouldn’t ask you out!”
Chris said grumpily.

“Argh! You jerk!!!” I shouted as I kicked his lower half making him groan in pain.

“Ouch!!!Nadia !” Chris said holding his thing.

I stuck my tongue out to him and walked away and went back to the hotel.

????Christian POV????

After a while when my pain had gone down the four of us decided to go back to the hotel. When I went to mine and Nadia’s room I saw Nadia lying on the bed, already fast sleep on the huge, very soft and comfy bed.

So she was busy sleeping peacefully after hitting me hard and making me go through pain

I suddenly pulled the covers off her…

“Hmm what are you doing?” She whined cutely

“Get out of the bed!!!” I said to her in a stern tone.

“H-Huh! Why? I thought you said that you were going to sleep at the couch.”

“I take it back… now move!!!” I was annoyed by her now.

“What?” She said surprised.

“Don’t ‘what’ me there! Just move! Quickly move now…move!” I demanded grumpily and she slowly stood up and I jump on the bed

Then she grabbed one pillow and then headed towards the

“Good Night!” I got comfy underneath the covers, pulling them up to my neck trying to stop myself from looking at her angelic face.

“What a jerk. I hate him!” She murmured.

“Nadia, I can hear you! Stop murmuring there and go to sleep!”I said and she angrily kick the shelf in the room

“Is something wrong?? Do you want to damage the shelf?? I asked but she glared at me instead

“Stupid jerk” She said angrily and went to the couch