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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 26

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????


????????Final Episode ????????

???? Chapter 26 ????

(A Week Later)

????Author ‘s POV????

Nadia was outside watering the garden when Christian suddenly went towards her and collected the Watering can from her and threw it away

“Chris??!!! She exclaimed “what is the meaning of that??

“Meaning of what?? Nadia I am so fed up of the fucking rule you gave me, I don’t think I can handle it ” Christian said with a pout

“Aish… You’re just too annoying ” Nadia said and was about to pick the Watering can but Christian held her hand

“C’mon Nadia, you’re just punishing me”

“I am not Chris, you’re the one that can’t control yourself, I only state the rule two days ago ” Nadia said

“But it’s killing me”

????????TWO DAYS AGO????????
❤Nadia POV❤

I can’t believe it.. Brianna and Lewis are now dating, and also to my surprise Mr and Mrs George approve it but I was thinking about my own relationship with Chris.

I love him and he loves me to, his dad, lewis and his friends knew about our relationship but his mom still think I am his maid ????????

I headed for the large set of stairs and made my way to my bedroom shortly followed by Chris. As I plumped myself down on the bed I felt Chris sitting next to me on the bed. I looked up at him while he smiled down at me, and soon smiled back as I just couldn’t help it.

He leaned close to me and gave me a kiss and I soon pulled him on top of me to get more comfort. I felt his tongue slid inside my mouth, hungrily exploring every side of my wet mouth. So I played along and slid my tongue inside his mouth and copied his actions. He pulled me even closer to him and when I felt his hands going underneath my shirt I suddenly broke from the kiss.


He gave me a questioning look… “Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Can you remove your hands from underneath my shirt?”

“Oops…sorry sweets.”

“Jeezz Chris , okay from now on let’s make some rules.”

“Rules? What rules?” He asked puzzled.

I got a small notebook out of the drawer of my nightstand and started writing some rules for the two of us.

“What are you doing?” He asked looking at me with a confused expression.

“Let’s make 10 rules…”

“For what?”

“For us, especially you…my horny boyfriend.”

“10 are too many, make it 6.” He said

“No! 7…”

“Hmm! 4…”

“No! 5…”

“Okay 5…”

Rule # 1
* When I’m busy with my work here and you feel that you’re getting horny, just lock yourself in your room and start
calming yourself.*

“What if I can’t?” He hissed.

“Well, that’s your problem Chris”

Rule # 2
*You can’t just kiss me everywhere or everytime you want when we’re here inside or outside of the mansion property.*

“What about when we are in my room or in your room?”

“Hmm.. I’ll think about it.”

Rule # 3
*You can’t just enter my room, without knocking! Specially,
when my room is not locked.*

“Nadia, seriously? This is ridiculous babe.”

“Sshh! Shut your mouth…I’m not yet done.”

Rule # 4
*Strictly: No condom, No entry!*

“What?! Why?”

“Chris, you’ll get me pregnant if you don’t use contraceptives and we are not even married…”

“But I don’t have that kind of stuff…” He pouted.

“Well, start buying now.”

And lastly…

Rule # 5
*starting today… No sex for two weeks !*

“What!!? Two weeks ?! Baby that’s too long… IMPOSSIBLE

“Deal” I said glare at him

????Back to Reality????
☑Author’s POV☑

“Chris, I am damn serious about the rules so….

“You’re really annoying babe…. ” He frowned and walked away

“Poor boy…. ” Nadia muttered to herself

After 2 hours, Chris parents had returned and announced to all of them that they were going to hold a party at the mansion tonight. The party is for their new business partners so they wanted to ensure that they gave the best party of all.

All the decorations had been done well in minimal amount
of time and everyone family seemed happy with what was presented to them. As it turned evening guests started to appear and started greeting each other with their posh accents.

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“Hey …”

“Ahm yes Mrs. George?” One of the maid said

“Have you seen Chris?” Mr George asked

“No Mr. George , I haven’t seen him since this morning” the maid replied

Nadia who has been hiding quickly made her way upstairs to Chris bedroom to call him. When she reach the door of his room, she start knocking at his door three times or so.

“Chris, your parents want you to come down now; the party
is going to start in a minute.”

“I’m not in the mood to go down.”

“Why? Come on, can’t you just go down just for 10 or 15 minutes for your parents. You know that this event is important to them and also in some way to you.”

“No!” Chris yelled this time.

“Ugh! This brat!” Nadia muttered in annoyance. “Heyy, can you open this door for a second.” Nadia demanded.

“Why? I said I’m not going downstairs, just leave me alone babe.”

“What? Leave him alone? Seriously tch…just open this door.”

“I don’t want to!” Chris yelled again this time sounding grumpy.

I sighed as I clench my teeth…“Seriously this guy is indeed annoying.” Nadia muttered again. “George Chris! Open this damn door now or else….” Before she could finish her sentence Chris suddenly open the his door and let her enter inside.

“Or else what?” Chris asked raising his eyebrows.

“Change now and go downstairs.”

“I said I’m not going there.” Chris softly said then suddenly sat down on the couch.

“Your parent wants you to go there…”

“But I said-”

“No buts young master! Go change your clothes now!” Nadia demanded as she point her index finger at his walk-
in wardrobe.

“Wait, you’re my maid and my girlfriend, not my mom okay.
Baby your starting to be annoying!” Chris said as he lean his
self at the couch almost lying.

“Tch, okay fine.” Nadia said as if offended and started to
walk towards the door.



“Fine I will go” He said as he roll his eyes


When Chris got downstairs, he was surprised to see all his friends including lewis whom he thought was on vacation with Brianna his new girlfriend

“What is going on here?? This does not look like a business party ” he asked with a confused look


On the other hand, Nadia was in her room when suddenly a maid barged in and started dragging her

“Where are you taking me to?? Nadia asked but the maid didn’t answer and kept dragging her until they got to Mrs George room entrance, the maid opened the door and pushed her inside

Nadia was shocked to see young ladies including Brianna and Mrs George

“Wh.. What is going on here?? She asked

“Uhmm. I am sorry Nadia but I told her everything ” Brianna sort of whispered

“What do you mean??

“Come my daughter in law ” Mrs George said with a smile and Nadia was shocked


“C’mon let’s get you dressed, your husband to be is waiting for you downstairs ” Mrs George said and Nadia couldn’t say anything as she was really confused and shocked

She kept thinking if it was a dream or not
After some minutes, Nadia walked downstairs together with others and everyone was surprised to see how stunning she looks including Chris

She fake a smile still thinking this was a dream, she got downstairs and stood beside Chris

“What the fuck is going on here?? She whisper

“I don’t know but seems this is not a business party but my dad is trying to tell everyone about me getting married to you ” Chris whispered back and Nadia swallowed her spit hard

The living room was filled with champagne and suddenly Mr George proposed a toast

“To my son’s future wife ” He said and everyone smiled and cheers

“Brother, I think you got a winner, I couldn’t be more happier ” Lewis yelled
After few minutes of talking, laughing, cheering, toasting,… Chris grabbed Nadia and they both went outside

“Ohh.. Thank goodness.. this is damn ridiculous.. We’re getting married in the next four days?? Oh my goodness ” Nadia said but Chris just kept mute “Chris are you okay?? She asked and Chris turned to look at her

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“Nadia will you marry me?? He asked, his cheeks flushed, his eyes steady upon hers and Nadia kept looking at him

“Well.. We’re both getting married in four days so…

“I am not talking about the deal.. I am saying will you be the mother of my kids and the only woman in my heart?? He asked

In the moment before she answered, all the sweet bygones came rushing back, filling her sense and she smiled

“Christian George I would marry you this very minutes if it were possible ” She said and pulled him close then kiss him on his lips. Not too long, they heard people shouting and screaming

Nadia quickly broke the kiss and was quite embarrassed as she see so many people looking at them

“Way to go bro” Jack yelled


They were both married four days later in Mr George Hotel, it was a large ceremony. The groom wore a gray tuxedo with lilies of the valley in his lapel and so are the Groom best men ( Carlson, Jack, Lewis and Ben) , the bride wore a pink walking suit and carried a bouquet of flowers followed by Brianna (best Lady)

“You’re my first love Nadia and you will be my only love for the rest of our lives. I will respect you and be faithful to you. I will be a good father to any children we might have and I will do all in my power to make you happy ” Softly he ended.. I love you

Mrs George wiped her tears (tears of joy) and Lewis fit her hand into Brianna as they both smile to each other

“I love you too Chris , I will do all within my power to keep that love as fresh and vibrant, I will wear your name proudly and be faithful to you, I will keep our home a place where happiness dwells and in it I will grow old with you ”

Chris and Nadia exchanged and Chris lowered his head to kiss the back of her hand and then he lean close and kissed each other passionately on her lips


❤Epilogue❤ ????????

(Wedding Night) ????????

When they finally got inside the hotel room, Chris slammed the door and double locked it, He carried Nadia up and threw her on the huge bed roughly and immediately removed his clothes off him. He slowly sat on her stomach and Nadia could feel his hard on pressing on her stomach, He immediately started removing her clothes.

“Uargh… your dress has so many buttons and also leash all over! Can I just rip it???!” Chris panted.

And then Nadia suddenly laughed softly at what he had said.

“Hmm. my husband is really horny to death… wait, do you want me to help you?”

“No! I want to remove it by myself.”

“Chris, can’t we just take a shower first and…

“Gosh… Nadia you sex starved me for like two weeks with your rules and now you’re talking about Shower.. To hell with shower?? Let’s make babies now ” He said and Nadia giggled

“Well… I know of a position that will make me give birth to a boy ” Nadia said and Chris rolled his eyes

“I want the position that will give us twins and they must be girls ” Chris said and they both giggled

“I love you Nadia ”

“I love you too”

Chris started his job by kissing her hungrily. He slowly slid his hands to her back to unhook her bra. Then his hands went down to her waist slowly removing her underwear. His hands capped her breast and start rubbing it and she felt her nipples erecting as he continued to drop opened mouth kisses everywhere around her shoulder, neck and breasts. He hungrily bit and sucked her left breast while his other hand continues rubbing her right breast.

Then he ran his fingers down to her clit and started rubbing it with his fingers. Making her wet. He inserted one of his finger inside her and started pumping it in and out.

“A-AAAAHHH” Nadia arched my back and started to breathe

“Nadia, your moan is such a tease. You are making me harder than before.”

“Baby I’m going in now” He whispered in her ear yet again.

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When he first pushed his hard shaft inside me, Nadia flinched a little. Then he looked down at her as he waited for her to
relax. Nadia moved her hands from his shoulders in to his soft
hair; she heard the small growl building in his throat as he
pushed further inside her.

“Aaahh Chris. Why are you getting bigger?” Nadia said breathless, then sh gasped and raised her hips into his when he went deeper again, pushing his whole length inside her, and then he start thrusting in and out at very fast pace. He placed his lips on hers when he sent her into contorted, vibrating ecstasy, plunging his tongue against hers which she hungrily sucked.

He rocked back and forward really hard and She could feel her
fluid pumping through him as her muscles tensed and squeezed periodically. She heard the wet squishy sound and blushed as he still moved inside her.

She started rolling her pelvis with his, pushing into him and ran her fingers through his hair and down onto his back.

“Damn you’re fucking tight baby… Uargh…” He groaned and
kissed her.

“Aaaahhh Arnav. Move faster… and ha-harder Chris.. aahhh.” Nadia moaned between kisses.

He quickened the pace which made her moan and tighten her fingers in his hair. He pushed himself up on to his hands
as he looked at her. His lips were parted but his jaw was clenched as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

she held the bed covers tight when Chris double his speed,
and She could feel herself reaching her climax.

“AAAaaahhh Chris. I’m gonna cum.” she moaned softly.

“Wai-Wait for me babe… I think I’m… also cumming.” He
whispered huskily.

“Oohh. Arnav… aaahhhh.” she moaned again.

When they both finally reach climax, they both cummed and this time Chris growled next to her ear as he came
really hard this time. She can feel his warm fluid inside her, and felt his shaft softening. He slowly pulled out his soften shaft and lay beside her breathing heavily. He pulled her close to him and cuddle her then he kiss her ear and whispered.

“I love you .” He said looking straight into her eyes.

“I love you too Chris.” She whispered then lightly kiss his lips
and then he suddenly move and smiled at her a little.

When they had shuddered and stilled, and the moisture lay drying upon their skins, Nadia turned, their bodies still precariously linked, and hooked her legs over his thighs .

The smile Chris had earlier divined, he crooked an elbow beneath his ear and fit the fingers of his free hands between hers, they both lay studying each other eyes, his thumb drew circles around hers. Nadia smiled and reached to smooth a tuft of hair on his head, then linked her hand with his.

No word was spoken, but during that silence they both said the most meaningful things of all
On the other hand.. Rose was with Dakota Gold in Thailand and has been her permanent lesbian mate


LOVE ;- The best and the worst thing about love is that it cannot be expressed in words. When you truly love someone, it may be hard to express those emotions through words. In fact, real love may make you feel weak in the knees and unable to speak. Perhaps that’s the best type of love – where the other person makes you fall so completely in love that you are unable to think properly.( Chris trying to prove his love for Nadia)

JEALOUSY :- Jealousy is a disease..It doesn’t change the heart of others– it only changes yours.(Rose and Brianna being jealous of what they couldn’t have)

Betrayal :- Everyone suffers at least one bad betrayal in their lifetime but it is better to get over it and let it go because If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer
the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.( Brianna betraying the trust Nadia has for her)

And lastly learn to forgive others, no matter what because “Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.