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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 23 and 24

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????


???? Chapter 23 & 24????

????Nadias ‘s POV????

When I woke up I felt Chris’s arms around me, embracing me tightly. I sprawled over his chest and lay still listening to his heart beat, loving the way our naked bodies felt against each other.

He grumbled in his sleep which made me look over at him, and then he suddenly was awake..

“Hmm.. you’re awake?…” He whined.

“Ahm. yea… Good morning!” I nodded.

“Good morning..Uhm.. Nadia Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

He leaned his back a little in the headboard before he started talking again.

“Now answer me… why did you let me have.. You know s*x with you?”he asked seriously looking into my eyes.

“Do I really need to answer that.. I thought i told you already” I frowned.

“Of course! I know you did but can you say it again. I mean the word” he said with a pout

Oh my goodness..!! He look so cute

“Argh… isn’t obvious?… I… I… l-love you!” I said then I look away immediately while biting my lower lip.

“That’s exactly what I wanna hear” He said as he turned me to face him again and started giving me gentle and soft kisses all over my face.

“Heyy Chris stop” I groaned.

Then the blanket slid down to my waist revealing my breast to him, his eyes went down to my breast, and he started at them.

“Wow, you’re beautiful. ” He whispered huskily while staring at it.

“Hey! stop staring!” I demanded.

I pushed him; and I immediately wrap the blanket around me.

Then he chuckled softly and pulled me closer to him once again.

“Nadia, want to do it again? Later when we go back to London, I’m sure you will start missing me and all the fun we have”

“In your dreams! Stop being so… “I couldn’t finish my statement as i went to the bathroom to get dressed.

“So what?? He yelled and I chuckled softly

✅Author’s POV ✅

After Chris put on his clothes, he suddenly heard the doorbell ring, and he went to open the door. When he opened the door his friends started waving at him, with foolish grins plastered all over their faces.

“hey, why are you here?” Chris asked.

“Good morning bro.. How was ya night?” Ben teased and then

“Chris-bro, how’s the trip to heaven again?” Jack whispered at Chris.

“Why are you annoying me at this time?”Chris said dying to get back inside the room.

“Well, at least this time we rang the doorbell before we came inside…” Carlson added smiling.

“Idiots! Did you plan all this?” Chris asked.

While they were engrossed in their conversation they heard Nadia coming towards them.

“Hi Nadia… how was it?” Jack asked.

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“H-Huh what?” Nadia said trying to avoid the subject.

“Don’t mind him. You know he has a big mouth! So, you two are now official right?” Ben said and smirked at Nadia.

“Just go already ” Chris said as he slammed the door then looked at Nadia who just blushed in return


✅Nadia POV ✅

I was waiting for Chris and his friends and I was quite sad because we’re going back home tonight

Something came up and Ben was asked to come home quickly, he can’t just go alone so we decided to all go home promising to come back

I really don’t wanna go

I was still thinking about this when Chris came together with his friends

“Come on guys let’s go and pack our things quickly.” Jack suggested.

“Oh yea right… we’re going back to London tonight right?” Carlson said.

“I am really sorry for this ” Ben said

“It’s nothing bro, we’re still going to come back” Carlson said as he patted him on his back.

“Come on let’s go guys…” Jack said while looking at me and Chris.

“Let’s go babe…!” Chris said and grabbed my hand.

We both walk while holding hands. While we are both walking in the hallway, we both suddenly felt the awkwardness around us. The three handsome men were waiting and watching us walk, while they all waited near the elevator.

“Hey!! Can you two walk faster! This is a hotel not a park okay.” Jack shouted.

“Jack my baby don’t be jealous. I’ll hold your hand if you want.” Chris said and then chuckled while he winked at me

❤Author’s POV❤

Soon it was getting dark and they were all heading for the airport now to go back to UK. They were all just waiting for their flight. as the four guys left Nadia and Rose to go and order some food and drinks for themselves. As soon as they left Rose came and sat next to Nadia .

“Hey you! Can I talk to you?” Rose asked giving Nadia an evil stare.

“Actually you’re talking to me right now” Nadia replied smiling at her.

“Argh, stop with that stupid smile… You! I’m warning you, stay away from my Chris! I can feel that you’re hiding something, and when I find out what it is… get ready, I’ll make your life like a hell!” Rose scoffed

“Do You know you talk too much, I should have tell Chris about you pushing me into the pool but I won’t.. You know why?? Because all thanks to you, I and Chris are now officially……. ” She stopped and looked away “why should I even tell you?

“Officially what?? Rose lean closer but quickly moved away when she saw Chris coming towards them.

Chris came and got hold of Nadia’s hand and they made
their way inside to their flight.

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“I’m going to miss you bora bora… hmm… don’t forget me…” Jack said looking at the window.
When they arrive back to UK they all go home separately except Chris and Nadia . They both went back to the Chris mansion, they both emerged from the car and Nadia went back at the car to get all the bags and the luggage.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” Chris asked looking at Nadia.

“Getting the luggage. I’m a maid remember?” Nadia answered.

“Yeah, I know but you don’t have to… You’re my girl now.”

“Ssshhh!” Nadia hissed.


“Someone might hear you…you know everyone know me as a maid here except your dad” she whispered.

“Just leave the luggage there, and let’s go inside.” Chris demanded grabbing Nadia’s hand.

“No, besides this suppose to be my job. Just go inside first.”

“Nadia!!! I said leave that.” Chris said getting vexed.

“Arghhh, you’re annoying!”

“You’re annoying too!”

“Why? look we’re not on the trip anymore. so stop being silly there and go inside.” Nadia demanded.

“Okay Fine!” Chris said as he went inside grumpily, and went upstairs in his room.

☑Nadia POV☑

The next day I was back to being a maid that I was. I made breakfast for Chris and made my way to his bedroom holding a tray full of food. I thought he was awake already because it’s already 10:30 in the morning, but when I opened the door and entered his room.

I saw him still sleeping peacefully like a baby on his big soft

I noticed that the windows were still closed and opening them was definitely one of the ways to wake him up.

“Mister Chris , time to get up!” I said pulling up the blinds of the window.

Suddenly sunlight coming from the windows touches his
sleeping face. It was just unbelievable to see what a handsome man he was.

“Hmm” He whined and then covered his face with a pillow.

“Chris, wake up you sleepyhead!”

“Hell no ’Can you please let me sleep more’” He groaned in frustration and pulled the covers over his head.

“But it’s already 10:30 in the morning…Hey, get up!” I said pulling the covers off him.

I immediately noticed that he was topless. His perfect body was revealed to my eyes. He was only wearing his boxers so I tried not to lose control and put the covers back on.

“What was that?” I sighed and whispered and tried very hard
indeed not to drool.

“What?? He asked as he stood up

“Nothing. Just go and take your bath ” I said

“Aren’t you going to give me a good morning kiss?” He asked pouting his lips.

“Just go and have a shower and then eat the breakfast.” I said and then went downstairs to water the plants in the garden.

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????Author’s POV????

When Chris finished his breakfast, he saw Nadia at the garden busy watering the plants. He went outside and started his usual flirting with her.

“Hi baby’” Chris said and nibbled her neck lightly.

“Chrisss!” Nadia groaned trying to get him off her.

“What baby? Am I not allowed to do that?”

“Yeah. You’re not allowed to do that! Especially here,what if
someone sees us?”

“But there’s no one here except the two of us’” Chris said then stole a kiss from Nadia’s lips.

“Chris!… I said you’re not’”

Nadia cut her sentence when Chris capture her lips and start kissing her. Chris held on to her petite waist and slowly pulled her closer to him, but Nadia broke away from the kiss’

“Young master. George Christian ! Stop it.” Nadia said and pushed Chris away.

“Why!?? By the way it’s such a turn on to hear you say my full name.” Chris said as he chuckled

“I said you’re not allowed to do that here and stop being all creepy.”

“But baby’”

“No buts! I’m busy and I need to finish this work now”

“What?! What about me?” Chris asked.

Nadia didn’t answer him and just ignore him and continued with what she was doing. Chris was frustrated with her behaviour and got hold of the garden hose and pointed it at her. Nadia was completely drenched in a matter of few seconds.

“Chris, what the hell??” Nadia asked looking at Chris.

“Hmm! Nothing I just want to play with you like this’” Chris said as he started spraying water on her and it came endlessly.

She tried to fight him and get the hose from him. When she finally did, she was already soaking wet from head to toe.

Her maid uniform was also soaking wet and it became fitted on her body.

“What was that for!?? Arghh’” Nadia said grumpily.

Chris suddenly look and stared at her from head to toe, her wet hair and her wet body

“Unrghh’ Shit!” Chris suddenly groaned and looked away from her.

“What is it? Are you okay?” Nadia asked looking at him.

“N-Nothing’ Ju-Ju-Ju-Just’ Go change your clothes!” Chris demanded trying to control himself

Just then, a car drove in and they both looked towards the direction

“Isn’t that Lewis car?? She said and Lewis came down and quickly went to the other side of the car and opened it

A lady emerged from the car with a box

“What?? Is Lewis bringing a girl in?? Ohh my brother is now a man ” Chris said with a grin and Nadia glared at him

Nadia looked closely and was shocked to see who the girl was

“Wait.. Isn’t that the maid from the hotel?? Chris asked and Nadia eyes widened as her jaw dropped.