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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 10

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna Library

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter Ten ????

????Nadia’s POV????

I was sitting in front of the interrogator in the police station, i was being asked different questions which i answered truthfully

“So you mean Christian George mistook you for Dakota Gold and you refused to tell him the truth” he asked with a stern look

“Trust me i wanted to tell him but.. but i was just afraid of loosing my job ” i replied

“I understand…. “He said and looked at the police standing next to me “Tell her to remove all her jewelries and lock her up”

He said and my eyes widened

“Noo you can’t ” i yelled as tears manage to flow down my cheeks, i was really scared cos i have never been to the police station talkless of being in a cell

“Plss let me go… You can’t… I beg of you” I pleaded but it seems he just turned deaf ears to my pleas

“Let her go”

I heard a familiar voice and i stopped screaming as i turned to see Christian.

What is he doing here??

Is he here to disgraced me?? Nooo… He just say the police should let me go

Is he here to rescue me??

“But Christian George we can’t, you can’t interfere in a police matter ” The interrogator said

“What exactly is your job here?? Christian asked as he put his hands in his pocket but the interrogator didn’t reply

“Christian., you shouldn’t be here ” Someone said

It was the Detective

“But why?? My maid is in police custody and you want me to keep mute.. No that’s impossible” Christian said and i was surprised

Was he helping me??

“But she is an impersonator, pretending to be a popular french actress and…

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“Goshhh!! I hate police” he said as he hit his forehead slightly “it was my fault for not knowing who Dakota Gold really is so if you want to arrest anyone, you should arrest me”

He said as he stretched forth his hand but the police didn’t say anything as they were shocked

Christian walked to me and grabbed me by arm then looked at the police

“I am taking her along with me, stop me if you can” He said with a wink while he pulled me by my hand and we both went outside

He released my hand and didn’t say anything

“Err.. I am….

“You Don’t need to thank me nor apologize…. ” He said with a hoarse voice

“Get in the car” He said as he walked to his car and i followed him like a sheep following his master, i wanted to open the back seat door but he stopped me

“What do you think you are doing, get in the passenger seat ” he said and i obeyed


????Author’s POV????
(Dakota’s room)

Dakota was smiling as she looked at Brianna who was feeling nervous with the way she was smiling at her

“So do you have a boyfriend ” She asked and Brianna shook her head

“That impersonator.. Is she your friend?? She asked and Brianna quickly shook her head

She thought she would get fired if she claim that Nadia was indeed her friend, even best friend but she quickly deny it

“Noo, that pretender can never be my friend ” She replied as she slowly bow her head

“Hmmm…. So are you a virgin?? Dakota asked and Brianna was shocked because of the question but he shook her head

“Woah.. You are not a virgin?? How do you lost your virginity?? She asked but Brianna refused to answer

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“Are you not going to answer?? Dakota kinda yelled and Brianna was trembling

She didn’t understand why Dakota is asking her such questions but she answered her and told her how she lost her virginity to her first boyfriend in a cage during camp

Dakota smiled hysterically as she stood up

“That sounds erotic ” She said and asked Brianna to come closer which she did

“Brianna, do you think i am attractive?? She asked and Brianna hemmed and hawed not knowing what to say to her.

““It is a simple question and I think I deserve an answer” she said as she stroked her cheeks making her more nervous

“Uhmm… Yeah.. You are attractive ma’am” She manage to say

After saying that Brianna glanced up at her and notice she had a pleased expression on her face like the cat that ate the canary.

What She did next shocked her as she leaned down and kissed her

When their lips met, Brianna eyes widened as she quickly push her off

“What the hell?? She said still shocked and Dakota slapped her on her cheeks

“Are you nut?? You are my personal maid meaning you’re also my lesbian mate” Dakota said

“No i am not a lesbian and i will never be” Brianna said

“Lets see about that, if you dare walk away or quit then i promise to make your life miserable.. You know i can do anything ” Dakota said with a smile and Brianna was shocked as she Don’t know what to do

???????? Nadia POV ????????

We were both in the car and everywhere was silent

I can’t believe that Brianna betrayed me… But why??

“You’ve fired in the hotel ” Christian said not looking at me, i was really sad but i deserve it, Now i will have to start all over again

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Christian suddenly stopped the car and let out a sigh, i looked at him not knowing why he stopped

“Even though you are now fired, you can start working as a maid in my house” he said and my eyes widened

He didn’t look at me probably he was still mad at me and avoiding my face

“Dont bother to thank me, i only did that because…

“I Don’t want to work for you” i said and he quickly looked at me, and our eyes met

“What do you just say?? He asked and i could see that he is quite annoyed

“I Don’t know why you are helping me for lying to you all this while, i deserve to be in jail for being a selfish impersonator, i really deserve to be punished for this, i.. I..

I couldn’t control my tears as i burst out crying

“You Don’t need to cry cos i have known for long that you are not the real Dakota ” He said and i was shocked as i my mouth open wide

“I know you are not Dakota Gold the first time i set my eyes on you but i only try to play on.. I intentionally call you Dakota the first time i saw you and also the day you wore a mask trying not to let your secret out, i know all about it, i notice that you are really finding it too hard to be pretending to be someone else, that is why i also pretended to be shocked that i found out you are not Dakota Gold ” he said

I was beyond shocked as i don’t know what to do

So Christian knew i was not the real Dakota from the beginning??

To be continued


So Christian knew about it?? But why did he do that?? ????????

Also Dakota Gold is a lesbian?? ???????? Brianna is soo done for…