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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 7

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Reborn) ???????? ????

???? The Plan (Part 7) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 7️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

From the last Episode Continuation:

????️ Writer Pov ????️

The duo were silent for almost two minutes.

“That question has no answer my Lady, I myself have always wondered how she had survived that night, surely someone is helping her, and that person has magic, powerful magic.” Amar responded by breaking the sudden silence that had engulfed them.

“Well whoever it is should just get ready, once I have that person on my grip, he or she is a goner.” Lady Meera said.

“But this unknown person has proven to be a strong opponent.” Amar said.

“True, which makes me wonder what Aishwarya is up to.”

“I don’t think she remembered what happened to her that night because if she did, she wouldn’t have accepted Khan’s proposal.”

“Fair point, but then again, she might be pretending, who knows.” Lady Meera said with a shrug. “Anyways, can you be able to track down the thief?” She asked changing the subject.

“I will try my possible best to do that, my Lady. I have been watching Ashwini lately and that is why I did not know a thief would be coming to steal.” Amar said, though he knows who must have stolen the money. “I am sorry I failed you.” He apologized.

“It’s not your fault Amar. But now that we know Aishwarya is still alive, leave her to me and find my thief.” Lady Meera ordered.

“Yes my Lady.” Amar said and disappeared.

“Now where could my sister have hidden it? It wasn’t in her spell books like I’d expected so where is she hiding it?” Lady Meera asked the empty room as she groans out in frustration. “This is becoming harder than I thought.”

Teleporting her phone to her hand, she started sending messages to all the king’s.


Goa City: (Palace)

Prince Khan arrived safely home and one look from his father when he entered the living room pushed the old man up to his feet immediately.

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“What happened to you son? Did that ill-mannered girl do this to you? I told you not to marry her but you wouldn’t listen. Before you know it, she will turn you into her punching bag.” King Sanjay ranted.

“Dad, she wasn’t the one who did this to me, it was someone else.”

“Always defending her son, sometimes I wonder if she gave you a love potion or has enchanted you or sometime close related to that, she comes from a lineage of witches even though it has been cast away, it flows in her veins.”

“Dad, she did nothing to me.”

“Even if she did, you would still cover her up. Don’t cry to me when the results are out because I won’t give you my shoulder to lean on.”

“That won’t happen. Our wedding is this coming Saturday, let’s start preparing.”

“So you really want to marry her?”

“Yes Dad and nothing you will say will change my heart.”

“Very well, let me inform the rest king’s and the whole of India, but do not forget a thief stole our money.”

“Lady Meera will get to the root of this, and so will Bobby, my bride’s father.” Prince khan told his father. “Now if you will excuse me dad, I have a new ring to order.” He added and left the living room, climbing the stairs and going to his room.

King Sanjay picked up his phone and sent a text.

The front door opened and the three personal guards of Prince Khan walked in, the three of them stood In front of him.

“Why didn’t you follow my son when he was going out this morning?” King Sanjay demanded.

“He ordered us to stay back, my king.” One of the replies.

“Well I am the one paying you to protect my only son. I have always told you three to go with him wherever he is going, have got enemies, enemies that will be so happy to see my only son dead. Let this not repeat itself again.”

“Yes my King.” They said in unison and left.

King Sanjay received a text message from Meera;

We are having a meeting by 12pm today.

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Delhi: (Maharaja Palace)

King Veer was the first to arrive and he was usher into the palace meeting room where Lady Meera was waiting.

“Greetings to you my King.” Lady Meera greeted him with a smile.

“Save your greetings Lady Meera, the prince is getting married soon.”

“Oh, you’ve heard the news.”

“Yes, King Sanjay texted me.”

“Sit down and let’s talk.”

“I am not in the mood to sit down, you promised me that I will be the King of India and not Khan, you promised me the throne of Maharaja, Lady Meera.”

“I did, I gave you an opportunity to kill Khan on his return but you failed, how then is it my fault?”

“You have to do something quickly Lady Meera.”

“Do something like what my king? If I delay his wedding and coronation, it will look as if I want the throne, it will make me look as if I am the enemy. It’s a pity none of the other king’s or you had a male child to compete with Prince Khan for the throne, so the Maharaja crown will go to Goa kingdom.”

“There has to be a way I can stop Khan from ascending the throne.”

“It’s too late for that my King, just be happy and forget the Maharaja throne, after all you have your own kingdom to look after.” Lady Meera said. “Now sit, there is no more to talk about, this topic is closed.”

King Veer finds himself doing as she said.

The next King to arrive is King Baabul, then King Sanjay and his son Khan, then finally the two Kings.

They were seated as they acknowledged each other.

“Before we start this meeting I will like to inform you all that my wedding and coronation date has been fixed.” Prince Khan said.

“We all know prince Khan.” King Baabul said, trying not to let his anger show through his voice.


“Let’s get to why I had summoned you all.” Lady Meera said, stopping Khan from speaking. “First of all it is to tell you once again of Khan’s wedding this saturday and also about the thief, you all realize the money the thief stole was meant for us to share and the people’s taxes only come once in a year. We need to track down the thief fast.”

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King Baabul stood up from his seat. “Well let the new emerging Maharaja King find the thief himself, as for me, I am out of here. See you all again on Saturday.” He said and left the meeting room without a backwards glance.

“Same goes to me. I am out of here.” King Veer said and left the meeting room.

“What is going on with them?” King Sanjay demanded.

“Well they are jealous of you my king.” Lady Meera answered.

“Jealous of me? Why would they be jealous of me?” He asked again.

“You have a son and they don’t even have an imbecile to boast as a son, and apart from that, they also want the throne.” Lady Meera explained.

“I knew it.” King Sanjay exclaimed.


Punjab City: (Rohan’s House)

Rohan entered his secret room and smiled at the bags of money sitting on the floor in front of him, it hadn’t been long when he came back from the hospital.

He wouldn’t have known such an amount of money existed if it weren’t for the treasurer himself, the old man who had told him.

The old man had come to his hospital for his treatment. Rohan had quickly recognized the old man and so he admitted him. He injected the old man with Sodium Thiopental, truth serum, and asking him, the old man told him where he had kept the taxes money they collected and how many goons that were protecting the money. It made his job more easier and after he had knocked out the goons which didn’t put much of a fight like he had expected, especially the three huge ones stationed right outside the door where the money was kept, he parked all the whole money in his car and happily drove off.

He couches and patted one of the bags as one would gently pat a child’s head.

“They took you from the poor people forcefully, and now, I am returning you back to your rightful owners tonight.” Rohan told the bags.