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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 8

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Reborn) ???????? ????

???? The Plan (Part 8) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 8️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

From the last Episode Continuation:

????️ Writer Pov ????️

Delhi City: (Maharaja Palace).

“I know they will become my enemies and I am sure one of them would have sent those thugs to kill my son on his return weeks ago, but their plan failed.” King Sanjay said.

“Yes, it failed.” Lady Meera agreed with him.

“Thanks, but let’s keep that aside. Prepare the palace, my son and his wife will be staying here from Saturday.”

“I will do that, my King.”

“Very well then, we shall take our leave.” King Sanjay said standing up to his feet and his son followed suit.

“We will surely catch the thief with or without the help of the king’s.” Prince Khan told lady Meera who smiled widely.

“I know you will.”

Prince Khan returned her smile with one of his own and left the meeting room with his father.

Lady Meera’s smile faded into a frown.



Ashwini woke up from the knock on her door.

She checked the time and almost screamed. Wow it was almost 2pm in the

Going to open her room door thinking it was Mehek but was surprised to see Taru.

“Yes Taru, what can I do for you?” Ashwini asked, yawing out. She was surprisingly tired and still needed to sleep.

“Sorry if I woke you up sleeping beauty.” Taru said with a smile.

Ashwini stared at her as if she had three heads. “Did you hit your head somewhere when you are coming to see me?”

Taru laughed and hit Ashwini shoulder light, playfully, “You are funny Ashwini.”

Ashwini blinked blankly at her, not buying her fake facade. “Seriously speaking Taru, what do you want?”

“Okay, I can see you are not buying into my fake pretence.” Taru said with a tight face. “Can I get the number of that hunk guy I met at the party?” She asked with a fake smile.


“And why is that? Aren’t you getting married to a handsome prince and you will live in a beautiful palace with a lot of servants running around, so why are you still holding onto a common doctor?” Taru said.

“And the common doctor is the one you are dying to get his number.”

“I have searched every hospitals in Bombay and Goa City but I couldn’t find him, so can you give me his number, please pretty.”

“Sorry to cut short your high dream uglee, but no. When you see him you ask him yourself.” Ashwini said and for the first time looked at the see-me-through dress Taru was putting on, just to seduce her man, her property. “And to think you went out dressed like this just to see him, makes you look ridiculous and a cheap whore, common girl get a grip hold on yourself. Good luck in finding him.” She added and slammed the door to Taru’s face before she would reply back and lock it.

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Ashwini went back to her bed, she was hungry.

Her phone rang and she quickly dash for it, pressing the green button when she saw who was calling.

???? Hello beautiful, sorry I didn’t reply to your message, I was busy then but not now. So how are you doing? ????

Hearing his voice, made her feel less hungry.

???? I am fine hotshot. I heard what happened last night, you are a genius Rohan, how were you able to do it?????

She asked with a low tone and Rohan explained how he was able to do it.

????You are a genius Rohan, my handsome Thief. I want to join you tonight????

???? No, it’s dangerous and besides Khan might have place some guards in your house. ????

???? You are right, but I want to see you ????

???? You will get to see me on Saturday beautiful. We can only be talking on the phone so that no one will grow suspicious. ????

????I miss you ????

???? I miss you too beautiful, but we have to be careful, who knows who might be watching us to expose our plans. ????

????You are right hotshot, oh Taru walked the length and breath of Bombay and Goa City in search of you.????

???? Why? ????

????She likes you and even ask me to give her your number ????

???? Don’t give her ????

???? I’m not stupid hotshot, I am not going to lose you to someone, you are all mine. ????

???? Yeah and me too. I don’t want to lose you to Khan or anyone.????

????You won’t. Arjun is back, he was discharged yesterday.????

???? Just be careful around him and stay away from him ????

????Yes doctor ????

???? Alright, I have to go now beautiful ????

????Why now? We could talk from now till Saturday when we see each other. ????

Rohan laughed a little.

???? I would have but these money won’t pack it self into the bag and distribute it themselves. I will call you tomorrow beautiful. ????

????I shall be expecting your call hotshot. Take care, bye ????

???? Yeah, bye my love. ????

He ended the call and Ashwini smiled in pure bliss.

One hour later, Mehek came back.

???? Good afternoon auntie So how was your date with doctor Amol? ????

Ashwini texted her.

???? Can’t you come outside your room and have this conversation with me face to face instead of in text ????

???? No, we have enemies around us, except you want Bobby to find out you now have a handsome hot new man. ????

???? I get your point Ashwini ????

???? Make sure you delete our conversation, you don’t want to land yourself in trouble before we carry out our revenge.????

????You don’t need to tell me that ????

????So how was your date with Amol? I am dying to know and please did you buy anything eatable on your way back? ????

???? My date with him was fantastic Ashwini and no I did not buy anything. Are you hungry my queen? ????

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???? Yes auntie and you and I know how badly I suck at cooking ????

???? I will prepare something for you to eat right away ????

???? Thank you auntie, you are the best. ????

???? Ah you just said that because of the food ????

Ashwini grinned widely.


The days quickly went by and Rohan fulfilled his promise by calling Ashwini every minute he was less busy.

Ashwini notices Arjun has been oddly quiet about the coming wedding, he no longer makes threats, just quiet and watching, but something in her guts tells her Arjun is up to something.

Mehek and some servants, which was brought by Khan from his palace, were busy decorating Bobby’s house with diyas, color candles, colorful lamps, colourful drapes, rangoli and flowers. The wedding will take place in his home.

On the D-DAY.

Bobby’s compound and inside his house was filled to the brim with people, the rich folks, who came to witness the ceremony.

Prince Khan and the priest were seated side by side.

Rohan, his adopted father and Amol were among the first guests to arrive and Mehek made sure Rohan’s seat was closer to where the bride would be sitting.

The four kings came with their respective wives and daughters and were usher in, taking them to seats highly reserved for them.

Lady Meera was among the guests who arrived lastly. When Bobby and Mehek went to welcome her, Meera was quick to recognize Mehek through her dark veil; which she had used to cover her face so that none of the four king’s could recognize her.

When she sat down on the seat Bobby had shown her she grabbed the elbow of Bobby when he turned to leave.

“Who is she?” Lady Meera demanded gesturing to Mehek who was with him.

“My wife, she is the mother of Ashwini, the bride.”

“Oh, I see.” Lady Meera said and stared into Mehek’s eyes. “Well, we meet again Mehek.” She added and smiled widely when she saw the surprised look on Mehek’s veil face. “I don’t forget faces easily, you of all people should know that I am not like them.”

“Do you know my wife?” Bobby asked.

“Yes, she was my friend. My friend who I had thought has died but here she is, surprisingly.” Lady Meera answered. “We will talk after the wedding my dear friend.”

Bobby led Mehek away as he noticed how uncomfortable his wife was.

“Go and call Ashwini, everyone has arrived.” Bobby whispered into his wife’s ear. Mehek left him climbing the decorated staircase quickly.

Entering Ashwini room, the beautiful young ladies who are decorating Ashwini with jewellery and mehndi drawing in their hands and legs, all pause when they see Mehek.

“Are you not done?”

“Almost Mrs Poru.” They said in unison and added their final touch. They put on the red veil on Ashwini and they left the room.

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Ashwini was nervous and hoped nothing would go wrong.

Descending the stairs slowly with Mehek behind her, every whispering in the living room ceased and everyone’s eyes were on them.

Prince Khan smiled widely when he saw his bride who was busy looking around her.

???? I see my beauty in your eyes, I feel like I’m flying past galaxies. ????

Ashwini spotted Rohan when she sat next to khan, he was sitting at the other side and their eyes locked for a brief moment, she saw the sadness in his eyes as he finally looked away from her, was that tears she saw?

???? I stood engulfed in a fog. You weren’t with me and I was lost. ????

The old priest opened his mouth to start a chant but Ashwini interrupted him gently.

“Stop.” Those words nearly killed Khan who went as still as a statue.

???? But in the beat in my heart, I found you and like flowing breath I know what you meant to me. ????

“What is it my dear child, are you now having a second doubt?” The old priest asked.

“No, but I will like to seek your permission to say something to my beloved husband, I promise it won’t take much time.” Ashwini said and prayed so that the priest could grant her.

???? I lay lifelessly without you but I am now awake when I found you. ????

“Of course my child.”

She turned and pretended as if she was staring at Khan but in reality she was looking into the eyes of Rohan. “I love you, always remember that.”

????And I found life, this life given to me because of your love. ????

Rohan lips curve into a tiny smile. His eyes said the silent words.

Khan smiled widely. “I love you too.”

???? We are Re-born ????

Ashwini barely acknowledged his words as her eyes once again swept around her. She noticed Taru who was busy eye fucking Rohan, but did not see Arjun.

Now, where could he be?

She wondered.

The priest started saying the Sanskrit chant once he was done, he gave one garland to Ashwini who put it on Khan’s neck. The old priest also gave Khan a garland to put on Ashwini’s neck which he did quickly.

“Now get up to your feet and do the saptapadi (seven steps) to complete and seal your union.” The priest told them.

Ashwini and Khan stood up and did as told, going round the priest as Khan began to speak.

“Now let us make a vow together. We shall share love, share the same food, share our strengths, share the same tastes. We shall be of one mind, we shall observe the vows together. I shall be the Samaveda, you the Rigveda, I shall be the Upper World, you the Earth; I shall be the Sukhilam, you the Holder – together we shall live and beget children, and other riches.”

On the third step, Ashwini fainted and Khan quickly acted on reflex and stretched out his arms to catch her but Rohan beat him to it.