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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 30

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 30

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

Surprise was boldly written on his face. It seems like he wasn’t expecting that from me.

“Do you know who you’re talking to? ” He asked me with a frown.

“Really? “I scoffed. “Aren’t you the world famous kayden who enjoy snubbing huh? ” I taunted.

“You’re just too full of yourself. Hours ago, you were acting cool to me and now…. ” I glared at him with a pause.

“You’re acting like d**khead again! Do you know what? Don’t you ever act in that manner to me again. Because I hate it with so much passion. ” I spat and I left him gobsmacked.

Too full of himself!


kyla’s Pov

I listened to Dylan as she kept telling me about the news I found surprising to hear.

“I was also shocked to the bone when I heard it…. ” She emphasised.

“That’s so surprising! How can Riele’s Ex be in the contest? Aren’t thinking of something suspicious? ” I asked with a furrow

“Like what? ”

“It means Riele dumped her boyfriend only to wooed kayden and she did that because she want Kay’s wealth. Don’t you get it. ” I said as I slapped her thighs.

“Oh my! I wasn’t thinking about that before….” She budged


“Dylan, this is our chance! ” I shakes her.

“Hey.. How is it our chance? ” she asked me in a weird way.

“Because it’s time to get your kayden back… ”

“I still don’t get, how will I get Kay back? “she asked me with a cringe.

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This girl is so dumb!

“We can use Mateo to get Riele eliminated From Kay’s life and you will get him back. ” I explained.

“Oh.. You are such a genius Kyla. I wasn’t thinking about that before. Since you already had a plan like this, what should we do? ” she asked me with curiosity.

I stood up from my seat and I took a few steps before I faced her again.

“We’re going to join team with Mateo. We’ll ruin Riele and we’re going to paint her black!…. ”

“But what if Mateo doesn’t agree to be on our side?” She Chipped in with a question I found stupid.

I slapped my forehead in annoyance.

“C’mon Dylan! Stop thinking like a baby. You have Mateo weakness with you; The contest.. ” I half yelled.

“But…. ”

“No but Dylan. if you loved Kay then you have to do what I suggests. Did you get me?” I asked sternly and she nodded her head.

“Good! It’s late already. You can pass the night in my house and you will go to your house to get ready for another episodic contest tomorrow OK! ” I suggested.

“Thanks. I’m worn out, I need to shower right now. I’ll be in the guest room, Good night. ” She stood up from the cushion and she headed upstairs.

I watched her as she climbed up the stairs, so pathetic!

she’s too innocent and dull for my liking! if not for the connection she had, I won’t have been her friend. I was only using her to get more producers, more fame and more money.

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And I’ll also use her to get the person I loved; Kayden!.

Good things aren’t meant for her alone! I’ll make her to do my thing, after I get Riele eliminated, I’ll also kill her too.

I can do anything to get what I wants. Just hold on Dylan, I’ll make sure I get Kayden on my bed!


Nicolas’s Pov

I glared at the documents in front of me with so much happiness and joy. The documents wasn’t the thing that am happy about.

But I was happy because, Riele is coming here. I thought of what I can do to get to Kay and I saw her as a perfect bait.

She owes me her life since I was the one that saved her from dying so she didn’t decline my offer when I invited her over yesterday .

My plan was to make her dine with me and I’ll lure her to say the truth, because my instincts was telling me that the relationship she had with Kay was nothing but fake!

Compare to how I saw them behaved, it made me to believe my instincts. I won’t sit down and watch Kay fooling the admin.

I won’t also watch him stealing what was supposed to be mine!

Suddenly a knock from my door jerked me off my thoughts.

“Who is that? ” I asked impatiently.

“Lisa, the man that wanted to see you is here..” I heard her tiny voice.


“Tell him to come in.. “I said to her and my door opened.

A man in his 40thies came in, he was dressed in a baggy trouser and a shirt with a head warmer clench on his head.

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“Good morning sir… “He greeted

“Have your seat… ” I ushered him to a seat in front of me and he quickly sat down on it.

“What can I do for you? ” I asked him and I fell back to my seat.

“Uhm… I need a job sir. I want to work because am in need of money. “He said with a tauted voice

I glared at him for minutes and I sat upright with my hand rested on the table.

“Can you drive? ” I asked him and he nodded his head like he doesn’t have a bone there.

Well I’m in need of a personal drive, so he will make a good driver.

“Resume here by 7am. I don’t tolerate lateness. ” I warned and I handed him my home address card.

“Thank you so much sir. ” He collected the card like a gold.

“You can go.. ” I said to him and he stood up from his seat.

Before he got to the door, the door opened and it reveals my important guest; Riele. She walked in and she stopped when she got to the man.

The man also stopped, they both glare at each other with surprises on their faces.
OK! Someone should tell me what’s going on?

“Dad! ” I heard her called.


“Riele? ” the man also called.