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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 13

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna


???? Chapter Thirteen ????

????Nadia’s POV????

When we arrived at the venue, I was really angry to know that the jerk brought me to a party.. But why??

I hate parties

A beautiful lady welcomed us into the lobby giving the arrogant jerk an amorous hug.

“Hi Chris!…” she said with a fat grin.

“H-Hi!” Christian replied with a force smile.

“So, you invited your girlfriend with you huh?” She said staring at me from head to toe.

“Oh yea’” Christian said putting his arms around me and pulled
me closer to him.

Gosh I wish to kill him right here ????

And then out of the blue, some guys arrived which I believe must be his friend

“Hey bro! Hi Rose ‘” One of the guys said with a genuine smile then I knew instantly that the girl’s name was Rose

“Woah! You’re looking so beautiful Miss ” The tallest among them said while looking at me.

“Eh’ thank you.” I said awkwardly with a smile.

“Let’s go inside?…” Rose suggested. “Come on Chris .” She
said again as she grabbed onto Christian strong arms and pulled him as she started to walk.

Geez!!! She is such a flirt

. ????Christian POV????

Once we were all inside, Jack suddenly got hold of my arm and the others started nagging at me. This went on for a while.

I was quite happy that Rose wasn’t here with me, she really seems to be really into me and she clings a lot.. Not that I don’t like her.. Because she is beautiful and lovely but I just don’t like the way she do cling onto me

“Chris , what did you do to your maid?…” Ben asked.

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“God bro, she’s beautiful’” Jack said looking at her, eying her from head to toe.

“Really?” I said trying not to look at her.

“That’s all you can say?… I mean look at her!” Ben said.. “At first I thought she was your girlfriend

“Stop! Seriously stop that!!! And wait where’s Carlson?…”

“Oh he went to the restroom’” Jack answered.

“Ohh ok” I nodded.

I looking at Nadia but she wasn’t really enjoying this, I am sure of it cos of her face expression

. ????Author’s POV????

After Carlson went to the restroom, he went back to join the others. However, on his way, he suddenly saw Rose putting some drug in a glass of champagne. She accidentally dropped the small medicine box and walk away

Carlson took it “S-Sildenafil’ citrate?!” his eyes widened after he read it, he followed Rose and there he saw her giving the glass of champagne to Christian and then Christian took few sips, and eventually finished it all.

“T-This is bad!” Carlson gasped.

He hurriedly walked close to them and approached Ben, telling him about what he saw.

“Guy look at this, Rose put this drug at Chris glass and Chris drank all of it’” Carlson said giving the small box of medicine to Ben.

“What!” Ben exclaimed.

“Oh my god! What are we gonna do?” Ben asked raising
his eyebrows .Carlson man, we need to do something…”

“Huh? W-What?…” Carlson asked confused.

“I have an idea’” Ben replied smiling at him.

Meanwhile after a few minutes Christian suddenly started feeling uncomfortable so he decided to go outside to have some fresh air.

Rose followed him immediately and secretly but before she
could walk outside… Carlson and Ben blocked her way’

“Hi Rose!” Ben waved cutely.

“O-Oh hello’”

“Ahm can you come join us to the dance floor?” Carlson asked.

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“Come on let’s dance together’” Carlson said then grabbed her hand and went inside towards the dance floor..

While they are all busy distracting Rose,… Nadia started to
look for Chris
“Hey erm Jack, have you seen young master Chris ?” she asked.

She need to call him young master cos they all think she is personal maid

“Hmm oh yeah, I saw him going outside.” he answered.

“What!? Argh… that jerk, is he planning to leave me here alone’ ” Nadia murmured while cursing him in her mind.

“What did you say?” Jack asked.

“Oh nothing’ thank you!” Nadia said smiling back and went
outside to look for Chris.

Then Jack saw the others dancing with Rose so he went to join them on the dance floor.

“Hey guys!…Can I join?” He chuckled and start to dance along with them.

“Wait, where is she going ?” Ben asked as he looked at Nadia while she was walking away.

“Ohh, she followed Chris . I think they’re going home’” Jack said with his cheeky smile

“What!!!” Carlson and Ben said in complete shock.

????????Nadia POV????????

I went outside to find Chris , but he’s nowhere to find so I decided to go to the parking lot maybe he would be there, and I was right he was there inside his car. Leaning on the driver seat, I opened the car door and got in with a pout on my face.

“Heyyy you! Are you planning to leave me here!.. Are you nut?? You don’t even tell me it was a party.. I don’t like going to parties and.. Oh my goodness I don’t know what kind of deal I put myself into… You should know by now that I don’t like party ” I scolded while looking at him but he didn’t answer me and suddenly he just started the car and began driving.

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“Are we going home?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer and just continued driving, after few minutes of driving he suddenly stops on the side of the road releasing a long sigh.

We were in the middle of nowhere and everywhere was quite, no one was even passing and there was no sign of Vehicles

“Erm why are we here?”

I stared at him, he didn’t look fine. He was sitting quietly and had his head down on the steering wheel.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked tapping his shoulder.

Out of the blue he looked and stared at me and slowly pulled me closer to himself.

“I can’t take it anymore’” He groaned

“Wh. Wh.. What do you mean?? I stammered then all of sudden he started kissing and nibbling my neck.

My eyes grew wider…….. ”Wai..wait! What are you doing?” I said
as I was pushing him away from me.

And then before I could realize it he was now hungrily kissing me I could feel his tongue slip into my mouth
He hurriedly removed his coat and unbuttoned his shirt throwing it on the back seat.

“Stop it… What are you trying to do?? I yelled as I pushed him off then he turned the lights off as he start to remove my dress while continuously kissing me everywhere on my face

“Pls stoopppp” I yelled and try to push him off but I can’t.. He was stronger than me..When I was half naked, he moved in between my legs pulling down my underwear

“Plsss Nooo, stop chris” I yelled

What is wrong with him?? This is not the chris I know…

This is a beast!!!