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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 33

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 33

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I shaked the cup to let the last drop fell into my mouth . I dropped the cup in an aggressive manner and it resulted into a loud bang .

I placed my head on the cabinet , a tears also followed .

I’m f**king tired of everything . I thought of my life and i felt pains and regret . I regretted every damn thing including my stay with Kay .

If not for my dad’s greediness,things won’t have turned out like this for me . My mom might still be living ,i wouldn’t have dated stupid Mateo .

And i wouldn’t even think of living in this forsaken mansion . Jeez!

Everything that happened to me was my father’s fault . I hate everything !

I raised up my eyes and i dried my eyes with the back of my palm . I grabbed the wine bottle aggressively and i decanted some into the empty glass cup in front of me .

Then i dropped it back on the table and emptied it inside my throat . Gosh! It was so hot !

I could feel the hotness burning my throat . I can’t believe that my depression leads me into drinking alcohol .

This is my first time of drinking alcohol and i hated it but i don’t have a choice . It seems like this is the only thing that can get me outta of depression .

I tried to take another cup but i noticed that my vision was already getting blur . I’m already tipsy ..

I stood up from the stool, i felt my legs shaking already . I tottered back and fro before i finally balanced myself on a spot .

“I’m …Fine .” I picked the words like a drunken person i was .

“I need to get to my room . I want to sleep right now”


Nicolas’s Pov

I waited in front of my house , i checked my wrist watch and i groaned .

“Why is this old man late ? “i groused to myself.

I’ve been waiting for him for the past 30 mins . I hate lateness but if it wasn’t for the information and explanation i need from him , i won’t have waited .

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Right now ,i need him . i want to know how close he is to Riele . I want to know if the relationship between both of them is tight .

I don’t have time to waste . I need to get my company back ASAP .

Finally ,i saw him coming in through the gate ,he was dressed in the same outfit _ just like the last time .

“Good morning sir .” He greeted from afar .

“You’re late .” i carped with my hand folded underneath my breast .

“The traffic was terrible sir . ” He defended himself with an explanation .

“Let’s go .” i threw the car key at him and he grabbed it .

I pointed to a red camry and he rushed to it . He opened the door for me at the back and i went in . He also rushed to the driver’s seat .

After he locked the door ,he started the car.


He drove in a normal way , he doesn’t speed . I glared at him from the rear mirror . His full attention was on the steering .

“You drive so well ..” i tried to bring up a conversation .

“Thank you sir .” He answered me .


” Uhm …the day you came to my office for this job , the day that met you in my office ,how is she related to you ? ” i asked him .

“You mean riele ? ” he called her name .

“Yes,Riele .”

“She is my daughter …”

ok ,i’m getting somewhere .

“Have you had your breakfast ” i asked him as i gulped down the water i drank .

“No sir .”

“Park in front of that eatry ,let’s have some breakfast .” i said to him and i rested my hand on the seat .


” I know that both of them hated me now ,i also felt ashamed for what i did …” He ended his family’s story .

That’s why riele left my office angrily . He made hem to hate him .

wait !Did he just said them ?

“Did Riele has a younger sister or mom ?” i asked him .

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“Yes,she has a younger sister ,amber . Their mother died after six years i left them . I also found out that amber has received surgery for her cancer last two month , i wanted to go back to them but my informat told Me that riele has moved from the house to kayden’s house . He also told me that it was kayden’s mom that paid for amber’s hospital bills ….”

What !

Did he just said kayden’s mom?

“Please how did you know all this ?”

” i sent someone to spy on them ” He answered me .

Oh my !

Kayden’s mom….

I hope it wasn’t what i’m thinking !

It means their relationship was planned ! Oh my heavens .


Kayden’s Pov

I buried my head on the neck resting pillow that was Placed on the seat . I watched the view as tge car drove on the road .

For the first time in my life ,i felt bitterness and sad. Everytime i remembered how riele talked to me , i always felt guilty .

Am i really snobbish?

Every bit of her words got at me ,it hits me right in my head . I don’t know what pushed me into getting her in an elevator romance .

I just don’t know what came over me . I was even surprised at myself that i considered that bastard !.

He was the one that made jealous ..

Wait !

Did i just said jealous ?

What’s really happening to me .

“We’re here sir .” i heard the driver’s voice .

I knocked on the Car mirror and the security opened the door for me .

I got down from the car,they wanted to followed me in but i stopped them . I don’t want to hear any sound of tripling feet ,what I just want to do is to get in side My room and soak myself in the jacuzzi bathtub .

I opened the door myself , i saw few of age maids walking around .

I walked to the elevator , i was about pressing a button when I saw riel tottering towards the elevator .


Is she sick or what ?

“Hey who the f**k are you . Why’re you starring at me like that ? ” She fumbled .

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She’s drunk !


“Are you alright ?” i asked her .

“I’m fine ..just leave me alone . You’re tge cause of my problem right now . Everything about you disgust me .” She pointed her hand at melike a druken person she was .

I wanted to leave her here but part of me wants to take her into her room .

I stood at my spot and i watched as she continued saying gibberish words .

Even in her drunken state,she looks…..cute .

Suddenly i saw her hiccupping, oh no !she wants to throw up .

I quickly pushed her into the elevator . No tge problem is ,which room should i take her to ? .

If i should take her to her floor ,she might mess the roOm up . And my room ….


I can’t take her to my room . I was still contemplating on what to do when i notivced hat her HICcup haS inCReased .

Without even thinking twice ,i pressed my floor’s button .


After i made sure that she has emptied everything inside the closet . I washed her face with water and i flushed it away .

I helped her to my room and i laid her on the bed .

I can’t even remember the last time i care like this For someone ,even my mom .

But i just don’t know what is attracting me to her but I felt like i Wanted her to be save .

I used the duvet to covered her body , i sat down beside her and i watched her as she sleep sounding .

I don’t know why she looks so beautiful . My body was reacting in a way i can’t describe . I traced my eyes to her lips and i swallowed the lump in my throat .

It was ….

I found myself standing up and i bent my head to glared at her .

Her lips has been offered to me more than two times but i rejected It . I don’t think i can reject this . I inhaled in and i kissed her on the lips.

Whatever my heart is pushing me to do .i hope i won’t regrett it later