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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 35

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 35

By : Blessing Arubuola


Dylan’s Pov

I applied the lip gloss on my lips and pouted out my lips for a final touch . Perfect !

I stood up from the stool and slides my foot into the high heels that was beside my bed . I carried my small purse and i walked to the long glass to cross- check my dressing .

The jeans is perfect and the shirt is fabulous so am good to go .
I was about opening the door when my phone buzzed .

I bought it out from my small purse and the caller happens to be Kyla .


Strange ! I picked the call and i placed it on my ear .
I called her in a manner that sounds like i wanted to be sure that she was the one calling .

????Dylan good morning
She greeted , a faint smile curved my lips .

????Uhm..Dylan , i’m calling you because of our plan

????What plan ?
I asked her .

????Jeez!Have you forgotten? Where’re supposed to meet with Mateo today . We need to decide on the plan and act on it ASAP .
She said with a scorning voice .

????Oh sorry i totally forget about the meeting but when are we meeting ?
I asked her again .

????7pm at my house .

????Ok, see you by then
i replied her and i hung up the phone .


I almost forgot about it . Hmm, but i don’t even feel like my mind is still in the plan . My feelings for kay is wavering and i don’t need to harm Riele .

I guess i’ll just back out but i need to hear her plan before i decide to back out .

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I shrugged the thought and i went downstairs , i got outside and i was surprised to see a car parked in my compound .

A familiar car !

My guess was right when Nolan came out of the car , he was all dressed in a crazy jeans and a designer top .

His hair was gel to the side and it gave him a killer look .


I never noticed this look from him . I walked closer to him with a surprised look on my face .

“Hey…” i cooed in surprise .

“surprise ?” He asked with his hand rested on the car door .

“Yea,you didn’t tell me that you’re coming to my house ” i replied him .

“Well i just decided to give you a surprise or am i not welcome in your house ?” He asked and i chuckled .

“you’re always welcome Nolan . But why are you here ?” i asked him with a raise of my brow .

“uhm…..i just want to give you a ride to the concert. Isn’t good ?”

Wow!i didn’t thought about that .

“That’s a great idea yunno but i’ll need to take my car because i don’t want to be stranded when coming home . ” I said to him with a smile

” Nah!you don’t need to do that because i’ll bring you home myself . ” He replied and i opened my mouth agape .

“Wow!That’s means we’re going to be stuck together today ….”

“Yes,don’t you like it ?” He asked me as he ushered me in .

“it’s cool ! At least ,i’m gonna crack my ribs today yunno ” i teased him and a light giggle escaped his mouth .


Kayden’s Pov

i waited for my so called fake-girlfriend . I checked my time again and sigh . Why is she taking long today ?

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is she……

She might be thinking about the whole thing ,i mean what happened in my room but did she remembered that i kissed her ?

I don’t think so and i also don’t want her to remember a damn thing about it .

Then my eyes caught her as she catwalked towards me . Oh my gee !

She looks ……

Beautiful !

She was putting on a mini gown and a high heels . Wow ! I felt my heart beat increasing , strange ! .

I gulped down nothing , i walked closer to her and i offered her my hand . She gave me a deadly stare that i almost laugh .

She looks pretty when she does that .

“What happened to Your hand ” she gruffed .

“I’m offering my hand to you , let’s walk to the car together . ” i stated and she scoffed .

“Really ?The last time i checked , the security are the ones that always do this so why is the almighty kayden doing this ?” she taunted with a smirk .


“is that your way of saying thank you ? Well the almighty is doing this because you’re his girlfriend. I mean fake girlfriend so if you will permit me ….”
i placed her hand on my and i wrapped my hand around it .

wow!it feels warm .

“I loved it like this so let’s go . ” I said and i started walking closer to the car .

Surprises was written all over her face . She is kinda surprise to see me acting like this .

She’s my fake girlfriend and we need to do ,and there is nothing attached to it .
I mean it’s just an act ,right ? .

I guided her to her seat and i went to my side and i entered the car .

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“Let’s go .” i said to the driver and he ignited the car .