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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 37

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 37

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I entered the hall angrily , so arrogant ! I can’t believe that he kissed me without apologizing .
He’s so rude !

Suddenly a hand gripped me from behind , i turned around and i fell on kay’s chest .

A gasp escaped from the contestant Mouth ! What’s he doing right now !

He hand was already on my waist .

“Let me go ” i grinned and i hit him on the chest stylishly .

“why should i ?” He said to me lustfully .


“What did you want now ?” i asked him gruffly.

“This…” He said and gave me a quick kiss on my lips .


I blinked my eyes in surprise,he kissed me in public. Camera light was already flashing at us .

“Why did you do that ?”

“Because you’re mine !” He said and he left me gobsmacked .

What’s wrong with him ? Why is he doing all this ?or is he …..

No! It can’t be what am thinking . It isn’t easy like that. I shrugged outta my thought , i turned around and i saw eyes on me .


I swallowed the lump in my throat and i covered my face and i walked to my seat .

“She’s really lucky ” i heard a lady whispering to the cleaner …

Lucky? That was just another act up from kayden . I’ll still break his coconut head one day .

I sat down on my seat , i buried my head in my palm . The place was quiet until someone clasp his hand to get everybody’s attention .

“Let’s start!”


The audition took an hour before it ended , my mind wasn’t in the audition so i don’t who is qualify for the winner .

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I raised up my head and i saw the judges;kaydeneo,Nolan and Dylan , discussing with their heads bowed down .


Suddenly i saw mateo beside me with his hand in his pocket .

“Can we talk ?” He asked grumpily .

I rolled my eyes at him and i stood up .

“No we can’t .” i replied him with an eye roll.

“Ok then , i saw that your relationship with Kay is already going smoothly , well get ready for the worst . ” He threatened with a smirk .

“Are you threatening me right now ?”

“Well if you called it a threat ,then yes it is .” He grinned .

This stupid guy owes me a beating ! Out of frustration, i led the way to a private and quiet place.

I stopped walking and i faced him .

“What did you want to talk about right now ?” i asked him with my hands at akimbo .

“Riele……” His voice came out like a whisper .

“I’m sorry for breaking your heart, please come back to me . ” He said as he advanced towards me .
I think this idiot is high !

“Are you alright ?Did you smoke before calling me here huh ? ” I taunted .

“I’m fine ”

“No! i don’t’f think so because you’re not in your right sense . what the f**k are you telling me now huh? I should come back to you ?

“Have you forgotten how you broke up with me ? You manipulated my sense with your stupid and fake love , you duped and ditched me . I loathed the date i met you .

“But i still thank you for breaking up with me because i won’t have met kayden if you didn’t broke up with . ” i said to him trying to sound like i’m really in love with kay .

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“That’s a f**king lie !Both of us know that your relationship with kay is a fake !” He half yelled

“Really ? You’re also part of those fools that thinks like that ? You better snap out of that your thought , because if you’re not blind , you saw how he kissed me in the hall .”

“That’s an act up i don’t want to believe ” he yelled .

“If you don’t believe it then you can die ” i said to him and i made to leave .

“Riele…”He called me back .

“Thinking again , i’ll ask you again tomorrow . If you think like a fool and you tell me no then i will make sure that i post all your pictures on instagram .

“I’ll make everyone know that you are my girlfriend and you broke up with him because of kay . ” He threanted me Again

“You’re a asshole !” i cursed him.and i left .


Dylan’s Pov

I listened with keen interest as kyla narrates her plan to mateo and i .

The plan was stupid and devilish to me .

.”….So that’s how we’re gonna roll ” she finished her plan narration .

“But must we do the two plan?” Mateo asked her and she giggled evily .

“Yes ! We need the two plan The plann will be done on Monday, we need to get rid of that bitch……”

“count me out kyla . ” i voiced out for the first time sine i got here .

“Dylan ? What did you mean ” she asked me .

“i don’t want to partake in this your bad plan and i won’t stop you guys because I believed that y’all saw the video of hOw he kissed her in the hall .

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“Don’t we get the message , even if we harm this innocent lady ,how sure are you that he will be mine huh? ” i asked her with an eye roll .

“Dylan, i’m doing this for you !But if you want to be a d**khead then u can backout but both of us are going to go on with the plan ”

“then i wish you best of luck but as for me am out . ” i said to her and i left them angrily .