March 22, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 22

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Chapter 22

Angela’s POV

I couldn’t stop thinking about Mike. I find his face familiar indeed but I never imagined that we were once lover.

How I wish this was never true. Or…he might actually be playing a silly game with my head.

Sam and Dan can rot with him, I don’t really care.


8 Months later!

I was laboring at the hospital ready to give birth. It was a day that I couldn’t wait to come but the pain I’m going through presently is unbearable.

“Please push a little!” The nurse attending to me said and I used all my energy to push.

I had tried to push several times and the baby kept getting to the entrance and going back.

“It’s almost coming out, push more.” The nurse said and I tried more.

To my surprise, I felt like I released something.

I raised my neck and saw my baby opening his mouth and struggling to cry out.

He was slapped in the bottom and he let out a cry.

I let my head fall back to the bed happily. I’m glad I now have a baby.

I noticed an image of someone walked inside the ward that I was. On looking well, I saw that it was Sam.

“Good for you for delivering, the boss said I should bring the baby home.” He said.

“Why? He is suppose to be here with me. Plus I need to feed the child.” I said.

“Tell that to Jason.” He said and carried my baby.

I wanted to scream but he covered my mouth and nose with an handkerchief and everything went black.

Jason’s POV

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I alighted from the car that I had driven to the hospital, I hope that Angela would have given birth.

I walked inside and found her sleeping. Her belly had being compressed implying that she might have given birth. I looked around and couldn’t find her baby.

I walked away from her ward to call on one of the nurse.

“Has Angela put to bed?” I asked.

“Yes. Congratultions to her, are you her…?”

I interrupted before she could complete her question. “I’m her boss, where is the baby?” I asked.

“Baby! Should be there with her.” She said.

“Come and show me.” I told the lady and she expressed stupefaction.

We both walked inside the ward and she looked around but couldn’t find the baby. She waked Angela up gently.

“Where is your baby?” She asked and Angela sat upright as she saw me.

“Sam told me you instructed him to bring the baby , I refused but he covered me with a toxic anky. ” She said to my greatest shock.

I didn’t give Sam any instruction pertaining to Angela.