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His Signature. Episode 33

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……… Episode 33…….

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
The car drove into the Mansion with Alex and I at the backseat.
I was sad and bitter.
First Alex’s mom doesn’t support my relationship with his son, second, Alex thinks am going to break his heart like June did.

If he’s still deeply affected by June’s action, that means he still has some hidden feelings for her.
I don’t have Alex to myself completely.

What do I do?
Let him go?.. That’s if he’ll let me go.

Alex went down the car first while I followed.
He has been operating his phone since the ride and it’s making me have the urge to sing ‘put your phone down’ by ‘Steflon Don and Lil baby’.
I wondered what he was so occupied with that he even walked into the mansion ignoring me completely.

I decided to retire to my room to sleep cause it was late. I bid Alex goodnight but he just murmured an “mhmm”.

I briskly marched to my room feeling angry and dejected.
But come to think of it, am not his wife.
I hope am not acting too clingy.

I stared at the ceiling till I fell asleep.
I woke up later very early in the morning.

I rubbed my eyes like a baby till I could view what I was seeing clearly.

There was about five women in my room carrying like the most rare dresses in USA. What were they up to?
Infact, how did they get in??

“Alex!! “I yelled in fright pulling the blanket up to my chest.

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“Don’t panick miss Rachel, we… ”

I didn’t let her finish as I reached for the pillow beside me and threw it at the lady talking. She dodged it and the rest gasped.

“Miss Rachel! Please calm down. We were sent by Mr Alex. “She blurted.

Alex sent them, but why?

“Why? What’s going on? “I asked sitting up on the bed.

“It’s a matter of urgency. His cousins wedding is tomorrow in Mumbai. “She said putting down her big glitter box.

“India? We’re going to India? “I asked amused.

She nodded.
“The invitation reached his email last night. You have to get ready. Your flight has been booked. “She said.

I looked at the dressea the rest of the lady had.
They looked radiant and stylish.
Won’t I be dressing better than the bride?

I really don’t like dressing to impress.

“Where’s Alex? “I asked still on the bed.

“We don’t know. He wasn’t in when we arrived. “She said with a profound smile.

An ugly silence stepped in.

“So, let’s start with the dress up. “She said to her colleagues. “Miss Rachel, please can you go have a bath and shampoo yiur hair too. “She stated facing me.

I rolled my eyes getting off the bed.
It’s creepy with this people staring down at me and monitoring my moves.

If she had said they’d bath me, I would have insulted them and design their faces with water from the bathtub.

I rushed into the bathroom but I came out again to see If they were touching any of my stuff. I was disappointed cause they stood still like robots staring at nothing in particular.
Very much Creepy.
Half an hour later..
“Miss Rachel, please come over here and select the dress of your choice. “One of the dress – up lady whom I now knew to be Clarice spoke immediately I walked out of the bathroom.

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I had a white towel round my body reaching my knees then a green towel tied round my wet hair.
I shampooed it earlier so I tied it up so it would dry up a bit before I use the hair dryer.

I walked to Clarice staring down at the ten dresses placed orderly on my bed. I went through them.

The first one was pink and had sparkles allover but it looked like I wouldn’t need to wear bra cause it had a clear opening between my b**bs.
Alex won’t like that, me too.

I skipped that one and proceeded to the other dresses.

I finally came across a blue one.
It was beyond perfect!
I raised it up and flipped it at all sides.


I handed it to the dress-up agents.

“I’ll wear that one for the wedding party. Now please leave so I can put on something nice for the flight. “I said stretching my fingers.

“But miss Rachel, this dresses are for the flight, the wedding outfits are right outside the room. “She said bluntly.

My jaw dropped.
More dresses?
But the ones here are good enough even to attend the presidents daughter’s wedding.

By the way, why is Alex’s cousin’s wedding sounding like a ball or something.

“I like this one for the wedding, now leave so I can dress up. “I said walking to my closet.

“Mr Alex won’t like this miss . please stop being stubborn. “Clarice said blandly behind me.

“Stop trying to entangle yourself with my personal issues. It’s not like Alex is the CEO of my closet. “I blurted out with an eye roll.

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I kept pulling off the clothes from my wardrobe like a phsyco.

Where are all those long dresses of mine?

“Okay miss. We’ll be outside. “Clarice said.

“Ugh, before you go, what’s the exact time the plane would be living? “I asked absent mindedly.

“2 O’clock. We have four hours to till then. “She said.

“Hmm.. “I muttered as I got my hands one of the dresses.

I suddenly felt low spirited about this.
Why is Alex taking me anyway?
Must I go with him?

I rather not.
His mom already hates me. The rest of the family might be worst.
I turned to see the dress -up agents already out of the room.

I put on my outfit and untied the towel on my hair. I wasn’t able to dry it as I went ahead with my plan to escape from going to Alex’s cousin’s so called wedding.

I fell on the floor and began screaming.

“Ah! It hurts… “I cried as the dress -up agents rushed in.

I can’t go to that wedding… I can’t.