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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 43 and 44

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????Three Months Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 43

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
I glared at him with my heart almost in my mouth . What happened to amber ?

“what happened to amber?” I asked him as I moved closer to him .

” Did you know Amber wesley ? ” he asked me with the phone still placed on his ears .

” she is my sister …” I stuttered .

” she is your what ?” He shrieked

” what did you said happened to her ? ” he asked the caller and I saw the shock on his face .

When I wasn’t satisfied with the call i snatched the phone from .

“Hello please what happened to my sister ?” I asked with fears sounding in my voice .

” your sister is in our custody and if you really want her back,then you will have to tell Kay den to do our wish ..”

“what wish !” I yelled angrily .

“Tell him to leave his father’s company or else your sister will be killed !” The caller spat and conniption gripped me .

“What ! Please don’t harm her …” I tried to please but the caller ended the call immediately.


What’s wrong ! Why would they kidnapped my sister . what are they doing to her ? .

The thought alone made me to tell down on the floor not minding my previous thoughts .

“Riele what happened ? ” he asked me as he scuttled down to my level .

“My sister …she will killed if you don’t do their wish ” I whimpered silently .

“What wish ? ” he asked me and I raised up my head to glared at him .

“You should leave your dad’s company . ..” I dropped the message and the look on his face changed .

“What ! ” he flinched

Impossible wish ! How will he leave his father’s company all because he wanted to save my sister .


Their wish can’t work ,then i’ll have to save my sister myself . I gathered little courage and I stood up from the floor .

I dried my tears eyes and I packed my hair to the back .

“Are you alright ? ” he asked me as he stood up

” I will save amber myself. ” I said to him and I made to leave the room .

” Riele..wait !” He said and held my hand from the back .

” Let me help you ..” He said to me and I glared at him with surprise.

“how will you help me ? Will you leave your dad’s company because you want to save my sister ? Why would you do that ” I questioned him .

“uhm….Don’t worry about that . Go and change ,let me do what I wanted to do . ” he said and planted a kiss on my forehead .

“It’s alright . ” he told me , with his words, I felt a little bit saved that amber will be found .

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Nolan’s POV
I sat down on the chair waiting for Dylan to come . I checked my watch at interval, I just hope she comes .

I glared around the empty restaurant to see the decoration i’ve made so far .

Well , I hope everything will work out as I wanted it to be .

It might sound crazy but I felt like am already falling in love with dylan . Since the time we became close , I started developing strong feelings for her .

She always make my heart to flutter anytime am with her . I don’t know why Kay den rejected her but she seems like a good and nice lady to me .

So sweet !.

“Sorry that am late ..”I heard her voice from the door .

She made it !

“Hey ” I cooed as she waled closer to the table .

“Hi” she waved at me .

” have your seat ” I said beckoning her to a seat in front of me .

She sat down and ran her eyes across the restaurant.

“Are we too early .. Or we’re late . This place looks really empty ” She said and I chuckled .

“We ain’t late , I was the one that the reservation . ” I replied her .

“really ?”

” yes, I want us to enjoy the evening together ” I added and I saw her flushed . ..

I also flushed, happy that she came .

I jingled the bell beside me and a waiter came to us .

” your order sir ? ” he asked me and I directed him to Dylan .

“Ma..” He faced Dylan .

“oh , I will like to have crunch crabs and salad ” she said and the waiter jolted it down .

“I’ll have paste and drum stick . ” I said to him before he left . .

“This place is nice …” I heard her complimented .

“Thanks ..” I replied her with a wide smile .

An hour later,we’re done with the meal . The waiter came back to packed our plates and I muttered a thank you .

When he left, I held dylan’s hand ,surprise was written on her face .

“Will you like to dance with me ? ” I asked her ,she nodded her head .

I smiled and I stood up with her ,we walked to the middle of the restaurant and a soft song filled the air .

Planned work .

I placed her hand on my neck while I placed mine on her waist ,and we started dancing to the soft tunes .

The dance was ……

Awesome !

It gave me opportunities to glared into her beautiful brown eyes .

Her well sculptured nose, her perfect kiss lips and her voluptuous body .

When I saw that the dance is already doing it’s magic , I started talking .

“you look beautiful tonight “I complimented and her cheeks turned red again. ..


“I don’t know that you danced to music like this , I thought you’re only good at hip hop ..”

“That’s why am a diva ” she replied me and we both busted into laughter .

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We became silent for some minutes as well danced to the music . Suddenly,our eyes collided into each others .


“Hum…Dylan…what would be your reaction if I asked you out ? ” I asked her and she me and arching brow and it made my heart to skip a beating .

“You’re a good guy,handsome and …” She ran her eyes through my body and I chuckled .

I got her message .

“well,i’ll happy and I won’t hesitate to say yes to you ” she gave me the answer I wanted from her .

“Then be my girlfriend ” I said and she stopped the dance.


I thought she said ….

“Nolan are you joking ? “She asked me .

“Am not ..” I replied her .

“I ….Yes ! ” she replied me and rushed at me to gave me a kiss .


Kayden’s Pov
I watched riele as she cried , I felt heart breaking as I saw her tears. I held her hand and rested her head on my shoulder.

We’re on our way to the venue that was given to us by the kidnapper . The company’s document was also with me in the car .

He told us to come with my dad’s document if we want to save her sister .


????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }…

Episode 44

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
“Sir we’re here ..” The driver announced to us when we got to the venue that was given to us by the kidnapper .

I glanced through the window and i noticed that it was a dark and quiet place .

I heaved a sigh and turned back to looked at Riele whose eyes was heavy with tears . I glared into her eyes and intertwined my hand with hers .

“Kay,must you surrender your dad’s company for my sister ? ” She asked me with wariness in her voice .

“Saving a life is more important than riches .” i replied her .

I can’t believe am really saying this .

“But your dad’s …”
I placed my index hand on her lips to hushed .

“And the victim is your sister…..Don’t worry ,everything will be fine ok ! All you have to do is to follow my words ok !” I said to her and she nodded her head .

I smooched my lips on hers , the kiss was just a quick one since we don’t have much time .

“Trust me ” i added her and i snuggled her to myself .

I unlocked from the hug and i texted the kidnapper that am Around . Few minutes later,we saw two guys ….

They were both putting on a mask ,one was holding a lady that was covered with a sack and gun pointed to her head . The second guy was just with a gun .

They didn’t walked closer to our car , one of the guy waved at me to come down .

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“Sir…”The driver called .

“You can wait for us here ok , don’t call my securities or the cops or else you will spoil everything …” i ordered the driver and he nodded his head .

“Riele ,let’s go !” I said to her and we both got down from the car .

The briefcase that contained my dad’s document was in my left hand while my right hand held Riele’s hand .

We both walked towards them in a slacken pace . The quietness made me to heard Riele’s whimpering voice .

“Stop there !”The one who was holding gun said and we obeyed .

“Where is the document ?” He asked me and i raised it up .

“Now drop it in front of you . ” He commanded but i was reluctant .

“Remove the mask from her face, i wanna confirm if we ain’t fooled .” i asked in a confidential tone .

“Doubting ? Well if that is what you want .” He sent a signal to the second guy and he removed the mask from the lady’s face ruefully .

The lady’s mouth was covered with a tape and her hands were tied to the back .

“Amber !” Riele called and i saw the victim struggled .

She’s the one .

Riele wanted to run to her sister but was stopped even before she took the second step .

“Not so fast ,Young lady” The man stopped her .

“If you want her back, drop the briefcase in the middle and we’re gonna do the same . At the count of 5 ”


“4…” We both took a step to the middle .

“3….” We were already getting close to the middle .


“1…” He counted and i threw the briefcase at him while the second guy pushed the victim_ Amber at me . I was quick to catch her and we both scuttled to the awaiting Sister .

“Amber ..” Riele whimpered when we got to her .

With fear and shakiness,she removed the mask and the rope that was used to tied her sister .

“Riele ” The sister screamed and they Both hugged each other in tears .

I felt happy and emotionally for them …

“Are you alright ?Hope you weren’t hurt ?” She asked her sister as she checked her body .

“We’re not yet done with the business we have here …”one of the kidnapper said .


We all turned to glared at him, both of them were pointing a gun at us .What the f**k!

“What the hell did you think you’re doing right now huh ? ” i half yelled at them .
“Wait ! Did you think we’re fools ? Do you we are gonna let you guys leave like that ? Really ? We have the documents with us and we’re gonna kill all of you including your driver .” The man with the briefcase said with a smirking smile .

I knew this was gonna happen !