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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 46

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 45

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
I knew this shit was gonna happen . I turned around and i saw Riele and her sister in tears . I made a funny signal to them and they both shifted back a little .

I’ve my escape plan before coming here .

“Wait!” i screamed out to the two guys who has already set the trigger .

I’m gonna delay their f**king plan !.

“Before you kill us ….” I started and i quickly pressed the button on my watch; alert watch !.

I heard a very silent beep indicating that we are save and the cops will soon show out their head .

“What the f**k did you want to say ?” One of the guy asked me gruffly .

“Did you think i’m so foolish that i’ll come without alarming the cops huh ?” i asked them with a scorn

“Cops ? What the hell are you talkin’ about ” They both chorused .

“Well,sorry for the trick..Those documents are also fake .” i announced to them and they both exchanged puzzled look .

“What! You son of a bitch ! How dare you trick us ?” The one facing me yelled angrily and he was pulling the trigger when the cops seized him from behind .

“Drop your weapon and put your hand behind your back ” The cops said to them with their gun placed at their heads .

Two of them dropped their weapons without any struggles . They took their hands to their back and the cops handcuffed them .

“Now,move !” The cops commanded them and they obeyed .

Funny enough,the cop’s van was outside !


They took me for a fool .

i turned my gaze to Riele and i saw her embracing her sister in tears . With the happiness on her face,i felt so happy and high spirited .

“Sir…”The detective walked up to me .

“Kudos to you guys ” I said and we hits our fisted hand together ; Chop knuckles style .

“It won’t be a success without your brilliant plan . Nolan and you planned a success and we carried it out ” He enthused and i chuckled .

Well, i made this plan with Nolan on the phone, my best buddy .

“So…” I began with my hand across his shoulder and we started walking away from the spot with slacken pace .

“I think this shit came out from my dad’s company.”

“Why did you think so sir ?” He asked me .

“Why would they asked for my dad’s document in exchange for the lady’s freedom ? Definitely, their boss is in my company and he wants to take over my dad’s company . ” I answered him and a hmm escaped his mouth .

“What i want from you guys right now is that ….Make sure they confess, i don’t care if you torture them to the extent of death , just make sure they confess before tomorrow . Ok ! ” I instructed sternly .

“Yes sir !” He complied immediately .

“Ok,you can go ..” I said to him and he left with his boys .

That was a cool and successful plan !

“Kayden….”I heard Riele called , i turned around only to saw her scuttling towards me .


“Hey ,easy . you’re gonna fall . ” I shouted to her but she didn’t listen to me .

She stopped running when she got to my front . She bent down for some seconds to catch her breathe . She needs that !.

“Hey,why were you …” i didn’t finish my statement when she suddenly smooched my lips .

Wow! Not expecting that .

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She wrapped her hands around my neck giving me a free way to enjoyed her sudden kiss .

Due to the suddenness , i stood like a statue as i allowed her to kissed me , Well I actually responded to the kiss .

She broke up from the kiss and she fixed her gaze on my eyeball, Trust me ,her look only can make you fall in love with her .

“What was that ?” I asked referring to the kiss .

“My way of saying Thank you ,i guess . ” She replied me feeling a little bit shy .

“I don’t think you say it very well , because that kiss was short…so…let me take my proper thank you ..”I said lustfully and i pulled her closer by her waist .

I bent my head to kiss her but her index finger stopped me .

“We’re in the public. And we ain’t official ,so don’t think about doing it . ” She hushed strictly .

Uh_ oh !

I thought I was gonna get more .

“Ok ..” I replied her with disappointment and i freed her .

“Thank you once again ..” She said again but i ain’t interested again .

“You welcome,let’s go home ..” I said to her and i headed for the car .

Riele’s Pov ????
I watched him as he left for the car, his look has already changed .i don’t why but i found his attitude funny .

I chuckled to myself and i walked closer to amber who was looking at me with surprise .

“Did you just kissed kayden now ? ” She asked me and i nodded my head .

“Oh my gosh! You kissed the famous kayden…wow!” she exclaimed .

“This isn’t our first time and we have even slept together but never had sex with him .” i added so as to avoid her funny thoughts .

“Wow! I’m really missing alot, i can’t wait to hear all the gist . ” she squealed .

Funny girl ! Is she not supposed to be sad ? She has already forgot her kidnap trauma .

Funny sister !

“C’mon,he’s waiting for us in the car . ” i said to her .
“You mean am gonna ride with him ? ” she asked me and i nodded to her Question .

I could see the beam ness In her eyes .

“Hey… Don’t drool too much ok ! Behave yourself and Keep Your happiness to yourself until We get home . ” i warned her and she nodded her head like a Child That Was about to scream but was stopped
“Let’s go ” i said and i led her to the awaiting car .

I entered the car,i sat beside kayden while amber sat beside me at the back seat .

“Let’s go ” He said to the driver in a sadden tone .


What’s wrong with him ? Hope he isn’t angry …

Jeez! This Guy is a case . Why would he be sad when i’ve another thing for him at home.


????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }…

Episode 46

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
Throughout the drive , kayden’s attention was fixed on the glass . He wasn’t sparing a glance, what’s wrong with him ?

Could he be angry because of the kiss ?

So funny .

Immediately the car stopped in front of the mansion ,he got down without even waiting for me . Weird ,I’ll say .

I also got down from the car and i stood at akimbo ,i watched him as he entered the house . His hand was in his pocket and his head was down .


“Riele,please don’t tell me that you’re also living here ” Amber beamed behind me .

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“Oh my goodness! This is paradise on earth ” She complemented as she twirled around ,glancing at every corner of the mansion .

“Well, you should save that for now . Let’s go in ” i said and i ushered her inside the house .

We finally settled inside my room , Amber was munching a pack of cheese ball while i was getting dress .

Yea..i’m going to kayden’s room .

I came out of the room and i met Amber operating on my tablet phone .

“Hey…l I called her attention and she turned around to glance at me .

“Riele, where are you going ? Is there a beach party or what ? ” she furrowed her eye brow .

“I’m going to kayden’s room..” i replied her and her eyes widened .

“What!” she flinched and she stood up from the bed.

“Going to his room in this outfit ? ” She made a scanny glance at the shirt i was putting on .

Kayden’s shirt precesly .

“Uhm, i’m going there to thank him i guess ” i replied her as i fondled with my finger .

“I’m not sure if that’s your real reason …tell me,have you guys had sex before” she asked me and i rushed at her and placed my palm on her mouth .

“Shut up amber ! what did you mean ” I hushed at her .

“Hummmmm” she mumbled some words due to the way i closed her mouth .

Suddenly she bit my hand .

“Ouch ! ” i winced .

“What was that for ! ” i asked her with a growl .

“For covering my mouth !” she snapped and we both chuckled .

“Sorry ..”She apologized .

“It’s ok , i missed you amber ” i said and i snuggled her to myself .

“I missed you more .” i whispered into my ear .

“Riel ..” she called as she unlocked from the hug
She drew me to the bed and sat my ass down ,she also sat down beside me .

“Ever since ,you started this mission ,have you guys get intimacy ?” she asked me .

i felt my voice held up in my throat . Weird question!

“No ” i muttered .

“Hmm, don’t you think you should give him some chance ? With what i saw today, i don’t want to get deceive , it seems like kayden love you . ” She stated and i felt my stomach tightened

“Riele..he has saved me from those ruthless kidnapper , this is our chance to save his dad’s company . Why don’t you get pregnant for him so that he will be able to have full access to his dad’s company . ” She suggested and placed her hand on my cheeks .


“Just use it to round up your mission ” she chipped in .

“I’m not sure if am ready for that ..” i winced .

“The riele i knew is always ready for anything ! Save him now to avoid unfortunate day like this . ” she added .

I don’t even know what to say . Am i really ready to lose my dignity to a man am not sure of his love ?

“Uhm,amber let’s talk about this later . I need to give him something .” I said so as to avoid her suggestion .

“Ok , but everything you decide, i believe it for the best ” She replied me .

I gave a faint smile and i exited the room . Phew! Amber can be a breathe holder ! I can’t believe that my breath was seized when i was with her .

jeez !

I pressed the number on the elevator and the door closed and it conveyed me to Kayden’s floor . I dragged my feet as i headed for his room .

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Amber’s word replayed in my head and my heart flickered . Can i do what she asked me to do ?

The sounds like another impossible thing to me . Losing my dignity ? I’m not ready to lose it now not even to kayden because am not sure of the feelings between us .

I inhaled deeply as i planted a soft knock on his door .

“Come in ” His cold voice replied .

I swallowed down the lump in my throat before i entered his room . The light was off but i allowed my eyes to adjusted to the dimness of the room .

The light from the moon was the only source of light in his room . He was standing in front of the big window gazing outside

He was shirtless ! it reminded me of the night we spent together .

“Hi” i said to him but he didn’t reply .

Hmm, what’s wrong with him ?

I took my steps bit by bit as i walked closer to him, i stood beside him and i saw that he was with a glass of wine .

“Hey..” he cooed when he saw me.

“I thought you weren’t going to reply me ” i muttered .

“Sorry,i was thinking about something . So,how is your sister ? ” he asked me .

“Uhm,she is asleep , i guess . ” i replied him as i fondled with the tip of the shirt .

A short silence emerged in . The silence was really killing me ! I turned to glared at him and i caught him starring at me lustfully .

Not the look again !

He was lost at what he was doing , i glared down at my body and i realized what made him to stared at me .

it was the shirt i was putting on !


“What bought you to my room ?” He asked as he finally looked away from me .

Really! What also bought Me to his room ?

“Oh…Well i came to say thank you .” i voiced out and i heard him giggled .


“How many times did you want to say that or did you want me to accept it in my own way…” He said and he started walking closer to me .

Huh?what did he mean by that ?.

I don’t know what i was thinking when i said i’m coming to his room !i started shifting back until my back was touching the wall .

He was already close to me .

“I think you owe me a proper thank you . You started it first ,so i think i should finish it my own way …” He grinned and smooched my lips .

That was quicker than i’d expected .

Even with my nervousness, i found myself replying to the kiss . It was a rough kiss and crazy one .

Suddenly he carried me and made me to wrapped my legs around his waist .
And then,his colds hands started trailing my laps

What is he doing !

Part of me wanted to stop him but another part was telling him to Continue . Suddenly,amber’s words replayed in my head .

*Get pregnant for him *

Oh no! Should i ?

I didn’t even realize that his hands was already on my bare hips untill i felt his hands around my pants. Oh no ! Are we really going to do this .

“Kay…” i called into his mouth and he stopped .

He was breathing really fast and so i . The look on his face has defined his mood right now . The lustful look on his face has passed the message .

“Should i stop ?” I heard him asked .