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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 47 and 48

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 47

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
The look in his eyes was tempting and lust filled . I’ve the opportunity to stop here now but i had this feelings that i should do what can favor him .

Without not thinking about the consequence of my answer , i pulled him closer to myself and i took his lips into mine .

That was a Yes !

He responded to the kiss and he finally took control. He carried me to the bed with our lips on each other .

He placed me on the bed gently and he unlocked from the kiss. He gazed into my eyes and i felt my heart flickered .

“Are you sure about this ?” he asked me again and i nodded shyly .

He came at me again but this time around ,with another sensational action .

I felt his hand on my button , he unbuttoned my shirt bit by bit without unlocking from the kiss .

He wrapped his cold hand on my bare waist and pulled me up to himself and then removed the shirt from my body .


I’m already getting naked in front of him .

He laid my back on the bed, his unlocked from the rough kiss and traced the kiss to my earlobe making me to moan softly .

Then he resumed back to my lips , and his hand went to my bra , he didn’t unhook it . He pulled it off with force .

Gosh ! .

He unlocked from the kiss and tried to glared at my pointed b**bs but i drew him back to cover my nakedness .

I’m already getting naked !

“You can trust me ” he whispered into my ears and he raised up from my hug .

He resumed the kissing again, while his two hands were working on my b**bs , squeezing it really hard that i was forced to moan into his mouth .

He left my lips and went for my left nipples, he gave it a rough sucking that i moaned loudly…He sucked the left nipples while his hand went for my right breast .

i didn’t even realized that he has pulled down my panties not until he inserted his finger inside my vagina .

F**k !

That hurts like hell !

“Oh my gawd !” i screamed out .

My scream made me to raised up his head from my breast and glared into my face ; his finger was still in my pu**y !

“You’re tight ” He said to me

I’m tight ? then he should stop , this is gonna hurt ! At that moment i felt like stopping him .

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He took my lips again, while he continued to finger me . It hurt but i found myself moaning into his mouth .

Suddenly,the pain increased ..

What the f**k!

His two finger !

“Kay…..” i called into his mouth but he wasn’t stopping .

He continued to kissed me while his two finger was moving with fast speed in my pu**y and his left hand on my breast.


Suddenly,i felt something coming out of my Vagina.

He quickly unlocked from the kiss and went down to my thigh and sucked from my pu**y !!..

Gawd! His mouth was so cold around my V .

He raised up his head from my V and kissed me again but his lips tasted differently .

Is that all ?
Am i gonna get pregnant like that ?

i thought it was over not until he stood up from me and started unbuckling his belt .

I think we’re just getting started !

i felt his eyes scouring all over my body that i was forced to used the blanket on my body .

I couldn’t even look at him because i’m already feeling embarrassed and ashamed .

He came back on the bed and pulled the blanket away from my body . He spread my thighs and he came in between me .

“I’ll be gentle with you ” I heard him said to me …

He enclosed the gap between us and i couldn’t even watch him as he adjusted his big d**k into me!!!!

“What!” i screamed out when i felt my pu**y tearing apart .

“Sorry ” Was the word i heard from him and he started thrusting inside me .


“Kayden …..please stop !” i screamed out . My hips was hurting like hell and i felt my vagina tearing apart .

Instead of him to stop, he increased his pace .

“jeez …” He moaned as he continue to damaged me .

My vagina was tearing !

“Please stop ” i cried out .

I held the bed sheet Thinking the pain will ease but it only hurt than ever !.

My cry filled the room ,that he was forced to kissed me .

I couldn’t respond to the kiss but cried in his mouth.

He left my mouth and went for my breast again .

This pains filled with feelings !

After f**king me for an hour, I felt cold flue poured inside my V . And he fell down beside me . !

I hate him !
He has already killed me !

Immediatel,he fell down from me ,i turned my back on him and weep .

“Riele…” i heard him called but i didn’t answered him .

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“I’m sorry ” He said before he used the duvet to covered my body .

I cried as my V was burning and slowly i drafted to sleep .

????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 48

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
The rays from the sun made me to flickered my eye lids opened . I turned to the other side of the bed and i saw riele still fast asleep .

Her long lashes
Her pointed nose
Her doll eyeball…..Everything about her was perfectly sculptured .

I remembered what happened between us yesterday . I couldn’t believe that she was still a virgin ….

I remembered the way she screamed my name and her moans …gawd! It was so good . I felt happy that i was the one that took her dignity !.

What am feeling for her was….

Suddenly my phone buzzed interrupting me from my thoughts . Huh ? Who could be calling me by this time of the day ? .

I groaned and i turned around to picked the call up .
☎️Hello ?
I said immediately i picked up the call…

☎️Good morning mr kayden , this is detective Jay on line .

☎️oh ? Good morning detective ,any update ?
I asked immediately .

☎️I’ve found out the culprit
He said and i quickly sat up on the bed .

☎️Who ?
I instructed the maids to take food to Riele in my room while i rushed outside to meet my waiting car
“To the office now !” i yelled at the driver as i got inside the car.

He ignited the car and he drive outta of the house while my securities car trailed behind .

My blood was boiling with anger, i quickly texted a message to the meeting board to set up a meeting.I dropped my phone on the seat beside me and buried my head on my palm .

Why don’t i see it comin’ ? Why ?

I knew that he was the one behind this shit ! What the hell was he thinking ?Kill me and take over ? How is that possible ?


That son of a wench! He deserves a beating from me !

“We’re here sir !” The driver announced and the security quickly opened the door for me .

With my anger glinting in my face,i stormed inside the company and i headed to the meeting board . I entered and i met everyone of them present including *that bastard *

He has effrontery to still be sitting down comfortable even after what he did ?

“Good …” They all tried to greet me but i shoved the it off by stamping my two hands on the table making them all flinch .

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“Why you tried to kill me even with what my father gave to you ? Why ? ” i yelled angrily .

They all exchange puzzled look without knowing the person i was referring to , they filled the room with murmurs until Mr Tayanna stood up .

“Kayden …who’re you talking to ? And who tried to kill you ? ” He asked me in a rude manner .

He was the one that is entitles to do that because he was my father’s friend, close friends !

“Nicolas!!” i yelled again not minding Mr tayanna

“Nicolas?”they all chorused as they fixed their gaze on him

“Me?”he stuttered

” You still have the gut to ask me questions…you moron !” i yelled and charged at him . He tried to talk but i shut him up with a blow .

I locked his shirt on his neck as i continued to rushed the blow on his face . He tried to fought back but am too strong for him .

“Sir kayden …” they all rushed at him and separated me from him .

Some people held him back , even with the hands on me . I was still struggling to beat him again .

“You this bastard !” he yelled at me .
Blood was already gushing out from his mouth and nose . His handsome face has been covered with blood .

“You this moron …you still have the gut to talked back at me huh ?” i snarled at him .

“What can you do to me ?” He smirked annoyingly .

“Really ? Come in !” i yelled and the door flung opened and the cops came in .

“You’re under arrest Mr Nicolas!” The cops said to him as they all stood in front of him .

I quickly snapped away from the hands that held me back . I walked closer to him and i slapped him across the face .

“I can do more than anything ! It’s over !” i said to him as he bent down his head . Suddenly he started laughing as he raised up his head gradually .


“Do you really think it over ? No ! The game just begun …”He whispered to him and he laughed again .

“I’m just so sad that this bastard here fooled all of You .. His mother fooled you ! That bitch he called his girlfriend is nothing but a planned work . That bitch will never get pregnant for him because they aren’t dating ! ” He said to the meeting committee .

How did he found out ?

What does he mean that my mom knows about it ?