January 27, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 32

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 32

(She’s dead)

Minutes later the Woo mansion was filled with cops and reporters who were clearly going live on the news channel…

They all weren’t allowed to go at once with their mom apart from Hyung…

Kim sat on the carpet grass with tears streaming down his cheeks..

Nam plugged earphones into his own ear and sat on the the lion stone statue…

Shin—Well Shin just stared at the chaos not saying a single world…

He had to pull it together,he told himself..

He was the first son of the Woo family and so he was responsible for all his brothers even though he was older than them with few minutes..

‘You know men do cry too,it’s okay to cry when you’re scared’..Min said from beside him and he smirked with his eyes already glazed with tears…

His mother was the foundation of the Woo family and loosing her wasn’t an option..

Without her the Woo legacy would trample to pieces…

The tears just couldn’t help it as they streamed down his cheeks and in support Min held his hand with hers..


‘Cheers Omma!! Cheers to a new beginning’..MK said aloud as his glass clinked with his mother’s..

‘Cheers son,so what’s next??’..She asked..

‘We take over the WOO company Omma and take everything that belongs to them..then they would suffer just like we did’..He said with a smile on his face…


They would suffer just like the way he and his mother suffered..

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Seo Joo..

Manager Ho…

Min Ah and the rest of the staffs all waited with their hands linked and praying silently for the doctor’s report..

Shin Woo and his brothers for the first time in forever all leaned onto each other for support and then the doctor came out..

‘How..How is she??’..They all asked in unison and he sighed deeply..

‘I’m sorry but..but she’s dead…we..we couldn’t save her’..