March 22, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 39

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 39. {The Distance.}







Fuck! Fuck!


Goddamit fuck it!

I’m so fucking stupid,I should have known that it would have ended up with that. It always ends up with that, Everytime something good goes on, Everytime I think that we are finally getting a little bit closer, she suddenly just comes out of nowhere and shatter my happiness, just like she has always done. Just like she did seven years ago.

Over and over again. Repeatedly.

She’s always giving me the hope that something might at least change between the two of us then all of a sudden, she crush that hope down instantly without even thinking about how I will fine.

That’s right. She wouldn’t know how I will feel because I haven’t even have the courage to express my feelings to her and it’s killing me slowly. Watching her pull away from me after a slight glimpse of hope. It hurts more than anything. Fucking hurts so much.

When I had told myself that this deal is to make her suffer and to let her know what it means to be going through pains. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it effectively like I want because no matter how many times she has hurt me. I just keep loving her even more each and every moment that passes by.

Each and every second I spend with her is like torture to me. It’s almost like she knows exactly how I feel about her and she’s deliberately torturing me.

I want to get rid of her. Every thoughts about her I want to get rid of it but I just can’t. I just can’t seem to stop loving her and I wonder just how I will continue like this after she leaves.

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I shake my head as I hold my head between my palms, bending it low when my phone rings beside me and in hope that it would be Ethan cause I have left him countless messages, texts and calls. I turn beside me immediately only for the smile that was slowly growing to get wiped off immediately because it isn’t him and instead of the love emoji that would have flashed across the screen. It’s just a heart shape and I sigh, grabbing the phone from the bed and sliding to receive button.

“Yes Mom..”

I mutter and there’s shrieking in the background. That should probably be my sister’s.

“Mara dear. How have you been doing? I have miss you so much so I decided to call and check on you. It’s been a little while you know.”

I nod even though she can’t see me right now.

“Yes it has been a while mom and I’m very sorry that I haven’t been able to call. Just that I was trying to get use to been at Bryan’s parents house…,”

And I have a arching headache I don’t think would be leaving anytime soon.

I didn’t add that though, because I know how my mom can be. She would actually worry herself to the point that she wouldn’t stop until she sets her eyes in me and make sure that I’m alright.

My mom. She can be a dramatic Queen sometimes but I love her so very much and I would do anything for her.

“It’s alright baby. I understand what’s happening, you’re not just a daughter anymore my dear, you’re now a wife and you have duties to fulfill more to your husband than to me. ”

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She says in that warm and gentle tone of hers that always reminds me that everything would be alright and I smile before nodding once again.

“Thank you Mom. I’m glad that you understand everything, how is father and everyone over there? ”

“Well your father went to the office already. It has actually grow like it had been before, maybe even better than before and I’m thankful to Bryan for putting a smile to your father’s face once again. ”

I chuckle before nodding. Knowing that all of this is truly thanks to Bryan. Even though he hates me, I’m just thankful to him that he’s helping my family and nothing could have given me greater happiness than that.

“Ashley wants to speak with you… ”


After mom gets off the phone. I try dialling Ethan’s number once again but it isn’t going through just like before and when I had gotten fed up, I just drop the phone beside me and bury my face into the pillow regretting everything that I had said to him last night.

He must be very angry. That must probably be why he isn’t picking my calls.

My phone vibrates beside me and I jerk up immediately, grabbing my phone and it’s a text from an unknown number.

I stare at the message before clicking on open and my eyes widens as I state at the picture.