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A Maid For Him. Episode 25

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 25
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

????️ Nora ????️

I could kill to see the look on Evan’s face right now and Adam is worsening everything by laughing.

I seriously didn’t mean to throw up on him. It was accidental!

But the rose, why does it smell so badly? I quickly dropped it on the table to avoid throwing up again

” Look at your designed shirt Evan, it look so beautiful ” Adam mocked and I glared at him .

” I will kill you Adam ” Evan threatened which made me chuckle.

“I am really sorry Evan, let’s go upstairs so that you take your bath and change into something else ”

I said holding him by his arm and yuck! He’s smelling !
I covered my nose and he groaned!

” Did you have to make me feel bad for what you did ?” He murmured while I smirked .

” Of course not Evan, I said I am sorry but seriously you stink ” I said laughing and he threw me a glare.

He scoffed removing my hand around his waist.

” Thanks for your compliment ” he said and left me there while I laugh my @ss out.

” I am sorry Evan ” I yelled after him but he didn’t answer.
Gosh! I feel so hungry.

I made my way to the kitchen while Adam followed suit.

” You are really giving Evan a hard time did you know that? ” He said smiling while I rolled my eyes.

Is it my fault?

” It’s the babies not me, his babies are giving him a hard time ” I defended while he chuckled.

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” It’s seriously amusing how you get him to do everything for you Nora, he truly love you dearly ” he said and I flushed

I know right? He’s really proven to be responsible and he’s becoming the kinda man I wish to be with.

I still can’t believe things turned out to be this way.

Getting pregnant for Evan and being an item with him although I don’t know where this is heading to but I am sure it’s gonna be good.

” Awwn look who’s blushing, what did you want to eat? I can prepare it for you , I don’t want you to stress yourself you know” he said and I narrowed my eyes.

” You know how to cook?” I asked . He nodded shrugging.

” Yeah, for the fact that I was raised among six girls and I the only son. I picked interest in doing whatever they do”

Wow! Six sisters!!!!

” That’s impressive unlike my baby daddy that doesn’t know anything about cooking” I said and we both laugh. .

” Evan is a lazy ass you know, so what did you want to eat?” He asked.

I thought for a while and clapped my hands.

” Lobster Mac and cheese ” I replied cheerfully.

” Alright, you go back to the living room, sit down, take a remote and watch your favourite channel while I prepare it for you, it will be ready in less than an hour”

He said.

” I can stay and help you with one thing or so”

” You don’t have to worry pretty, I will do everything ” he assured and I nodded.

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???? Unknown POV ????

” Did you find her?” I asked curiously while he shook his head.

” No boss but I think I have a clue on who she might be with, I saw her on the TV with popular Mr Evan ”

” Are you trying to say she might be with him in his house?” I asked

” Yes boss , I think she might be there ”

” Then find her, by all means, I need her before Dawn ”

” Yes boss ”

I can’t loose this opportunity of finding her again, I have kept a tap on her for a long time till she disappeared into the thin air.

I couldn’t find her but not anymore, I promise to get her very soon.




???? Evan ????

” Are you listening to me at all Evan?” Mum asked and I sighed.

Can’t they allow me have a little rest in my own home? Gosh! Nora is a case with her pregnancy and Mum is worse.

She’s always saying I should do this for the babies, Nora needs me, the babies this, and that!

It’s really so frustrating that at this point, I am glad I don’t have any sister to add to my problem.

” Evan?” Sh called again while I turned to her.

” I am listening mum, you can use any colour for the decorations ” I replied

” If you say so, where’s Nora?” She asked

Isn’t she just coming in? Nora is downstairs with Adam.

” She’s downstairs and probably in the kitchen , I need to rest a little before Nora starts her demands again ” I said jumping on my bed while she chuckled.

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” Perks of being a father ” she chuckled again and I heard the door closed. She’s gone! Hmm!

I am going to propose to Nora as soon as possible so that if she gives birth, we won’t waste time before setting the wedding date.

I can’t wait to make her mine, only then I can have her as I wish to. She will be mine completely.

I won’t stand a chance to leave my baby mama to anyone.

Not when she’s my light, without her, I will become blind.

That day I checked her diary, I stumbled on something. Her birthday!
Her birthday is in two days and I am thinking I should propose to her then.


T. B. C.

Who is the unknown again????.

And who is he/she looking for?????.