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A Maid For Him. Episode 27

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 27
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

???? Evan ????

” It’s beautiful but did you think she will like this?” I asked Vette who gave me a reassuring nod.

” Yes Sir, it’s going to fit perfectly on her body and she will love it ” she replied.

I tossed the gown in my hand. No doubt, it’s very beautiful .

Seriously I didn’t have a peaceful sleep yesterday, I couldn’t even sleep because I was nervous about today.

I have to rush out of the house early this morning to get her a dress.

At least she have to wear something nice to her birthday party.

I am sure going to change her wardrobe after today’s event.

” Okay, thank you Vette, how about the beauticians?” I asked .

Vette? That’s Nora’s manager in her fashion house.

I don’t have to buy this dress, she sew it and it’s so beautiful.

” They will be here very soon Sir ” I nodded sitting down patiently waiting for them to arrive.

They need to work some magic on my Nora.

She hasn’t celebrated her birthday in years now but not anymore.

” They are here ”

My head snapped towards the door as three women walked in carrying some boxes.

” Good morning Sir ” they chorused

” Yeah, you are welcome now shall we?” I gestured

” Yes Sir ”

” Alright then, thank you Vette ” I passed her an appreciative smile.

” It’s nothing Sir ”

Now, let the game begin ! I just hope my idiot best friend is doing his job and not still sleeping because I gave him a day off to help me with the rearrangement .

Gosh! I pray Nora believes any lie I am going to tell her to get her out of the house.

Thank goodness mum’s around…






????️ Nora ????️

” Wake up hunny, you need to take your bath, take your morning tea and come down for breakfast then I will introduce you to the maids ”

I lazily opened my eyes and sat up on the bed.

” Good morning Mum ” I greeted removing the duvet from my body.

Why’s she hear instead of Evan? He normally wakes me up every morning.

” Morning baby, stand up already or should I bathe you?” She said and I shook my head.

Bathe me! This woman can be funny, I am just pregnant, I am not a baby.

” I will just take my bathe and meet you downstairs Mum ”

I sprang on my feet and she nodded

” Will be waiting and be quick ”

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I nodded hastily rushing my tea before dashing into the bathroom.

It’s my 22nd birthday today and no one to wish me a happy birthday.

Even Evan left without wishing me a happy birthday. Heck!

I chuckled to myself knowing that he doesn’t know about my birthday.

I wouldn’t blame anyone, I never told them.

My mind went back to the last birthday I celebrated with my parents.

My 12th birthday, Mum got me a necklace I carelessly lost. It was her last gift to me and so I cherished it a lot but I lost it the day my landlord threw me out of his house .

My belongings were scattered all over the place , since then it disappeared.

Dad got me a box of chocolates, you know right, I love chocolates.

I really miss them so much.

A tear escaped my eyes remembering them. If they are to be here, just maybe, I wouldn’t have lived in someone’s house before they will throw me out.

I wouldn’t have even become a maid just to survive.

I used to be their princess! Their everything and they left me just like that.

I allowed the water to wash over me , I don’t really wish to stand up from here.

The cold water gives me strength and wash my pains away.

Sighing, I came out of the bathtub tying my towel around me before coming out of the bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror drying up my body and my hair.

I combed my hair tying it in a bun. Then dashing to my closet to find a simple wear.

It’s my birthday, I ought to be happy not turning into an emotional wreck right now.

I need to be happy even if it’s just for today although since I came into this house, I have had a real rest of mind.

With Evan in my life, he’s eased a lot of things for me.

My life is just taking a turn, from being a maid to having thorns of maid and becoming a boss.

I haven’t been to my fashion house in two days now, maybe I should go there then go have fun today.

I have to create a good memory from today.

I am not to cry today like I always do on my birthday after my parent’s death .
That have to change and stop!

” Are you done Nora?” Mum’s voice came in through the door

” Yes Mum, I am coming ”

Hours later……

” Here’s Lisa, she will be your personal maid ” Mum introduced and I smiled at the Lisa who bowed her head smiling too.

At least it won’t be boring in the house.

” This is Bina, the cook , beside her are Kate and Mag , they are in charge of cleaning the house and taking care of the laundries ”

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Wow! All work lifted off me.

” Good afternoon ma’am ” they greeted simultaneously.

Life can be unpredictable! I never believe I will ever have people working under me.

” Yeah, good afternoon and you are all welcome ” I said not knowing what else to say.

” You can all go back to your duty post and Bina, make sure the lunch is ready on time ” mum instructed and she nodded.

I wonder where Evan went to. He’s not yet back home or Maybe he went to work.

This is almost 3pm .
Ahh! Talk of the devil!

The door opened and he came in with some ladies.

Huh? Who are they?

” You are back Son ” mum said excitedly

” Yes Mum, I am so tired ” he replied coming towards me .

He held me by the waist kissing my earlobe .

My cheeks turned red seeing that people are here.

Isn’t he ashame? Gosh!

Seriously? He’s tired but not tired of holding me.

” Hey cupcake ” I glared at him and he quickly got the message chuckling.

” I am sorry I left very early without seeing you cupcake, something came up that needed my attention ”

” Afternoon ladies ” mum said.

Oops ! I forgot they are still here.

” Afternoon ma’am ”

” Well cupcake, they are beauticians ” Evan said while I narrowed my eyes at him

Beauticians? What are they doing here ?

” I brought them to change your look because I am taking you somewhere ”

Somewhere? I blinked my eyes staring at him them Mum.

Seems she knows about it.

” Somewhere? ” I found myself asking.

” Yes cupcake somewhere, there’s something I will love to show you so they have to make you up ” he replied smiling.

He’s confusing me the more!

” If you are taking me somewhere, you don’t have to bring beauticians Evan ” I protested

” Stop complaining hunny, you will love it when they do some magic on your face and body ” Mum shipped in and I sighed.

But what are they up to?

” O..okay ” I surrendered

” Alright cupcake, take them to your room and here, this is the dress she will wear ”

I glanced at him and he grinned.

Two hours later…

” I am tired of sitting down already, are you not done?” I asked frustrated .

It’s been hours since they have been shifting my head my neck and doing something on my face.

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” We are almost done ma’am, bring the dress ” she said to one them who brought it from the bed.

She brought out a red gown and handed it to me.

Wow! This is beautiful!

” Put it on ma’am ” she instructed.
I zipped down the gown wearing it from my leg before removing the towel .

They zipped it up for me making me sit again arranging my hair.

” Done, you can check the mirror ”

I briskly stood up to the mirror and my jaw dropped.
This isn’t me is it?

I touched my face staring at the girl in the mirror.

I look so freaking stunning. I don’t even know it’s me at first.

Everything changed and the gown fits perfectly on my body bringing out my curves and shapes.

I look so hot like a model ….

” You look beautiful ” one of them complimented .

” Thank you ”

” Are you not done? I am all set cupcake”

My heart began racing as I heard the voice.

He’s going to see me like this, will I be able to walk? Goodness!

” I…I am done, will be down in two ” I stammered .

What do I have to do again? The ladies left my room and I followed suit well, nervously!

I walked majestically and carefully so that this heel won’t fall me, I can’t risk being disgraced.

Evan was patiently waiting for me as I came down.

” I am here ”

He turned to face me and his mouth opened in surprise?

I shifted uncomfortably as he stared at me without looking away.

I bowed my head in discomfort and he seems out of this world.

Why’s he staring at me like a creep? Am I that bad?

I cleared my throat and he blinked before smiling at me.

” You look f*”king gorgeous cupcake, I just wish to slam you on one if the couch and have you right now, you are so beautiful”

My cheeks heat up immediatetly. I am going to melt.

” T..thank you ” I stuttered bowing my head.

He groaned taking my hand in his and I could swear I felt some electricity run down my body.

” I am going to pluck the eyes of any idiot that stares at you today ” he gritted which made me chuckle.

We went to his car and he opened the door for me like a gentleman he is.

Then he entered and drove off. I wonder where he’s taking me to this evening and Mum? She left too.