March 30, 2023

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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 70

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Daddy’s Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Episode 70

Kian’s POV

It was a beautiful morning, Kaden, Chloe and I spent the night at the hotel.

I didn’t have any inti-macy with Chloe, we just gisted and had fun.

She had said she was going to check up on her father this morning while I informed her I would be going back to my brothers at the penthouse and update them.

As soon as I arrive at the penthouse, I saw Jace and Kyle at the living room, they were both playing a game.

“Morning guys” I greeted them each with an handshake.

“Kian, what’s up? Have you find your ID?” Kyle asked.

“Yes , Kaden found it and kept it for me. Guess what? Kaden is alive.” I said and they were all amazed.

“I thought he was dead.” Jace said.

“Same here.” Kyle added.

“Aww…and we left him there, how did he escape?” Kyle asked.

“Well, It’s a long story. Kaden will tell you that when you see. There is a new update on ground now.” I said.

“Oh! What’s that?” Jace asked as they both sat upright

“Well, the final mission is cancelled.” I said.

“What! Fifteen million dollar mission is can…cancelled or what?” Jace asked loudly.

“Are you joking?” Kyle asked.

“I have a feeling we will be caught if we try considering the fact that the cops are after Kyle, plus the days are expired. We will need a new different plan if we will be embarking on the mission again which I’m not in support.” I said.

“What! This is ridiculous.” Jace said as he looked away.

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“I dissolved sinners gang this moment.” I said while Jace turned his face to me in horror.

“Excuse me? ” Kyle asked.

“Yea, there is no more sinners gang and…there is no more game too.” I said and stood.

“Where are you going?” Jace asked.

“To start a new life.” I answered.

“And us? Are you just going to leave us like that?” Kyle asked.

“And what about the money in the sinners gang account, are you going to take it all?” Jace asked.

“Password is xq23ffgg2, both of you can have all the money.” I said. Jace and Kyle exchanged glances of surprise.

Jace jumped up for joy and started dancing happily.

“But…” I said and Jace paused his display of happiness.

“Chloe and I are now together. I need you to now stay away from her…both of you. The game is over, remember?” I asked.

Kyle turned to Jace not knowing what to say.

“As long as I’m getting half of the money in the sinners gang account, you are free to have whomever who want to have.” Jace replied and continued dancing.

“Same here.” Kyle added and I smiled.

I walked up to Kyle and hugged him. Jace saw that we hugged and came to join us.

“So when is the wedding?” Jace asked sarcastically.

“You kidding me?” I asked as we all laughed.

They escorted me outside.

“Bro! I think you should propose to her again, this time it will be fresh and surprising. ” Kyle suggested.

“Hum! ” I hummed.

” Wait! You can do it now nigga.” Jace said in giggle as he spank my shoulder.

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“Yeah…erm…let’s prank her.” Kyle suggested.

“I agree…” Jace said and we started forming a nice prank that would work.