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His Bride. Episode 1

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????His Bride ????

By:Paschaline. O ????????

Episode 1????
Bye Grandma Jami ” I shouts as I close the door behind me.

I heard her old cracky voice say something but I was long gone. I don’t want to get late to school again today.
I rush to my locker and take out notes for first period which Biology before going to my class.

I sat down on my seat. My eyes met with Matt’s. I flash him a small smile and face the front of the class. Matt is the only one I talk to in school and that’s because we work in the same place, the Restaurant. I don’t make friends, I just prefer to be alone. I was nicknamed as the lonely girl but I don’t give a duck about it.

Lunch time, I sat down in my usual seat, alone. Sometimes Matt will join me, but I guess today is different.

I sigh when I saw Lisa and her crew coming towards my direction. They so much like to pick on me,and they never fail to show how much they hate me. Well almost the whole school hates me. Boys hates me because I practically rejects them and girls probably because there boyfriends won’t stop gawking at me.

Ha, so hilarious.

Not like, I love drawing attention to myself. It’s just how I am. No matter how I try to be invisible people will notice me.

???? Look who is here ” one of Lisa’s minions Says and the others turn there attention to me.
They are now sitting at the table opposite mine, they can easily see me, and I can easily see them too. Not like I wish to see there ugly faces anyways.

????Gosh, I hate her, she makes me sick ”

????And she acts like she’s different from others, she’s not even classy like us ” another Says and I scoff.

Of course, I don’t wear fake designers and cake my face like them. I thought.

???? and still she draws attention to herself. Gosh, I feel slapping that her pretty face ” the one who talk first Says and Lisa let out a ugly scowl.

????Pretty? Do you just call her pretty ” Lisa says and the girl’s eyes widened realizing what she said.

????No of course not, I mean her ugly face, she is not even a little closer to beautiful, Infact she’s the most ugly girl in this school ” the girl quickly says.

I shake my head. If she’s hasn’t changed her words. Lisa will probably kick her out of the group and bully her until she gets tired.
Who I’m I kidding, Lisa doesn’t get tired of bullying. If she couldn’t, her minions will.
She’s just one desperate girl, who crave for attention and wants everyone to bow down at her feet and do her wish.

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I sigh happily when the bell rings indicating lunch break ends.
I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria without finishing my food. I walk down the hallway to my locker.

Hey Lauren, you look beautiful today ” A familiar voice say behind me and I turn around to see Matt handsome face smile at me.

Thanks” I say. My face already turn red.
I turn back to my locker pretending to be looking for something until I could stop my self from blushing.

Erm, what class do you have now ” he ask.

Hmm chemistry ” I replied and turn to him closing the locker behind. What about you ” I added

Same, chemistry ”

Let’s go together then ” I said and we began to walk to class.

Matt is really cute, he has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes that fits him perfectly well. He’s neither short nor tall. He’s average. And truthfully, I don’t mind having him as my boyfriend if he wants. I have a feeling he likes me but he hasn’t said it yet.

Lau, are listening ” Matt tap me, breaking me out of my trance.

Sorry, what did you say? ”

I said I’m sorry I couldn’t join you for lunch, Ms. Fields ask me to arrange something for her. ”

Oh it’s okay, I understand ” I said with a smile. We stare at each other for sometime before I move my eyes away and face front. I can still feel his eyes on me.
My cheeks turn red again and I quickly let down my brown hair to hide my blush.

We are almost entering the class when he holds me back .

Lau ” he calls.

Huh ”

I need to tell you something “he says.

Now? ” I ask.

No,after class ” he says and I nod.

We both entered the class and sat down on our seats respectively.

After class, Matt and I began walking to the school garden.

Hey Matt” Lisa said stopping us. She trailed her fingers on Matt’s chest with a seductive smile.
I scoff.

Hi Lisa ” Matt say and remove her hand. He grabs mine and walk away from her.

I glanced back and gave her a mocking look which she returned with a glare and I will get back at you look.

I rolled my eyes and look away.

So I want to ask you something, and I hope you say yes ” Matt say when we get to the garden.

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My heart raced as I wait for him to continue.

Lauren, Pls be my girlfriend ” he says and my breathing hitched.
Gosh, this is what I’ve always wanted, why I’m I sad now.

He stares at me, expecting my answer.

I..don’t say ”

You don’t need to give me answers now, you can take your time to think about it. I’ll wait. ” he says and grab my hands in to his.

He looked into my eyes and began to move his head closer.

Wait, is he trying to kiss me.

Can I kiss you ” he ask. I didn’t answer I just stood there staring at his face.
He didn’t stop moving his head closer and surprisingly I was doing the same.
I closed my eyes as our lips are inches apart and quickly snap it open.

What was I doing. I push Matt away and run leaving him confused.

I’m even confused with myself. Was I scared to kiss. A 19 year old girl is scared to have her first kiss. Not funny.

I didn’t see Matt for the rest of the day or maybe because I was avoiding any possible place he might be.

Dark club.

Here is your drink ” I said and gave the man the drink he ask for.
Thanks beautiful “he says as he eyes swept down to my body.

When I came to ask for job here. My owner gave me the job without hesitation saying I’m the type of bartender he needs in his club. I didn’t understand what he meant that time but now I do.

They needed a sexy lady with great curve and beautiful face. Forget the beautiful face. My hips are killing, you can imagine a slim girl with a with a big butty. That’s it. You imagined it perfectly. I’m like a younger version of Beyonce. My waist are tiny and my br—st is not so big, it’s medium-sized. I inherited all this from my mom.
You can’t never believe my mom is forty. She look young and skin still glows like a child. You will think she’s my sister when the two of us are walking together.

Hey, bring us five bottles of whiskey. ” a man yelled from a table.

I did as he says and brought them over to him.
I was about leaving when another man from the table hold my wrist making me turn back.

Come on, have a drink with me s-xy “he slurred. It obvious he’s drunk.

No thank you, I have to go back to work ” I say politely and remove my hands from his.

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Come on, I’m sure your boss won’t mind. Don’t worry I’ll talk with him not to fire you, or are you shy ” he says with a sly smile.

She’s shy haha “another man with a black hair says. I glanced around the table there were five men and each of them have one or two girls sitting beside or on their lap.
Soxy is shy ” another man says and laugh.

I frown as the girls also giggled stupidly.
I turn to leave when I felt a hard hand on my buttocks.
I turn swiftly and I raise my hand and gave the person a resounding slap on his face.

The other men gasps and the man I slap eyes was widened like a dog who saw a thief in the night. I guess the slap made him sober up.

I went back to my post.
Minutes later my boss called me. I already what’s going to happen.

You called, Mr Reid ”

So, you have the nerve to slap someone in my club and still not feel remorseful. “he growls and I shrug.

I’m sure, he didn’t tell you what he did to me ”

So what, you knew the job you are taking before coming here. Do you know how important HR is to this club ” he says making me get angry.

Mom has warned me to stop working here, but I couldn’t because of the payment here is much than my other jobs.

You know what, you can easily replace me with your daughter, and let your customers f—k her all they want because they are important to your club ” I lash out and his face turned to horror at the mention of his daughter.

I get bad with words when I’m angry and this man has stepped on my red button.

How dare you mention my daughter into this, you are… ” I stop him knowing what he wanted to say.

No” I say and raise my finger up.

You are not firing me, I’m resigning this damn job. I’m sure your stupid daughter and wife will do it better.
Ha I can imagine the look on your face seeing your wife giving HR l-p dance and your daughter giving another HZ mouth job. It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it ” I say with a smirk.

I smile triumphantly when he closes his eyes with jaw clenched, he hands shaped into a fist, I’m sure he’s imagining punching the man real hard.

I quickly take my leave before he land me a punch thinking I’m the man.