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His Bride. Episode 38

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????His Bride ????

{Loving him ????????}

Episode 38(Final episode)

“So you are alive ” I huff.

“As you can see, I’m not dead and I’m here to kill you and take what belongs to me ”

I was about to bring out my gun when he shot my stomach. I groan as I hold my stomach.

“I’m smarter than you ” Jax laughs and shot me again. I hiss in pain.

“You fucking betrayal ” I growl bringing out my gun, then shoot him in his leg.

“Fuck! ” he shouts holding his legs.

I’m beginning to loose strength but ain’t giving. F….k me for not packing inside the airport.

“I’m going to be the end of you ” Jax scream as he start shooting non stop. I manage to dodge some bullet, but the one that got to me really did a great calamity as I couldn’t move.

He suddenly stopped shooting and Ryan’s voice was what I heard next. Even I couldn’t hear him well, his voice was very distant. I was beginning to see darkness, my eyes closing
Until I a gunshot again and someone fell on me.

“Hey are you okay ” a familiar voice say and I open my eyes.

I smile when I see Lauren.

“Why are you here. I thought you should be in California now ”

“Ryan called that you were shot, I had to come immediately ” she explained.

“Thank you” I smile. She smiled back and hold my hand.

“How long have I been here ” I ask

“A week ”

“Really? Is Ryan okay? ”

“He is, and you, how are you feeling? ”

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“I feel strong, my love ” I wink at her.

“Good to hear that “she grinned.

“And Jax was he caught ” I frown.

“I think he’s dead, according to what Ryan told me. Cole was the one that came to your rescue. He killed Jax ”

I sigh in relief.

“I’m getting outta here ” I say and I stand up, removing the stuffs they put on my body.

“No no no, don’t leave ” Lauren stopped me.

“I have things to do, I have to go ”

“I know, but not like this. People already believe you are dead ”

“What? ”

“Ryan made believe people you are dead ”

“And why will he do that? ”

“To save you ”

“Save me from what! ” I yell

“Listen Hunter, I think it’s time you leave this criminal business and start over. Let’s start over together, go back to Los Angeles with me, it’s a beautiful place to stay. I want you to start afresh ”

“What the hell do you mean, that can’t happen. I can’t leave everything I work for all my life”

“If you love me Hunter, you will do it. Cos I can’t stay with you and endanger my life.” she says.

Okay! That got me.

I can’t believe this, the whole world thinks I’m dead? And my girl wants to go away with her and leave America.

I look away from the alluring face of hers that’s pushing me to say yes to that.

“I’ll think about it” I say and stand up from the bed, remove the hospital cloth from my body and wear the pair of jeans and a grey t shirt I found hanging on one of the chairs which is of course for me.

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“its nothing to Think about, you just say yes “Lauren argued.

I ignored her and start walking out.

“Wait! Use this ” she says giving me a nose mask and a black cap.

“Really, I’m going to use this? ”

“Yes, so you won’t get recognized ” she says.

I rolled my eyes and collect it from her.

“Just take me home ” I say using the thing she gave to me.

Getting home, Ryan’s room was the first place I head to. I burst into his room as met him locking lips with someone in a maid uniform.

“Seriously ” I scoff getting their attention.

Ryan face turn red and the girl look frightened seeing me..

“Uhm Maria can you please excuse us ” Ryan said to the girl.

I glare darger at the girl as she hurried out.

Immediately she left, I grab Ryan by his shirt collar and punch him hard on the face

“Fuck! Dammit, I’m sorry okay. I’m sorry I broke the rule by having relationship with a maid, but you shouldn’t have punched like that the shit hurt” Ryan lament.

“I’m not bothered because you are fucking a maid, not now. But for what you did, I should use a gun instead of my hand. ” I growl at him.

“WTF did I do man!”

“You told the world that I’m dead when I’m alive, why would do that”

Ryan hiss as he gets up.

“THAT is the reason you punch me? ”

“is that not a good reason ”

“I’m only looking out for you ”

“The hell! Looking out for me? ” I scoff.

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“Listen, I’m not the only one in this, you should punch your girlfriend too ”

“I think I need to Seperate you two, how can you be making stupid decisions without my knowledge ” I yell and storm out.

“Then go to California with her!” Ryan yells behind me.

I walk into my room and turn on the TV. Lauren is on the bed playing away with her phone. The new I saw got me even more angry.


I turn off the TV and sigh.

“Sorry ” Lauren grins.

I climb the bed and drag her next to me. I collect her phone putting somewhere, then capture her lips with mine.

“I’m not too injured to make you moan ” I say as I send kiss down to her neck.