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His Bride. Episode 37

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????His Bride ????

[Loving him ????????]


I think I’m going crazy. Ever since Lauren left, something also left me. I feel empty. And seeing her with my bestfriend, she was even wearing his shirt. It broke my heart, I wouldn’t deny that.

But they have to pay for that. I can’t or I don’t wanna believe Ryan will do that, maybe he was only helping her.

I love her. I’m in love with Lauren. I realize it a long time ago. But I never admit it. I wasn’t even sure what the feeling is. So I secretly went to see a therapist after she left. He was the one that made me understand what I feel. And fuck I was damn happy.
I had intentions to look for her and tell her I love her too. But too bad, she move on so soon.

“I swear Hunter. I can never do that to you? “Ryan says behind.

“Really? Tell me more! I love that girl man. I wanted to make up with her but you messed it all up ”

“Wait! You love her? That’s great news . Guess our plan didn’t go for nothing ” Ryan grins.

“What plan ?”

“Lauren and I, actually it was me that went to her. We plan on playing fake couple to make – you jealous…and to realize your feelings for her ”


“Go and get her now, her flight is in an hour ” Ryan says

“She’s leaving? ”

“You left her broken with your words yesterday ”

“Fuck! I have to see her ” I say and rush driving to the airport

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“Lauren ” a voice call me from behind. I turn around.

“Hunter? What are you doing here ”

He walk closer. He sighed and looked at me.
“I’m sorry , I’m sorry for everything Lauren please.. ” he breathed his gaze not leaving mine.

He made a move to hug me but I move back. He did it two times but I still decline. He sigh and gave up.

“I know you must be very angry ”

I don’t know when I pull him in a hug and I began to tear up. Hunter pats my bag and disengage from the hug. He kissed my temple and wipe my tears.

“I love you so much princess, I’m sorry for not realizing it earlier ” he says making me froze in Suprise

He loves me? Or is it some of his tricks to make me stay.

“I mean it Lauren, I do love you ” he repeated..

I smile as tears stream down my cheeks.

“you can’t be serious right now ” I chuckled

He nods “I am ”

“When did you realize it “I say.

“Two days after our break up, I went to see a therapist-” I cut him off with a laugh

“No way! You went to a therapist? You? Omg this is so wonderful uhn ” I laugh.

“Don’t make jest of me princess and keep it between us, okay? ”

“It’s funny really, I thought you are an unemotional person, can’t believe you went you went to a therapist. I can imagine how comfortable you are when explaining yourself to the therapist ” I tease.

“Comfortable? Hell I was so uncomfortable, I regretted going there ”

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I laugh again.

“I love you always princess, it just took me so long to realize it. ”

I place my hands on his cheek looking into his eyes.
“I love you more ” I say and kiss him.
He reciprocate immediately, grabbing my waist closer. He tug on my lower lip, moving up to my upper lips giving a very rough and sloppy kiss . Our lips together and we touch each other.

“I miss you ” Hunter says In to the kiss making a vibration from the back of my throat which made me moan in to his mouth. I close my eyes, both of us lost in the kiss until we heard that the plane is set to move.
I broke the kiss.

“I guess I have to go ” I say staring at him.

“Can I stop you? “he sigh

“No ” I shake my head negatively

“Where are you leaving to? ”

“Los Angeles California, I want to further my education there ”

“Passenger should start moving in now ” we heard.

“I will come meet you there soon, just make sure you call me when you get there okay? ”

I nod.

We kissed for the last time and I walk away.

“I love you ” I heard him say.

Hunter ????
I waited until Lauren’s flight took off before walking to my car.

“Good to see you Hunter ” a voice I recognize say and I turn back.

“So You are alive ” I huff.

“As you can see, I’m not dead and I’m here to kill you and take what belongs to me ”

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