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His Bride. Special episode

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????His Bride ????

(Special episode) ????


“Hey miss can you look up? You can’t serve me and keep your head down like that ” I say to the maid who has refused to look up.

“I’m sorry sir ” she apologize, with her head still bent down.

I put my finger under her chin, raising her head up.
“Come on, don’t be shy. Look at me ” I smile.

She look up. Our eyes met but she looks away immediately.

“Okay, there ” I say pointing to my pile of dirty clothes.
“I need them clean before tomorrow ”

She nods her head and walk to where the clothes are.

“You can put them inside the laundry Box ” I tell her as I stand up to take my shirt from the wardrobe. I already ask Lauren to meet me in my penthouse, I don’t want to delay her.

I really hope our plan work, those two should be together, not apart. They are each others strength.

As I was going to my closet, I bump into the maid.

“Ah I-m sor-ry sir ” she says as she make her way past me.

Wait! That smell, that familiar cologne, is it coming from her.

I hold her wrist, drawing her back to me.

“S-i-r “she calls. I sniff her body again and it’s still that same familiar cologne. I just can’t point who has the cologne and where i met the person.

I release her and she rush out.

I sigh and pick up my keys.

(After the shooting incident)

“Sir, you are awake ” a voice say. I open my eyes to see the maid from the other day.

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“Heey, erm..have you been the one taken care of me” I ask.

“Yes ” she smiles

“What’s your name? ”

“Maria ”

“How long have I been sleeping? ” I ask.

“Since yesterday ” she replies.
“Erm stay still, let me clean your wound ” she says. I watch as she walk to take the first aid kit.

Nice ass she’s got there though.

She came back, she grab my arm and start to clean the place I was shot. Then she bandage. All that time I was staring at her face, she look focused, her eyebrow were shrink together due to her seriousness. And damn! She looks cute.

And that scent, her scent. It’s familiar. It gives me a kind of feeling.

“I’ve we known each other before apart from that day ” I ask.

She was startled.
“No no I don’t think so, what day. ”

“Are you sure? Tell me the truth. I feel like I’ve known you before ”

“Sir ”

“The truth Maria ”

She went on her knees.

“Pls don’t punish me, I’m sorry ”
“What are you talking about? ”

“That night and you were drunk and I help you in. But as I was about to leave you held me down and tried to kiss me. I tried to get away but you were too strong for me. I’m sorry I should have stopped you, I got carried away and…and ”

“And? ”

“We had sex ”

“What? And you left me thinking of what happened that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. But I had no idea what happened. How can you keep from me? ”

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“I’m sorry” she cries

“You know what? Just get out ”

“Wait! ” I call back

“Sir? ”

“Don’t you dare tell anyone ” I warned

“I won’t ”

“Come closer ” I command

She did as I ask. I grab her by her waist, making her stay between my legs.

“What are you doing ” she yelp.

“That night, even though I was drunk and unaware. I still have this feeling that something great happened and I want to feel it again ” I say as I caress her hip with hand.

“No ”

“You have mole around your nipple right ”

“I didn’t know you saw that”

“Can you show me? ”

“I… ”

“It’s okay, if you don’t want to ” I say standing up.

Gosh! What was I thinking? Hunter is going to kill me if he knows what I did. It was stated that no relationship with the maids and here I’m about having one.

“Are you still feeling pain ” Maria ask.

“No I’m not, just hungry ”

“Okay I’ll get you some food ” are said and hurried, I use that time to shower. When I got to the room. She’s back with the food.

I didn’t look at her, I just sat down and eat my food. I could feel her eyes on me the whole time.

“Can you stop staring at me like you want to eat me? ” I roll my eyes.

“That’s because I want to ” she smile.

“Are you mad at me? ”

“Why will be ” I answer her.

“Come ” I say and I push my food aside.

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I grab her waist, and gently lay her on the bed.

“Let me, will ya? ” I ask with an eyebrow raise.

She nods and I kiss her lips. I send my hand to the zipper of her dress, unzipping it. I remove it from my body. Then undress my self. Within minutes I was already inside her honey pot. I thrust in slowly.

The feeling is so different.

I moan, I take one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking on it. She grab my hair and moan.

“Sir… ”

“Ryan ” I corrected.

“Ryan Pls faster, oh god” she moan.

I increase my pace, thrusting harder making sure I hit her g spot. I groan as I feel my climax. I increase my pace the more, Maria’s moan all over the place. I kiss her to stop her from shouting too much.

“oh my God, I’m coming ” she announced.

I stop thrusting and grab her leg dropping them on my shoulder. Then start thrusting in again, this time deeper and harder that drove us to a mind blowing orgasm.

Special episode ends.

It was supposed to be in the main story, but it skipped my mind.