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His Bride. Episode 26

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him ????????]

Episode 26

Hunter parked safely in the parking spot. I Waited for him to open the door for me. When he sees that I’m still in the car. He chuckled “Really? ”

“Yeah ” I say and he open the door and I step out.
I was about to move to take my luggage out when he grab me by my waist pulling me to his body.

He stares at my face for a long time with a lopsided smile. I avoided his gaze and stare at his broad chest instead.

“Are you still angry with me? ” he ask and I look up to him.

“I’m not anymore , promise you wont keep secrets from me as from today ”

He nods and I frown. “Say it. Say you promise ”

“Maybe I promise “he says and capture my lips with his. I kiss him back with equal pressure as the kiss got more intense. My body became heated with desire.

“Fuck, I miss you so much ” he mutters and scoop me up and carry me in a bridal style. He kiss me back as I feel him walking. I didn’t know we are in the room until my back hits the soft bed.

I look around to see we are in his room.
Hunter smirk and drew my legs apart staying between them, on his knees.
He remove all my clothes leaving me only in my bra and pink pants.

All this while I kept staring at him until he bend over and kiss my lips, sucking on my lower lip. He stop kissing me and I felt him move something over my head.
I turn to look at it and see him holding an handcuff.

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I turn to look at him.
“And what is that for?”

“It’s for you ”

“What? But why? You can’t do that to me? ” I protest as he handcuff my hand to the bed.

“Shh! This is to tell you that you are mine and after this I hope you won’t go back to kiss some guy because we had a fight ” he says his voice coming in a harsh tone.

I smirk as I lift my back a little so that he can unclasps my bra.
“Did I just smell jealousy ” I tease.

He also remove my panties then kiss me again sending the kisses than to my neck, to the hollow of my breast. Then took of them in his mouth fondling them. I moan, I raise my hand to touch him forgotten that I was handcuffed.

I groan.
He really have plans for tutoring today cos he won’t stop teasing me. I hiss as he pull my clit apart with his fingers and rub it with his thumb.

“Hunter please… Oh god” I hiss again and a moan escape my lips.
He stop teasing me and take out a foil paper from his drawer, tearing it with his teeth.

“I feel like I’m being featured in fifty shades of gray right now ” I chuckle

“No baby, this is fifty shades of Hunter ”

(Two days later)
“Whatcha you doing ” Hunter say watching me take out different bikini. He was sitting on my bed with his phone in his hand.
I don’t know which one to wear and I’m kind of shy to ask him.

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“Want to swim. So I’m looking for a bikini to wear ”

” You want me to choose for you ” he ask and I quickly nod my head.

“Okay wear them ”

“Huh? ”

“Wear them, so that I’ll choose the sexiest one ”

I sigh happily and begin to walk to the bathroom to change.

“Noo, do it here. Not like I’ve never seen those before ” he smirk.

” I can’t, I’ll feel shy ”

“Will you be shy, if Fuck you now instead ” he says and my pussy clench reacting to his dirty words.

“Fine! I’ll. Just stop the blunt and dirty words ”

He roll his eyes “Don’t act like you don’t like it when I talk dirty, I know it turns you on ”

He’s right. I love it when he say naughty things to me especially during sex it drives me to the edge.

“First time seeing you rolling your eyes. ” I say and pick up a yellow fringe bikini top, wear them and show it to Hunter. He shake his head side way and I roll my eyes remove it.

I pick up another, it was a pink Trikini swim suit. It makes me feel naked. Immediately Hunter sees it he shouted.
“No, no that’s too revealing.

“I know right ” I say and pick up another one. Hunter said no and pick another again.
I was getting fed up.

I then pick up a White lattice swimsuit that has a deep V-neck. The suit covered my stomach till my waist line. It was high waist and one piece bikini.

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I call on Hunter who was on his phone. He look at a smile appear on lips.

“Perfect, wear this ” he says.

“But it’s too tight and close off for a bikini ” I complain.

“There are many men in this place, I don’t want them staring at you, because I hate it. Now wear this or no swimming ” he says with a tone of finality.

“Whatever ” I say and storm out of the room with my pink towel.

After swimming till I was tired, I decided to go in and rest.

I pick up my towel, use it to dry my hair, my body and then wrap it all around me. I pack my hair into ponytail.

I look up when a car drive in and two men step out dragging one guy in. I became curious so I followed them.