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His Bride. Episode 21

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]
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Episode 21

Back home.
“Welcome ” my mom and Nanny Lilo greets as I enter the visitor’s room which is now where my mom stay.

Thanks ” I say with a smile.

Oh please let me leave you two alone “Nanny Lilo laughs and began to walk out of the room.

Alright Lilo, we’ll talk later “My mom say after her

After she left, I sat beside my mom on the bed. Then hug her sniffling in her scent.

“How was night sweetie ” my mom ask.

And I blush remembering last night and even this morning.

Making sure she didn’t see blush me I answered ” it was nice ”
So mom we wanna talk about something yesterday and you said we should move it to today and here is today here it comes ” I say making my mother burst in to laughter. I smile. I just want to make her laugh.

You and your Silly jokes ” she says

“Okay, let’s get to it mom. Why I’m i involve in all this and why didn’t you tell me Dad.. I mean Ryder isn’t my biological father he’s just my uncle ”

It’s a long story Lauren ”

” I’m in all ears mom ”

“I met your father when I’m was in college, in a club. He was not in college then he was a business man.. Well that was what I thought until we got married and I was pregnant with you and your twin sister, I found out that your father is..a Mob boss. I was….”

“Wait wait mom ” I cut her off.
You mentioned two things, that I had a twin sister and my father is a mob boss. What the hell ” I almost screamed .

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Mind your language around me and keep your voice down ” she cautioned.

What do you expect to do or say when you told me something like this, do you want to jump happily and be happy for this piece of information I just got ”

” I never said, all I want you to do is to calm and listen. Ask questions ”

“Where is she? My twin sister “I sigh.

She died a week after your dad’s demise, it was hard for me to take care of you two alone with no roof on my head. And just one morning I woke up at my sister’s place where I was staying to see my daughter is gone. I cried, I couldn’t even bury her myself, my sister did. I hated my life. But you were the only one I have. I told I’ll protect you all cost. So I went to Ryder for help , you were is blood anyway. He accepted only on a condition to always do what he ask. You know how it is.
I also begged to be like a father figure to you.” she sighed “at least he tried, not until Hunter came. I was scared maybe he was here for revenge, he wanted to revenge his father’s death on you ”

What was her name? ”

Laurie” she answered.
I just hope this marriage is a one year thing like he said, I don’t want you to go through the same thing as me ”

What do you mean? ” I ask confused.

He didn’t tell you? ”

Who and what did he not tell me that I should know ”

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“Hunter has taken over his fathers Mafia and also it’s the strongest in the American Mafia ”

Okay that send me off my seat, as i stand up like something bite my butt.

No no no, you are not saying that Hunter is also a mob boss. I’m still dealing with what my dad being a criminal, not my husband too ” I scream as I didn’t even notice I’m already crying until I touch my face.

I storm out of the room to Hunter’s.

I open the door to his room. It was empty. I look around then saw him in his balcony, sitting his naked back facing me.

I almost forgot what I was here to do when he turn to face with that charming smile of his. My anger faded but I still manage to held a angry face which made him frown.

“what’s wrong ” he ask.

I look at what he was doing, he was smoking and a gun was about placed on the table in front of him.

“There’s something wrong with you not telling that you are a fuvking Mafia boss? ” I say and walk closer to him.

His eyes turn dark. “Where did you hear that from?”

“Does it matter? Does it matter where I heard it from? What matters is I just slept with a Mafia boss. Cool!” I chuckled bitterly. My anger is coming back and tears are flowing down my cheek.

I just hope, he did say no, that’s it’s not true.

“And why are making a big deal to it? ” he says Obviously.
That was it, he didn’t even deny it.
“Really? There’s no big deal in you being a criminal? ” I scoff ” I’ve been so so foolish ” I say and slap my forehead.

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Don’t fucking call me a criminal? ” Hunter growls.

Then what should I call you? Will a murderer do instead. Or you want to shoot me now Huh ” I say pick up the gun the table putting it in his palm forcefully.
Shoot me Hunter, do it now. That’s what people like you do ”

I was shaking and sweating. I was boiling with anger. I just wish I had not met him.

I’ve had enough of you Lauren leave my room now ” he shout.

“I’m leaving your goddamned room and your bloody house for you ” I shout at him and storm away.


I kicked the chair immediately she left. Did he just insult me.
Fuck I’ve become soft. She’s so lucky.
And she’s going no where, not when she knows vital information about me. She can easily rat me out since she hate me now.

I knew this is going to happen but I never expected it to be sooner.
Not after yesterday, fucking blissful day. It was one of the best day of my life.
Being inside her is so different, it gives me a new feeling.

Lauren brought a new feeling out of me, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

I’m not done with you Lauren, we still have a long way to go. A year.