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His Bride. Episode 28

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 28

I dish out the food I prepare for Liam into a plate, I took out orange juice from the fridge. I place them on a tray before making my way out of the kitchen.

That’s how it has been for a week, I’ve been taking care of Liam. I was stopped by shirtless Hunter on my way to Liam’s room.
He stares at my face for a long time, that I begin to think something is on my face. I put the tray on one hand and use the other hand to touch my face.

“Is something on my face? ” I raise an eyebrow brow at him.

“This is the first time I get to look at you very well ever since I brought that guy ”

“Which guy? Oh Liam. And the fuck do you mean by, first time you get to see me? ”

“Because you spend time with him, more than you do with me. ”

“Well, that’s because he needs me now more than you do ” I smile.

“And why do you think I don’t need you too.” he rolls his eyes.

“What do you need me for”

“You know it ” he answers.

“I don’t” I smirk.

“Lauren ” he says frustrated. “I shouldn’t have brought him ” he hissed.

“Thank God you did, and Ohh I have to go now, I don’t want the food to get cold, he .might not enjoy it ”

“Me? No it’s okay I can just manage it like that ” Hunter and move to collect the tray from me.

“What are you doing? I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about Liam and I’m taking it to him right now ” I glare at him.

“Him again? Seriously, I thought that was for me. You’ve never cook for me ” he complains.

“For you?” I laugh. “Why would when you have tons of maids at your service. ”

I walk past him.
“Lauren ” he called and I stop and look back at him.

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“Huh ”

“I give you ten minutes, be in my room ”

I scoff.
“Always Bossy”

“You like it when I’m being bossy, on bed? ” he smirk and wink.

I quickly turn around and leave before he suffuse me with his dirty words.

I open Liam’s room without knocking with a smile on my face.
The smile drops when I see someone that doesn’t look like Liam standing, his back was all I could see but Liam couldn’t start straight and tall like this.

The person has a phone press on his left ear, it seem he was on a call. But he talked in whisper. I could really hear what he was saying.

“Liam? ” I call and the person turn to me. Indeed it was Liam but he was not looking sick. He look fine.

His jaw dropped when he sees me and his mobile phone fell from his hand.

“OMG Liam you are…you are. OMG how come ” I rasp as I walk closer to him.

“Don’t fucking move closer “a voice growls.

I froze when a gun was pointed at me. The tray on my hand drop making a loud noise.

“What… ”

“Don’t talk either or I’m going to shoot “his voice makes me shiver. It was different from the usual voice and words I hear from him.

I shake my head nervously, as fear has already grip me.

“Now seat ” he commands. And I was too scared to think, or understand what he meant. I just know he was talking.

“Seat down!” he yells and I find my self seated on the bed within a flash.
He still point his gun at me.

“You are going to do anything I ask you to do and I will let you go ” he says and I nod.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just need you to bring your husband here and I will let you go ”

“Pls don’t hurt us. Please just leave Hunter I’m begging..”

“I said don’t speak ” he glares at me.

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“Will you do it or you want me to shoot you”

“I can’t ” I yell.

He points the gun to my head.
“Will you do it now or not ”

I was shaking and sweating but I still manage to say NO.
I’m not doing it no matter what you do ”

He scoff.
“And why? He has done bad things to you. This is your chance to take your revenge and now that you are his wife now. If he dies, all his wealth and properties become yours”

“I won’t because Hunter will do the same for me. He never let anything happen to me even if it’s going to cost his life ” I teared up.

“And that’s the reason why you have to do it, you are Hunter’s weakness now ”

“What a shameless coward you are, if you are brave enough why don’t you fight him ” I say making him get angry.

He grab my hand aggressively dragging me. He open the door to the bathroom and push me in. I fell on the floor hitting my knuckles on the hard floor. I groan in pain as i manage to stand up.

He walk in and close the door. I stood in front of the door as he points his gun.

I bit my lips trying to stop my teeth from shaking.

” if I kill you here, no one is going to know or hear. And I will escape with your corpse”

I guess this is the end. It hurts so much to think of leaving Hunter, My mum, Matt and Hanna.

I’m so going to miss them. All this time, I’ve been so caught up with Liam. I didn’t realize, I neglected everyone. I don’t spend time with Hunter like I use to. And every time he complains, I laugh it off.
They say “Spend every day like it will be your last ”
I thought there is still plenty of time to spend with Hunter not knowing I was wasting my time on an imposter, that preteb to be my brother. Those times meant to be with Hunter, talk with my mom. Hang out with my Matt.

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I don’t want to die, I haven’t told Hunter I love him, I didn’t apologize to Matt like I should. I haven’t made my mom proud and I haven’t repayed Hanna for her kindness. There’s so much I want to do. I’m just not dying, not yet.

“Liam please” I beg.

“I’m not Liam and I’m not your brother. ”

“You know what? I’m done begging you do whatever you like ” I yelled angrily at him.

I rest my back against the door as I send my hand to my back. I lock the door slowly,carefully not making any sound. Then I remove the key and hold it tight in my hand. He’s never getting away even if he kills me

“You think you can get away freely there are many security guard, you can’t get away and you can’t even go through the window cos I’m sure you can’t jump a storey building ” I smirk.

“Fool, do you think I came here without a plan ”

” Whatever plan you have Hunter will kill you ”

“Shut the hell up ” he points his gun.

“What you gon do? Are you afraid to die ” I laugh.

“I will shoot you bitch ” he growls but I didn’t stop laughing it was not funny. But it was.

“I said shut up! ” he suddenly yelled and everything stop when I heard a gunshot. I look around, looking for where he shot. Her eyes stopped on my chest which is now dripping with blood. He shot me on my right chest.

I look at him and laugh again loosing my balance I fell on the floor, still holding the key firm in my hand. With the little strength I have, I manage to push the key through the hole of the bathroom door to the room. Pushing it as far as I can.

I close my eyes and everything became dark.