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His Bride. Episode 33

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 33


“So I’m starting to think you are impotent ” Kathrine said as she move closer to me.

I move back a little bit.

“And why will you sat that?”

“You haven’t call me for month ”

“You should get the message by now that I don’t need you, what are you even doing here, I told not to come to my house like that ”

“I’m just worried okay, I wanted to know if you are alive or not ”

“Thanks but no thanks, you can’t just come to my house like that. ”

“OMG, that sexy bitch down there. Is she the one keeping you away from me? “she says and I turn back to see Lauren looking so hot in her swimsuit.

“First, I don’t like you calling her “Bitch ” she ain’t your stupid friends that you call shit names.”

“That’s a first, you – defending -a -bitch.. Sorry a girl. Is she your ‘s sister? Or who’s she? ”

“She’s my girlfriend ” I tell her and she laugh.

“what’s so funny ”

“Seriously? How long have you guys been dating? ”

“A year, Suprised? Yeah I’m full of surprises” I chuckle.

“Wait! A year. But we fucked like six months ago? And you guys are together then ”

“Fuck! Can you please keep your mouth shut. That was when we had a fight and we are fine now and since then I’ve never been with any girl”

“I know you Hunter, I know you hate commitments and all. You can’t stay committed to one person for long. See? ”

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“From the look of things, it seem you ate very fond of this girl. Are.. You in love with her? ” she ask.

“Okay? I’ve heard enough Pls leave my house. The guards will lead you out ”

I walk away from her and head to my room. Lauren is not here. We stay together now.

I met Cole.
“Have you seen Lauren? ”

“She enter her room minutes ago and….” he says as he gave a box of pizza.
“I think this is for her, she ordered it ”

“Oh thanks, she must be hungry ” I say and head to her room.

I open the room and look around for her. She is there on the bed, covering her self will the duvet.

“Princess? ” I sit on the bed

“Here your pizza, come on ” I say as I tried removing the duvet from my face.

She snatch my hand and look up. Gosh she looks like she had been crying.

“Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong ?” I say as I try touching her but she push my hands away.

“Don’t fucking touch me ” she yelled.

“Wth, what’s the meaning of this?”

God! You can never understand women.

“Meaning of this? What is the meaning of what I saw outside ”

“What? You mean Katheryn and I? We are just talking. ”

“Is she not the girl moaning your name, the other day? ” I scoff.
“After everything we shared, I gave you my virginity, I gave you my heart not caring about getting hurt yet you went back to her. Like I’m not enough. If want me to feel jealous or awful. Congratulations you won.” she cried

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“No way! Listen None of that happened. She even ask who you and I told her you ate my girlfriend, I never plan to make you jealous or make you feel awful, I swear ”

She breathed out and clean her tears.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have thought like that I’m sorry ” she says as she hug me.

“it’s okay, you have every right to get jealous ” I hug her back


“And what did you mean by you gave me your heart? I don’t get it ” I ask.

She disengage from the hug and clean her eyes with her palm.

“oh yeah.. That?- oh that was just, erm, a slip of tongue. I was angry, I didn’t realize I said that? ”

“And I wasn’t suppose to know that?”

I bite my lip as I stare at Hunter.

“Yes ” I answer him.

“Why? ”

“Because you don’t need to know, goodness can we just stop ”

“I’m not gonna…

“Fine! I love you okay? And it hurts to know that you don’t feel the same way ”

“What? ”