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His Bride. Episode 30

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????

Episode 30

“He has refuse to speak ” Ryan says as I walk in to the dark room.

“First of all, where are the guards? ”

“I don’t know, I think you should ask Cole or Jax that ” he replies.

“Jax told me that you ordered that they should be given a free day, together with the maids ” Cole answers

“And why would say such a thing ” I growl.

“I don’t know, probably.. I don’t know man Jax told me that you ask me to do it and I did ” Cole replies.

“Enough of Jax says! You could have ask me or Hunter. It’s obvious this was planned by Jax and many more people we don’t know ” Ryan yells.

“That guy needs to talk and look for Jax now! Whether alive or dead. ” I commands

I walk to where Liam was being tortured. He was tied to a chair, all beaten up.

“You have refuse to tell us who sent you ” I say. He raise his head and look at me.
He scoff and look away.

“How can be this heartless. Even if you wanted me you shouldn’t have involved Lauren. That girl has done you nothing but good ever since you came here. Can’t you even think of that”

He scoff again “Look who is talking about someone being heartless whereas he’s the most heartless of all. Do you think she would survive if I shot her on the head ? I shot her on the right chest because I know she will survive it . I know you Hunter, I know once you target someone you will wipe him out with his family, even the innocent ones ”

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I clear my throat and pull a chair closer then sit down.

“I’m going to ask you and I expect answers immediately ” I say.
“I know Ryder sent you here. And I know you don’t have that type of gut to come in to my house and you think escape like that, except there is someone in here that is giving you backup. So this is my question – who are you working with? Who is you guys information about me? ”

“The mighty mafia boss doesn’t even know what is happening under his nose. Why? Because he’s busy romancing his little princess. Right? ” he laughs

I bring out my gun “Talk or I’ll shoot you ”

“I rather die with it than tell you, so feel free to shoot me all you want. Since I don’t have a family you can hurt, I will die without regrets ” he says.

“What about your grandma and your little sister, are they dead or they are dying with you ” Ryan says behind me.

Liam’s eyes widen and he muttered a curse.

“Fine! I will tell whatever you want to know, but Pls don’t hurt them ” he begs

“Sure! It’s a deal ” I smirk.
“But first what is your real name? ” I ask
He clench his fist and closes his eyes.
“Stone, they call me stone ”

“Your real name dummy ” Ryan says.

“I..i can’t tell you ” stone or whatever he calls himself Answers.

I roll my eyes. “Okay, now spill it! ”

“It’s Jax. He is the one giving Ryder information about you and all. They want to kill you, so as to take over the American Mafia. Actually, we have plan. Jax will take away your security for our plans to be carried out better ”

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“Fuck! I knew it, find Jax now!” I yell

“And you, I lied when I say I won’t touch your family. Cos you touched mine too, I think I should the same. Right? ” I told stone.

“No please, leave them out of this I beg you” he says.

I point my gun at him.
“This is for shooting my wife ” I say and pull the trigger.

“Take him out ” I say to my men and walk out of the room.

I drive back to the hospital to see Lauren. I open the door to her ward. I made them move her to a VIP room.

I draw a chair to her side and sit my self on it. I stare at her beautiful face which is now pale and her lips are dry. I kiss her lips softly and hold her hand into mine.

“Hey ” I smile and brush her hair with my palms.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. But don’t worry I’ve given that jerk what he deserves, death. I will make sure all of them pay for hurting you. But I’m glad you are fine now, wake up soon I…. Miss you ”

I was going to say I love you.

Well that’s crazy, cos I’m never ever going to say that to anyone.

I drop her hand and stand. I thought of calling her mom. But decided against it. She’s just gonna freak out and shout. I don’t want that.

I sigh and walk back to sit down, watching her all through the night till I dose off with my head on the bed.