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His Bride. Episode 29

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 29

It has been more than 20 minutes since Lauren left for that guys room. She’s really going to get me angry at if she keeps doing that.

I decided to get her myself, I was on my way when Ryan stop me.

“I…. ”
He wanted to say but stopped when we heard a gunshot.

“Do you heard that? ” I ask.

“Yeah, but where did that come from? Well maybe the guards are training or so ”

“Training? They don’t train on Wednesdays and they don’t use real gun that sounds like a real gun ” I huff

I think the sound is coming from Liam’s room. Oh shit! Lauren.

“Fuck! I have to go ” I say and I rush to the room.

I push the door open and I guess Ryan followed me.

The food Lauren was holding minutes ago is now split on the door.
“What the hell happened, where are they ” Ryan says behind.

I instinctively form my hand to a fist and my jaw clenched. I’m so going to kill the mother fucker that did this and that if anything happens to Lauren, his whole family will hear of my wrath.

I move to the bathroom and push it. It was locked.
I turn to Ryan.
“Do you have a gun with you? “he brings it out and I collected it.
I raise my left leg using it to push the door as hard as I can push.
It flung open revealing a guy trying to get out through the window, I shut him on the leg and he fell.

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My breath seize when I saw the body of Lauren on the floor. My eyes turn red and I don’t know when I pounce on the motherfucker.

“Hunter Pls that can’t solve anything, just take Lauren to the hospital first, I’ll take care of him. “Ryan says and I followed his words.

I drove to the hospital like a mad man, I was there within a flash. The nurses helped me as they rush Lauren inside.

“Where is the fucking Doctor of this damn hospital ” I yelled when I see no traces of doctors around.

“We’ve alerted the doctor already, Pls be calm. Your wife will be fine ” the lady at the counter who ask for my name and my relationship with Lauren and wrote them down ask.

“Don’t tell me to be calm, just do your damn job ” I growl.

I run my hands through my hair.
If anything happens to Lauren I’ll never forgive myself. I can’t just think of loosing her it drives me crazy.

I face palm myself that when I know I was crying. “Fuck! ” I mutter and wipe my tears off.

It’s been two hours and it feels like eternity. No one has come to tell me how she’s doing.

“Can someone please tell me how my wife is doing? ” I mutter as I pace around.

“Are you Mr Cyprus ” I heard a voice behind me.

I turn to see a man in a white coat, the Doctor.
“Yes? How is my wife doing? ”

“Your wife is fine, thankfully the bullet didn’t go deep, we were able to remove it.”

I heave a sigh of relief.
“Thank God! Is she awake? ”

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“No, she’s in comma after in two days time she’s going to wake up. But you can check on her if you want. She’s in ward 29 ”

I nod and the doc left.

I’m a bit calm hearing that Lauren is okay. But I will be calmer if I teach that bastard and those that sent him a lesson.

#Jax’s pov ????
“I’ll be waiting ” I say to the phone and the call drop.
Now that Hunter is going to be out of the way soon. I’m going to take out Ryder.

The stupid man thought I was working for him. He is doesn’t know that I’m just using him to achieve my goals.
I tell him the secret about Hunter, then he will act . It will make Hunter think he’s his only enemy meanwhile I hurt him underneath.

It was Ryder’s idea that we should use stone, since Hunter believed he has a son. The mission is to kill Hunter and his household and I’m sure by now my mens are carrying it out through the help of stone .

“He’s here boss ” one of my men alert me that Ryder is here.

I got my gun ready. “You are gone Ryder ” I smirk.

The door opened and Ryder was led in by another guy.

“Jax! It’s good to see you. I hope you have good news for me ” he smirk taking his seat opposite me at the bar. He took out ice block into his cup and fill it with alcohol.

Oh that’s your last drink fool. I thought.

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Ryder is someone you should call devil’s advocate. He is evil and kills without thinking. He kills his wife because she saw him when he shot his brother. He even say it without remorse.

“Yes there a good news” I say and he look up.

“Tell me ”

“This” I say raising my gun up and shoot him on his head.
He fell on the floor, I move to check his pulse. Hmm so fast, he’s already dead. I shot him again two times before asking my men to clean him out.

Now it’s my time. My breakthrough.
I will now be the new America mafia Boss. The most wanted criminal. Yes that’s what I want. Hunter is just too scared, he doesn’t kill or fight like he should. My reign will be different, I want to be the most feared and dangerous person in the world. Power and authority will be in my hand.

My phone rang and I pick.
“Boss! Bad news!”