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His Bride. Episode 20

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting him ????????]

Episode 20

????Wait! Before you start reading.
Steamy scene Ahead ⚠️⚠️


We both walk down the massive hallway and then he stopped at a door which I guess it’s his flat. He typed in something on the door and it opened.
He look at me then gesture that I go in. I step in and he followed behind.

Hunter drop his phone on the nightstand beside his bed. Then he turn to look at me a smirk plastered on his face.

He walk closer to where I am standing still staring at me. I watch as his finger rest on the bottom of his shirt and he slowly began to pull it off, over his head leaving him shirtless.

My eyes rest on his sexy abs and biceps. Fuck! This man is so beautiful. From his well sculptured face to his amazing body
that was made from workout or maybe not.

Hunter grab my wrist and put my hands on his chest.

You wanted to see my abs, didn’t you? ” he says then pull me closer by my waist.

Rubbing his finger in circle on my waist through the opening of my Blue dress.

“Say something princess ” he says staring down at my lips.

“I want you…. ” I blurted out, but I couldn’t finish my sentence. I had to have a rethink before I say what has been on my mind for sometime now. What I have always wanted.

“You want me to what? ”

“I want you to kiss me… ” I breathed ” and do things to me ”

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He carried me on his waist and I wrap my legs around his torso.

He smacked my butt causing a moan from me.
“Things? What things ” he says rubbing my exposed laps then under my dress sending his hand to under my panties.

My breathing got faster and heavier.

“Hunter please ” I moan out.

What do you want me to do Lauren ”

“Fuck me ” and that was all I have to say before Hunter lay me down on his bed and take off my dress leaving me naked.

He start with sucking on my breast, then trail kisses from the hollow of my breast down to my navel.
Came back on top of me and kiss my mouth and the same time he enters me with his fingers thrusting in.
He left my lips still thrusting with his fingers, finding my g-spot he continues to hit the place with his finger.

I’m so close ” I announced.

Come for me baby ” he says and I started loosing it.

Hunter replace his finger with his tongue. Tongue fucking me.

After releasing all my cum in his mouth, he kissed me making me taste myself.
My heart began to beat faster when he start to remove his trousers.

Okay! This is happening Lauren, I hope I don’t regret this later on.

Left with only his boxer briefs, Hunter looked at me and say.

“Are you sure, we can stop ”

I shake my head “I’m sure Hunter ”

Removing the only material left in body, that prevents me from seeing his younger man, I stare at his c*** with wide eyes.

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Little Hunter isn’t little at all.

Hunter bend over to the side, opening his drawer and bringing out a condom. He unwrap it and place it carefully on his c***.

“This is going to hurt..but I’ll be gentle I promise “he says and I nod.

He spread my legs widely and stayed the middle. I could feel him at my entrance. He then entered me causing me gasp as the pain hit me.

He keeps moving in making me scream as the pain was increasing.
He stopped moving when he saw that I was already in tears.

I’m so sorry baby ” he cooed and continue to thrust in. He kiss me taking all my scream in moan.

His pace was very slow and his touch was as well soothing and gentle.

I’ve never seen Hunter this way before, he was clearly enjoying it and I don’t want to disrupt that. His face was calm and the way he looks at me makes my heart explode with excitement. Every touch of his brings sparks like his hand had some electricity in them.

Soon the pain was replace with pleasure as I was about hitting my climax. Seeing that I was getting comfortable he increased his pace and he keeps thrusting in faster till I couldn’t hold anymore. I had my orgasm which he followed.

The following morning

I moved slightly under Hunter’s hold. He was still deep asleep. I slowly remove his arm from my waist making sure he wasn’t woken up. I walk to the bathroom to take my bath first.

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I fill the Jacuzzi with hot water, it was winter the weather is Cold. I enter it and start to scrub my body thinking of last night incident.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel any regret which baffles and scare me. I’m totally into Hunter. That man has stolen my heart, not only my heart, all my sense of reasoning.

I want to believe I’m only infatuated because I’ve never been with any man except him, and hopefully it should be.

I moan in satisfaction and rest my head on the arm of the Jacuzzi tub.

Enjoying the water alone without me ” I heard Hunter says and I turn to see him all in naked glory coming inside his massive bathroom, to me.

My eyes swept down to his still hard c*** probably from the usual morning.

I don’t want to wake up ” I told him as he enters the water sitting at my back. I was now between his thighs. I could feel his erection twitching and rubbing my butt making my p**** twitch.

He kiss my neck and plays with my breast.

How about I fuck you right in here ” he says and I nod swiftly even though I’m still recovering from last night soreness I want us to do it again.