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His Bride. Episode 36

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????His Bride ????

[Seducing him ????????]

Episode 36
“He’s coming in thirty minutes ” Ryan says as he sat with me on the couch in his living room. I’m at his house, and we are planning on how to make Hunter jealous. Yes I agreed to it and I really hope it’s worth the stress cos I should somewhere enjoy my life right now.
Oh well I warned Ryan about it but he didn’t seem scared. Because I know what Hunter can do, except…. If he doesn’t care about me anymore.

“I’m hungry ” I say rubbing my flat stomach

“I have some bacon and eggs in the fridge, you can put it in the microwave to heat up a little ” Ryan says.

I stood up and do as he said. I place the plate with bacon and eggs on the table and turn to Ryan.

“Let’s eat together?”

He look at me, then nod before standing up from the couch walking to the dinning.

He sits down and I also take my seat. We started eating from one plate.

“So you said Hunter is coming in the next thirty minutes ” I ask.

“Yeah ”

“And what is the plan, what are we going to do? Do you think that if he sees me here will make him jealous? ” I raise an eyebrow.

Ryan sigh and got quiet.

After some seconds he suddenly stand and start taking off his shirt.

“Wait what the heck are you doing!” I almost yelled.

“What do think? Giving you my shirt ” be stretch the shirt to me.

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“What for? ” I asl

“Wear it, if he’s sees you in my shirt I guess that will bring a quick response ”

I sigh.

“Okay! Can you please turn around, I have to wear it ” I say

“Sure ” he smile and turn back. I remove my blouse and wore the t shirt on my black jeans.

“I’m through ”

He turn around “Perfect, that would do, I guess ” he make a nervous laugh.

I raise my eyebrows.

“Really? ” I say

“What? ”

“Why, you are nervous ” I point.

“No.. I’m not ” he denies

“You sure? ”

He sigh and look at me.
“I’m going to say the truth, I’m nervous as fuck. I know how Hunter can be so protective of you, now if he sees us thinking we are together, he might have killed me before he remembers who I am ”

“So you suggesting we should scrape the plan ” I ask.

“Well, that’s too late cos he’s here already”

“Fuck! Oh God what are we going to do. ”

“Listen, we will do this now. Just listen to me. First, we are going to have a fake conversation and you will laugh like what I said with is the most funniest thing in the world. Don’t look back, act like you didn’t notice him ” he explains..
I sigh and nod. Doing everything he ask me to do until we heard a loud slam of the door. We turn back. He already left.

Ryan pick up his phone and dial Hunter’s number.

“Hey bro, I haven’t seen you. You still coming? ” Ryan said to phone.

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There was a grave silence until the person speak up.

“What is my ex wife doing in your fucking house Ryan ”

“Oh that! She is just scotting with me for a while that’s all, she didn’t have a place to stay”

“Staying in your place? ” Hunter scoff and hang up.

Ryan drop the phone and looked at me , a smirk plastered on his face.

“I’m starting to think that this isn’t a good idea ” I say and breathed out.

“I hate that he will think another man has touch me apart from him. Even if it works, he might still not believe we had nothing ”

“I’m sorry I made that type of plan that’s… ” I cut him off

“Listen Ryan, it worked okay? But I can’t just do this anymore”

He nod.
“Alright, I understand ”

“I have to go, erm can I give this to you later. I don’t want to start dressing up ” I say pointing to his shirt.

“No problem, bye. I’ll call you to check how you are doing ”

“Yeah, thanks. Bye ”

I walk out of his house to my car.

Someone scoff behind me. My heart hammered in my chest when I saw him.

“You are even his shirt around the city, how can you be this shameless ” his bold and deep voice say sending shiver down my spine.

“Excuse me? What’s your point? ” I frowned

“My point is, I’m dissapointed. You can stoop so low to be fucking my bestfriend after a week of our break up ” he growls.

“Are out senses? Stop accusing me wrongly. I never slept with anyone, you are the fool here ” I shout.

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