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His Bride. Episode 32

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????His Bride ????

[Resisting Him????????]

Episode 32

Finally going home today. Hunter help me to the car and drive off.

Immediately we got home, Hunter took me to his room, telling me to rest.
Even though he’s just being caring but, I kind of feel annoyed.

“Resting, that’s all I have being doing ever since I woke up, it’s tiring ” I complain.

“Because that’s what you need to do ”

“I didn’t break my leg, I was shot on my chest and I’m fine now ”

“If you say so ” he sigh.

“So let’s play ” i smile .

Hunter scoop me up and make me seat on his lap.

“What play? ”

“Come on, let’s just play ”

He stayed silent for a while.

“You are not strong enough ”

“of course I’m strong ” I protest.

“So what kind of play do want us to.. Play ” he raise an eyebrow.

“Erm let’s play ten question, you ask I answer , the same thing goes to me ”

“oh yeah -okay ” Hunter sigh looking disappointed.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like the game ”

“No, just I thought..you want to fuck you “he look at me and poke my nose. “You got me you silly girl ”

“Your question? “I grin.

“Hmm, your favorite color? ”

“Red ” I answer.

“My turn ”

” What’s yours ”

“Are we suppose to repeat the same question ?” he raise an eyebrow.

“Not really, I just wanna know ”

” black ” he answers.

“Obviously ” I roll my eyes.

“Do you like me. I mean you use to hate me, I wonder if you still do ? ” he ask me

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“I don’t only like you, I love you ” I thought.

“I do like you, unless you do something that will make me hate you. I never hate ” I answer instead.

He smile “I’m happy to hear that ”

Two months later.
(A/N: sorry famz I think I’m going to fast this)

I never for once think that I will fall in love with someone like Hunter. And just like it, I don’t care who he is, what he does. I just want to be with him.
That’s all that matters.

Our contract ended last month, but none of us is ready to take the divorce papers out. I do ask my self sometimes why the year is just so fast. I’m not ready to let go. And at the back of my mind I wish and pray he feels the same way as I do.

Damn! I’ve heard how a one sided love relationship doesn’t last and the person in love get hurt.

I step out of the swimming pool, dried my hair with my towel.

“I’m so hungry ” I mutter and I’m give one of the maids my towel.

I’ve finally won the heart of the most of the maids. I do give somethings Hunter bought for me that I had no intention of using.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll prepare it ”

“No don’t worry, I will just order pizza ”

I pick up my phone and place an order with Hunter’s name.

I was heading in when I saw hunter and a lady standing. They were to close, maybe only one inches apart. And the girl was smiling.

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I move closer, maybe it’s not Hunter, cos I could only see his back and his hair.

This is Hunter.

My eyes met with the red hair girl, she look away and said something to Hunter causing him to look back.
He face the girl back and say something to her making her laugh. I could tell Hunter is also laughing.

I clench my fists. I don’t want to think they are making jest of me.

Maybe the girl said “Who is that ugly girl ”
Then Hunter look back and sees me then tell the girl “Oh she’s just some slut I’ve been fucking. Do you see how ugly she is in that bikini ”
Then the girl laugh “I know right ”

Many run through my head as I run to my room.

No that can’t be, Hunter always tell me I’m beautiful. ” my mind say.

“what if he lied to you ” it say again.

My hand shook as I await the heart break coming to me soon. What if it’s true.

I realize I’m crying.

I hide my self under the duvet and smack my self.

Lauren, don’t make the wrong thinking to this. And that girl, I feel like I’ve seen her before.

I rack my brain until I remember….

She was the girl Hunter was making out with in his study.

So Hunter still sees her.
My heart aches at the thought of Hunter cheating on me with her.

I deserve an explanation.