February 3, 2023

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Head Boy. Prologue

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????Head Boy????

Written by Feathers.

(She slapped me)


Alice had just had a heartbreak from one of the most handsome boy at school who recently broke up with her.

She’s frustrated, dejected and going crazy!

Raymond is the Head boy of Kochi college. He’s by far the most brilliant, handsome, wealthy and feared.

Female students crushed on Raymond but they know that dating him is impossiblee cause he’s got a girlfriend; a popular model for that matter.

Raymond has two best friends: Leonard and Donald.

Leonard is handsome and gentle, he’s an introvert and doesn’t like to stay around ladies. He’s the labour prefect of Kochi college, offend Leonard and he will make you work the hell out of your life. No one dares him.

Donald never laughs, he walks like a lady and looks like one , many people thinks he’s gay, he hates himself for looking like a lady and doesn’t like to have ladies in sight. He’s the game prefect, whoever offends him doesn’t get to participate in sport for the rest of the semester.

Alice and Raymond had nothing in common until the day something transpired between them and frustrated Alice had to throw a resounding slap on the cheek of the head boy.

Huh? Who dare slaps the head boy?

What made Alice slap the head boy?

Wanna know what started transpring between the headboy and Alice?


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