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Head Boy. Chapter 24

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 24

Alice’s POV


It was morning and the morning sun shone on Pearl and I as we hung around the school, it was few minutes to 7AM, we still have about an hour till it will be time for the assembly.

“With what you told me about Raymond , telling you to leave Albert and go to your class, don’t you think he might just pick you at the quiz today ,there are rumours that the head boy might have took interest in you.” Pearl, my best friend said.

“Raymond is cold hearted and dangerous, did you see how he suspended me for good four weeks, you have no idea how hard I had been reading to cover up for the four weeks I missed, he could just expel me….I’m scared of what he may do….though, if he tries nonsense next time, I will still slap him.” I said.

“So he can kiss you in return.” Pearl said and we both laughed.

“Let’s get ice cream.” She said and I nodded.

I had already expended all my money on drugs for my mom, as a matter of fact, I now need more money for her drugs.

The doctor had said she will continue to be on drug until we get the money for her operation, the operation will allow them cut the tumour away from her belly, so she would be healed permanently but where in this whole wide world will I ever see $555,000

I’m not sure my dad had made such money for all the years that he had been working.

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As we got to the ice cream joint, Pearl ordered for two ice cream.

“I did not have money on me, buy for yourself alone.” I said and she nodded.

The ice cream man gave her one and stretched the second one to her but she said I should collect it.

“No, I don’t want to burden you, I’ll be fine.” I said.

“Take it and stop acting like you have big head.” She said and walked away.

I smiled and collected the ice cream, Pearl had already walked a distance away from me.

As I tried to walk swiftly to her, I collided with someone and my ice cream fell to his shoes.

“Are you blind? ” I yelled angrily, not looking at the person’s face.

My eyes were fixed on the ice cream that Pearl just bought for me

The leg matched the ice cream and its cup and that made me angrier.

I raised my hand to slap the person but I paused on seeing who it was.


I stood stiff and lowered my head.

“Sorry!” I said and bent, I tried to clean the ice cream on his shoe but it just spreads more.

What would I do now?

Let me just clean it and get away.

But shouldn’t he pay for the ice cream or whose fault?

My hand was stained with ice cream.

I stood.

“Sorry!” I said again and he only stared thinly into my eyes.

“Clean it.” He said briefly.

“Don’t you see….sorry! ….I mean don’t you see that I tried cleaning it and it’s not working, I will need a tissue paper.” I said.

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“Buy one and clean it.” He said.

“Huh! ” Where do I want to get such money?

“Well, I can’t.” I replied and looked away.

“If you do not, I won’t let you sit for the math’s test and you will fail.” He said and I looked at him angrily.

“I did not have money.” I screamed frustratingly, I looked away cause my eyes was pregnant with tears.

He probably thought I still had money out of the money he gave me, not knowing it’s all expended on my mom.

I could feel his gaze on me.

He walked away from me and went to the ice cream joint.

So silly of him.

is he really not going to make me write math’s test?

I hate him! He’s hazardous.

I was so frustrated, I ran to where he stood.

We were both before the ice cream man.

“You! so wicked…you save sometimes and hurt sometimes, you will really not let me write the math’s test, right?” I asked but he didn’t even act like I was speaking.

“Give me three ice creams.” He said to the ice cream man.

huh? “Three? He must really like ice cream.

The ice cream man gave him the first one and he received it with his left hand, the ice cream man served him the second one and he received it with his right hand.

Okay, he must really have a third hand kept somwhere.

The ice cream man served the third ice creams, he was already holding two ice creams.

” Give it to her.” He said and the man stretched the ice cream to me.

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I was shocked that I didn’t even know how to collect it.

“Don’t ever collect money from her anytime she comes here to buy ice cream, always put the bill on me.” He said to the ice cream and still didn’t look at me.

He turned and went to meet two male students that seems to be communicating happily.

He gave them the two ice creams he was holding and walked away.