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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 19

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 19

Elizabeth’s POV

It was instant, the two men fell to sleep. Mr Ashley Romeo expressed shock while I scoff.

I turned and started cooking.

Mr Ashley Romeo came into view few minutes later and said; “Did you add something inside the drink you serve my friends?” He asked.

“I was even coming from my room, I had not gone to my room to take anything that I could put in the drink, so…I do not know what you are talking about?”

“Indeed! Follow me.” He ordered and I followed him to the living room.

The men were sleeping like babies and I can’t but find myself scoffing.

“It’s funny right? Jack is my lawyer and Ethan is my accountant, we have been friends for seven years only for you to treat them this way.” He sounded pissed.

“I didn’t do anything for them.” I screamed and looked away.

“Take the drink and have a sip.” He ordered.

“No, you should take it to confirm if I indeed put something there.” I said.

“So I can sleep too?”He hummed and picked one of the powdered juice on the table.

” Drink this.” He said.

“I should drink somebody’s left over, is that? you rich people can be cruel.” I abused.

“I’m cooking, can I leave please.” I requested.

“If you did not take this drink, when this men wake, I will give the two of them the go ahead to make love with you and trust me, they will use you the way you did not want.” He threatened.

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That was scary.

I loathed those men in person not to talk of having them inside of me.

I collected the juice from Mr Ashley Romeo and as I tried to drink it, I intentionally let it slip off my hand, it fell.

“That was a mistake.” I quickly said.

“Agreed. You just poured the one Ethan was drinking away , now take the one that Jack was drinking.” He said and picked the second juice on the table.

I wanted to collect the juice from him so I can repeat the same process but he wouldn’t give me.

“Open your mouth, I will pour it there myself.” He said.

“My stomach is…” I couldn’t complete my statement as I start to behave like someone that wanted to vomit.

I ran to the bathroom and closed the door on myself.

Won’t she come out again ????