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Head Boy. Chapter 2

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 2

Leonard’s POV

I was stunned as I saw the tiny girl’s hand land on the face of the head boy. We had learnt from the head boy not do anything no matter what happens unless he orders us.

I pressed my eye on the head boy waiting for his order.

The head boy stared at Alice indifferently and walked away while we followed.

I turned and watched the lady but she only stood still and kept gazing at us as we walked away.

“Raymond! She just slapped you? ” I said angrily. “You can’t give me order to deal with her.” I added even as we walked.

“My father taught me that the easiest way to be disrespected by a lady is to lay hands on her…” The head boy paused and said softly.

He was looking into my face, not smiling or frowning.

I’m used to his ways.

“Get her some work ,tomorrow.” Raymond said. I knew what he meant immediately and nodded.

Following Day!
-On The Assmebly Ground-

We prefects stays round the assemblies and not on the assembly ground. Raymond, Donald and I sood on the podium and watched the crowds of students lined up in order of their classes.

After the principal was done addressing the sturateg, it was my turn to pick students to clean some strategic places in the school.

As the principal walked away, I sauntered to the podium.

“Good morning, students of Kochi college.” I greeted. The morning was a cold one.

” Good morning, labour prefect.” They all replied in echo.

“You and you, wait for labor.” I commanded two students, one of which is the tiny girl that slapped the head boy yesterday.

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He had told me to give her work, a streanous one and I will do just that. She will regret what she did.

“Let me join them, labour prefect.” Some lazy junior students who prefers working to staying in class to learn yell but I turned deaf ears.

I usually point at ten to twenty students to do the works previously , but since I want to punish the girl, she will be doing the work of them all.

“Head boy!” I turned to the head boy to ask if he has anything to say to the students but he only shook his head in response.

“You can now march to your various classes.” I ordered and the student at the drum kit section began to drum as they all dispersed in order.

The assembly became empty, the teachers had gone to their staff rooms and all perfect have returned to their various classes.

Just I, Donald , the head boy and the two ladies were left on the assembly hall.

The two girls walked to us at my order.

I smirked wickedly on seeing the girl that slapped the head boy yesterday.

” Follow me!” I ordered and the both of them followed me.

The head boy and Donald didn’t followed me.


I received the greatest shock of my life yesterday when I threw a slap to the cheek of the head boy and he didn’t react.

I felt so foolish and started getting nervous of what their plan would be for me.

I have never been called for labor, never! I always think I’m lucky but today seems to be my unlucky day.

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I followed the labor prefect to a very large room that was beside the primcipal’s office.

It was my first time there, it was dirty, roudy and…looks like a library that has not been used in years.

According to the school system, some dirty places in the school are left uncared for , so they can punish some students with it.

I don’t want to believe I’m being punished for slapping the head boy.

“Both of you, start to clean this place, ensure it is well arranged.” The labor perfect ordered.

“Just the both of us? please get us more people.” I requested.

He walked out without uttering a word and came back few minutes later with the principal.

“Who are you to disrespect the labor perfect of Kochi, do you realize it can lead to your expulsion from this school?” The principal asked and my heart tightened in fear.

He has gone to report me to the principal, My heart tightened. My parents had warned me severally never to have issues with the school management.

My parent are poor and that would be the end of my academic pursuit once I’m expelled.

“Sir! I’m very sorry sir.” I apologized sincerely and respectfully.

The man walked away and I let out a sigh. I was so scared.

It’s the first time the principal will be speaking to me personally and I was so frightened.

I dare not say any word in objection to what the labor prefect says any longer.

I got to work, the second girl joined me and we began to work.

“I’m going for my first lecture, You should have been done with this part before I come back to check up on you, is that cleared?” He asked.

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“Yes , labor prefect.” The lady and I responded and he walked out.

The first lecture is one hour and the part he says we should sweep and organize will surely take more than six hours to organize.

I began to worry thinking that they probably have a plan to get me expelled from this school.

After fifty minutes of streanous work, all my uniforms were dirty, sweats had covered my body, I was becoming weak and tired, same with the lady that was with me.

I had to keep working more, trying to finish the part he said we should get done before he comes back.

The labor prefect walked in ten minutes later and at that point, one would have thought I went to a construction site to do some dirty and streanous work. I was so dirty and sweaty.

“Why aren’t you done yet?” He asked.

“It’s much labor prefect, we are trying our best.” The girl who had not been speaking with me all this time that we had been working together said in response to the question of the labor prefect.

“You may leave.” He said to the girl and the lady happily walked away.

I was expecting the same but he didn’t even take a look at my tired self.

“Get done with this before I come back, I’m going for my second lecture…I will be reporting you if you didn’t.” He said and walked away.

Punishment for slapping the head boy ????