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Head Boy. Chapter 5

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Head Boy.


Written by Feathers.

Chapter 5

Leonard’s POV

My brother and I were at toilet 4 and 5 all day, doing exactly as the principal had commanded.

As soon the closing bell rang, the principal walked to us and examined the toilet.

“Clean…” He said and seem like he wanted to utter more words but he couldn’t.

He tried walking away but paused and turned to us.

“But…how did you guys come last? I don’t get it.” He said and as I wanted to speak, I saw Raymond walk away.

I knew what he meant immediately: ‘not to reply the principal’

I snubbed the principal and followed my brothers.

We walked to our car and I drove them home.

We reside in the same house.

Raymond’s Dad sat on the couch outside the house reading a newspaper, Raymind stepped down from the car as soon as I parked and walked to him.

“Son, how was school today?” He asked.

“Not fine.” He replied still standing, Donald stood beside him while I stayed behind.

His dad dropped the newspaper and sat upright.

“What happened?” His father asked with a look of concern.

“Someone changed our result, Donald, Leonard and I are the last three of our class.” Raymond reported.

“What!” his dad screamed. “That’s not possible, I know what my sons are capable of.”

The man referred to Donald and I as his sons too.

Raymond is the only biological son he has.

“They made us wash the toilet.” Raymond said and finally sat.

“Dad, can you get the principal fired? ” He asked.

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His dad hesitated before speaking; “I’ll try. ”

His dad brought out his phone and called someone.

“Can you connect me to the principal of Kochi college?” He asked the person and he placed the phone on loud speaker for us to hear.

“Hello sir.” The principal sounded after the connection of his line to Raymond’s dad line.

“How dare you tell you my children to wash the toilet? what ordersity? Do you know who I am in this country? Do you realize that one call can get you fired?” He threatened the principal.

“I still have no idea who I’m speaking with,please.” The principal replies politely.

“Mr Joe Cena, the elder brother to the president, did you still not know me?” Raymond’s father asked.

“My days!…I’m so sorry sir, I…I…” He stutered. He must be really nervous and frightened. “Actually, I simply followed the protocol of the school, I’m so sorry sir, forgive me sir.” He pleaded.

“I should forgive you after you have made my own children wash the toilets, right?” He asked.

“I’m so sorry sir, is there something I could do to correct this?” He asked with a shivering voice.

“Tell him to expel….no, suspend Alice James.” Raymond said and I thought of whom Alice James was.

Could it be the lady that slapped him? How did he find out what her name is?

“My son wants you to expel…sorry, suspend one Alice James.” Raymond’s father told the principal.

“For how many weeks sir?” the principal asked.

“Four weeks is not bad.” Raymond replied and Raymond’s father said the exact same thing to the principal.

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“Consider it done sir.” The principal assured.

“And please look into the result of my son, set up a panel to investigate what really happened, check all the scripts, their marks and everything and find out what went wrong?” Raymond’s father requested.

“Consider it done sir.” The principal replied and Raymond’s father and hung up.

“Son, is there anything else you want?” He asked.

“No dad, you are the best.” He said and that dangerous smirk formed on his lips again.

He walked inside with Donald while I followed.

So Alice is getting expelled tomorrow? ????