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Head Boy. Chapter 25

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 25

Alice’s POV

Pearl ran to me and pouted her lips.

Raymond had faded out of sight.

“Tell me what just happened? I couldn’t introde, I was scared.” Pearl asked, with so much curiosity.

She will hit my head angirly if I hide the gist from her.

“I don’t understand the head boy, my ice cream mistakenly fell on his legs but he bought a new one for me and also told the ice cream man that he should put all the bill of the ice cream I will be purchasing from now henceforth on him.”

“Are you serious?” Pearl screamed and jumped up happily.

I was still recovering from the shock of what the head boy had just done.

“I said it, he likes you.” She teased me and I shot her an annoying look but I was blushing inside.

“Remember you were owing me $50, the money we used to change the head boy’s result, you are also owing me…”

“Pearl!….what did you want?” I asked, I already know what her request was about to be.

“Ice cream.” She said almost in whisper as she winked at me.

We both laughed.

We walked to the ice cream man and bought two big ice creams, they were of the biggest size.

“You are lucky today.” Pearl said as she rubbed my hair playfully.

I chukled and we waddled our way to the class.

My phone rang at that moment and I can not but wonder who was calling when I was in school.

I told Pearl I would be back and went outside the class to pick the call.

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“Hello, Alice.” The voice held so much fear and had in it some form of urgency.

My heart thumped in fear, I wondered what could be going on.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Forget that for now, your mom had been transferred to Boswa Hospital in California, you should go there now. ” The person said.

“My days! but there are hospital around here in texas, why California?” I asked.

“I’ve helped with transport fare, it’s at the entrance of your house….it will be enough to go to California and come back. Good luck.” The person said and the phone hung.

My brightened mood became dull, I felt sad and leaned on the balcony.

“What’s the matter?” Pearl asked.

She must have come to check me outside after seeing that I had not return for several minutes.

“I thought mom was getting better but she has been rushed to a different hospital in another state.” I lamented bitterly.

“So you won’t be able to participate in the quiz?” She asked but I never responded. “Aw…and there were rumours that the head boy might pick you…”

I still didn’t say a word, I was so sad.

Why didn’t you even call to tell me this or isn’t he aware?

I dialed his number severally but it was just dropping.

I became more disturbed.

“I need to go Pearl, see you on Monday.” I said.

“It’s every female student’s dream that they will be called out by the head boy in the first quiz at every semester….What sort of bad luck is this.” Pearl lamented, she didn’t want me to leave.

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“I really wish I can attend the quiz but my mom is more important.” I said and waddled hurriedly away.

“Wait!” Pearl called and joined me.

“I’ll follow you.” She said and we both walked swiftly to where my bicycle was.

Leonard’s POV

I stood at the entrance of the head girl’s class, We are in the same grade but she’s in the art department while we are in science.

I had already sent for her.

“What’s up Leonard?” She asked as she approached me.

“Well, Alice has left school, you should do something that will make Raymond call you…good luck.” I said and walked back to my class.

I went to sit beside Raymond, my sit was beside his.

“Leonard, your face holds so much darkness.” Raymond said.

“Darkness? what did you mean?” I asked.

“Don’t be a betrayal, I love you as much as you love me.” Raymond said and walked out.

Huh? Did he know what I’m up to?
Did someone tell him?