July 6, 2022

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Legend Of The Blue Sea. Episode 29

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????????LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA????????
????(A tale of two worlds)????
•~A Korean Love Story….

????Episode Twenty-Nine????

Luna Lang’s POV????

‘He finally agreed Omma!!’..I shrieked as I walked into her room and found her smoking pot…

‘Who?,what?’..she asked…

I think she’s obviously high…

‘Shin Woo finally agreed to marry me and the wedding is in two days!!,I’m so happy Omma,this is a lifetime opportunity, I can just see the headlines’…I said obviously excited and she smiled….

‘Don’t get too carried away Luna,we still have a lot of things to plan’…

‘Ok Omma just so you know…’…

‘Know what?’..

‘i love you’…

Min Ah’s POV????

At the Asylum????..
‘Ahhhhh!!!!’..I screamed in pain as another shot was injected into my veins making me cry blue blood…

The pain I feel is so severe that I almost gave up on living…

‘A..Aju..Ajushi please let me go’..I said in a weak tone and he smiled….

‘Sorry miss but I’m being paid a million for this job and so I ain’t letting you go’…he said and cuffed my arms to the bed….

I mean…

I just love someone so is that a crime in the human world?!!..

Shin’s mother is a mermaid like me then why can’t she see the love that we both share for each other?!!..

‘Let me in’..I heard someone say and when the door opened it was her….

Speak of the devil and he shall walk right in..

‘Hey Min’..she said and tried touching my face but I moved away…

‘You’re a monster!!’..I cried and spat on her face and she slapped me hard….

‘Yes I am a monster,that’s what siren mermaids are right?,monster’s, you normal mermaids act like you’re so perfect and responsible!!’..she admonished and I screamed in tears…

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‘Please let me just talk to Shin,please!!’..I cried..

‘No sweetheart and by the way he’s getting married in two days time’..

Immediately she said those words my whole world crumbled right before my very eyes….


She cackled and brought out an invitation card and I saw the dreadful words printed fully in bright red colors….

We are inviting___________
To the Holy matrimony and Solemnization
Kang Shin Woo
Luna Lang

‘No!!,he can’t do this!!!’..I cried out very loudly and she laughed wickedly…

‘He doesn’t love you anymore wench!!’..she lastly said and finally left me to wallow in my own pains….

Shin Woo’s POV????

At the BOTS mansion????
‘There’s no way you’re marrying her Shin!!!’..Baek screamed and I cleaned the tear from my eyes….

‘And what about Min huh?!!,you’re just gonna abandon her like that?!!’..Kim added and I bent my head down in frustration….

‘Do I have a choice guys?,If I don’t marry Luna my mom’s gonna kill her’..I replied and blew my nose with a tissue…

‘There’s always a way you idiot,inform the police!!’..Kim screamed and threw a vase across the room….

‘Please Shin,marrying Luna is a great mistake’..

‘i know guys,I just don’t have a choice’….

Min Ah’s POV????

????i should have known…

????I’d leave alone…

????Just goes to show…

????But the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe…

????We were a pair…

????But I saw you there..

????Too much to bear..

????You were my life but life is far away from fair..

????Was I stupid to love you?

????Was I reckless to care?

????Was it obvious to everybody else?

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????That I’ve fallen for a lie

????You were never on my side

????Fool me once,fool me twice..

????Are you death or paradise?

????Now you’ll never see me cry..

????There’s just no time to die….

I sang to my hearts content as tears flowed freely from my damp eyes….

I should have never left the sea??

I should have never saved him from drowning and now things are complicated and also he’s leaving me….

Was it so quick for him to abandon me??..

Do I matter so little to him?!!…

‘Min Ah!!’..I heard a scream and suddenly my door bursted open…

‘Kim?!!,what are you doing here?!!’…

‘I’m here to rescue you Min we have a wedding to stop!!!’..