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Head Boy. Chapter 13

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 13

-Three Weeks Later-

Alice’s POV

Living with the head boy and his brothers has to be the most frustrating experience I had ever been through.

After the day the water turned hot, the head boy gave order that I should never enter their dormitory again and I obliged.

I do the cooking while mama Any did the serving.

They hardly come outside the house to play so I didn’t see them more than twice after that.

They leave to school before I even wake.

It was boring staying there but I don’t care as long as I’m being paid.

Dad had told me that the three boy’s father would pay me per week but he has not paid me and here I am, my luggage wre already packed.

I was waiting for those boy’s father to come so I can make a request of the money I had worked for.

I hope I don’t hear stories cause I hate nonsense.

I was seated in the room with my two legs crossed on the table, my box that contained my luggage was beside me.

I have missed Pearl: my best friend. I can’t wait to see her at school on Monday.

After several hours of waiting, the door opened and the three sons entered; the head boy and his brothers.

They acted like they didn’t see me and I did the same. They walked to their dormitory.

Few minutes later, their dad entered.

Good! this was the person I had been waiting for.

I stood. “Good morning sir.”

“How are you , Nancy? I can see you are about leaving?” The man said with a cheerful smile on his lips.

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“Yes sir.” I smiled in return, not knowing how to ask for my money.

“Take care.” The man said and wanted to leave.

“Excuse me sir.” I said and the man paused.

“I’ve not been paid, sir.” I said.

“You’ve not been paid?” The man repeated and turned fully to me.

“I agreed to pay you weekly and I had been sending the money to Raymond to give you. Are you implying that Raymond has never given you any money?” He asked, his face full of surprise.

“He hasn’t, sir.” I replied.

The man placed a call across to someone and said to the phone; “Come with your brothers to the living room, son.”

I knew he must be talking to Raymond.

Raymond showed up in a jiffy with Leonard and Donald.

“Good afternoon, dad.” They all greeted the man in unison.

“Sorry for disturbing you, but Alice said she has not been paid? Why?” The man asked, facing Raymond in particular.

Raymond whispered into the ear of Leonard and he walked away; towards their dormitory.

We all stood, the man and I had no idea what Raymond has just told Leonard, but we just stood patiently waiting for an answer.

Leonard showed up in a jiffy and gave some pack of money to Raymond.

Rand received it. He flaunted the money before his father and said; “Her money is intact, dad but she didn’t deserve it.”

“Oh!” The man exclaimed and faced me. “I employed you to act as a maid for them and make them happy but sadly, you didn’t..” He then faced Raymond and said; “The ball is in your court son, judge her wisely.”

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The man walked away.