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Head Boy. Chapter 29

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 29

Alice’s POV

Pearl and I had been able to get a cab. We were seated in the cab, anxious and hoping that the cab would arrive at school as early as possible.

“Can you drive faster.” Pearl told the driver who was driving steadily.

“I’ll try.” The man said and increased the speed.

In few minutes, we arrived at the entrance of the school.

We stepped down and Pearl was already running inside, I was about following when I heard the cab driver saying; “You haven’t paid me.”

I hurriedly paid the man and ran after Pearl who was running like she was running a marathon race.

We arrived at the assembly hall at just five minutes to 2PM.

The atmosphere seems tense, Pearl and I started waddling our way to the front, we want to see what is currently going on.

Many female students were standing while some were sitting.

We finally were able to get to the front sit and I saw the head boy staring thinly into the crowd.

“I hope he sees you.” Pearl said to me and I became very nervous.

If he does, will he call me?

Leonard’s POV

After the crowd had yelled happily at the head boy’s agreement to pick a lady to hug him after this semesters quiz.

“Let’s be calm and let’s see the lucky lady that will be picked by the head boy of Kochi college.” The coordinator said.

I could see the head girl already at the front seats of the perfect arena.

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Raymond looked around the crowd and turned to the prefect lodge, his eye met with that of the head girl and she blushed.

The head girl took two more steps forward.

The whole crowd was now setting their attention on the head girl, everyone would have believed she was the one to be called.

Alice’s POV

Ouch! The head girl is the lucky lady after all, the head boy was already staring at the head girl, just for him to mention her name and she will step forward to receive the honor.

Pearl tapped me and I faced her.

“You are not lucky today.” She said sadly.

I didn’t know what reply to give her cause deep inside of me, I really wish the head boy called me.

But who am I to him?

Pearl looked at me all of a sudden, it was like an idea popped into her head.

She went to stay behind me, I turned my head wondering why she had stayed at my back.

But before I knew what was going on, she pushed me to the large empty stage that was before were the head boy and his brothers stood.

I staggered to the front and almost fell, I felt embarrassed that I remained stiff for a few seconds.

The crowd then shifted their attention from the head girl to me. I covered my face embarrassed and turned slowly.

This Pearl is crazy, why would she push me like that?

I began to walk slowly back to the crowd.

Leonard’s POV

“Isn’t that the poor girl?” Raymond whispered into my ear.

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I was shocked when I saw Alice being pushed before the crowd, how in the world did she come back.

I forgot Raymond’s question as I turned to the perfect arena and saw a look of disappointment on the face of the head girl.

“Leonard, is she?” Raymond asked and I turned to him

I was feeling grossly shameful.

“She is,” I replied and quickly looked away.

I looked at Alice walking back to the crowd, I was so angry at her, I knew she will be called out now.

I’d just wasted my money and it didn’t yield any result.

“Alice Anderson!” Raymond called and the whole crowd expressed so much shock.

I shook my head pathetically, I lost this.

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