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Head Boy. Chapter 14

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Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 14


I watched as Raymond’s father walked away. I faced Raymond and his brothers and asked; “My money please?”

I was been blunt, the ‘please’ I added to my request was just a formality. I was angry and felt like pouring them water.

“We are not paying you.” Leonard said and I smirked.

“I worked for three good weeks, and you people are heartless not to pay me my money.” I said.

“Call us whatever, we are not paying you.” Leonard said.

Donald turned and as he took steps away, Raymond followed, Leonard also followed.

I felt so foolish and cheated. Rich people are so disgusting.

I stood not knowing what to do.

How in the world can I go home without money?
I sold oranges, nothing to show for it?
I came here to serve as a maid, nothing to show for it?

Is something wrong with me?

I should at least be paid a little so I can buy some better drugs for my mom.

I guess I’d just tell them the condition of my mom, they might have pity and pay me.

I waddled to their dormitory and knocked but they didn’t respond.

I knocked severally but got no response.

I felt like a failure, I sunk to the floor and leaned behind their door.

Few hours later, it was already 8PM at night, I stood from my pathetic position and walked back to the living room.

I carried my luggage and walked outside, as I got to the compound of the house, I sighted someone seated amidst some beautiful flowers.

Is that their father? It was dark but there were street lamps in the house.

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I walked closer to take a look and It was the head boy.

So, he wasn’t even inside his dormitory all this while, who knows if his brothers were not there too.

Their house was a magnificent one and they could be anywhere.

Now ,that Raymond is alone, let me see if my request would work.

I walked and stood beside him. I sighed and said; “My mom is sick, I need money to take care of her.”

“I’ll pay since I’m the one that made her sick.” I understood that he was being ironical and what he said was an insult.

I swallowed painfully and walked before him.

I looked into his face, they were firm and like that of a baby.

No beards, just very pink lips and his eye lashes were as though, it were shaded.

His eye brows were long a little, like that of a lady, his cheeks are fresh and his nose are pointed.

Everyone in Kochi college knows that he is by far the most handsome but I’m too proud to admit it.

I loathe to admit the fact that he’s glamorous and elegant.

“I do the cooking while mama Any do the serving, not like I was lazying around, I clean the house and do all what a maid should do, don’t be heartless.” I said to him.

He wasn’t looking at me but instead, his eyes were glued to the novel in his hand.

“I never said you did not work, I like to watch you suffer. I had already told you that I will not forgive you for slapping me, you went ahead and pour my food away too. Forget it and leave.” He said, all this while, he wasn’t looking at my face still.

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“If you do not pay me, I will not forgive you.” I said and as I took steps to walk away, he called.


It was the first time I’ll ever hear my name in his mouth.