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V Couple. Chapter 31

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 31

Oscar’s POV

As she prayed, I plãyed with her b–st. She kept mø—á–ning as she prayed.

At some point, she paused and opened her eyes.

“Baby, I can’t concentrate with your hand on my ché–st. ” She said.

“Oh!” I exclaimed and placed my second hand on the secó—nd b—st.

“What are you doing baby?”She asked weakly.

” Doing what an husband could do to his wife.” I said and remóved her tóp gently and she didn’t even refüse.

“I thought you would refuse.” I said.

“No, you have access to my body.”She said to my surprise.

I grinned, ” Including this.” I said referring to her v@—gïNa.

She was indifferent.

I lãid her down gently and placed my mouth on her b–st and began to s–k it, like a hungry baby s–kïng her mother’s b–st.

She held my head closer to hers, I knew she was enjoying it and with the sòunds she was producing, she seems to be lost in the ëcst–asty.

I took my hãnd to where her v@—gï–n@ is and rubbéd her p—-ñt gently, her mó–ans incrëased.

I then sëparated her p—-ñt slightly and used one of my fïngers to rüb the plã–ce.

I was about dīpping my fīnger inside her p—y when she said; “Baby! why don’t you use your d–k?”

It was the last thing I was expecting, I looked at her and looked around wondering if I had not been dreaming.

“Jessie, is this you?”

She smiled in response and covered her face shyly.

I smiled and quickly bró-üght my d–k ready to f–k her.

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I’m about fulfilling my purpose in this marriage and I can’t wait.

I used the opportunity to pùll óff hër p–ñts fùlly.

I took my clóthes ó-ff fully and was now ná—k-é-d.

I cãrr–sséd her mō-re as I lãy on her.

I was actually waiting for my d–k to rïse but it wasn’t.
I cã—ré-sed and kï-ssed her more deeply but my d–k still wasn’t responding.

I was getting frustrated and now embarrassed, why is this d@–mn thing not standing?

I fell off her all of a sudden. She turned to me surprisingly and asked; “What is the matter,baby?”